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  • 100 E. 1st Street Winston-Salem, North Carolina - Winston-Salem

    When citizens report issues, those issues are regularly closed without clear and helpful communication by CityLink staff. This leads to puzzlement, frustration, and disappointment by citizens who cannot understand why an issue was closed without being fixed. This has been an issue for some time and suggests that there is a real problem with training and with understanding the systems that CityLink staff and citizens are using. As many times as citizens have expressed shock and asked further questions on issues, without CityLink staff providing any helpful response, one would think that someone in CityLink leadership would regularly monitor issues reported on SeeClickFix or the CityLink311 app, and take corrective action to improve communication. This remains a great disappointment in how this service is run.

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  • Multiple Potholes Acknowledged
    1001-1099 Reynolda Road Northwest Winston Salem, NC - Winston-Salem
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  • ILLEGAL Dump Archived
    130 North Cameron Avenue Winston-Salem, NC 27101, USA - Winston-Salem

    between first and third on Cameron Ave

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  • 406 North Trade Street Winston-Salem, NC 27101, USA - Winston-Salem

    On Trade across from the transit center, poison ivy is growing in the shrubs that border the parking lot. It encroaches on the sidewalk at FACE LEVEL.

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  • 3580 Maxton Trail Winston Salem, NC - Winston-Salem

    Can anything be done about the extremely rough, poor road patching being done on Union Cross Rd in front of Caterpillar. When the workers cut the massive holes in the road for the work being done they don't repair these sections of road very well at all. Have someone from Citylink 311 drive their personal car on this road or maybe our Mayor. The patch work is horrible. These professionals should be able to do a better job than this.

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  • Streets Repair Acknowledged
    632 Holly Avenue Northwest Winston-Salem, NC 27101, USA - Winston-Salem

    Driveway exit with sizable chunks of displaced concrete.

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  • Potholes Archived
    593-599 South Stratford Road Winston Salem, NC - Winston-Salem

    Awful road conditions in the right lane of Stratford Rd, driving eastbound when approaching the stoplight at Westview Dr - multiple potholes and patchy roadwork.

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  • 5987 Bethabara Park Boulevard Winston Salem, NC - Winston-Salem

    Absolutely incomprehensibly poor conditions at railroad crossing on Bethabara Park Blvd eastbound.

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  • 401 Knollwood Street Winston Salem, NC - Winston-Salem

    When crossing this intersection driving eastbound on Stratford Road, there are 2 horrible potholes from misaligned sewers.

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  • 4155 Oak Tree Drive Winston Salem, NC 27107, USA - Winston-Salem

    cones are blocking the street so it cannot be used or cleaned. It has become a drinking spot for kids with brown beer bottles everywhere. Please remove the cones and resume cleaning the street.

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  • Litter Archived
    Patterson Avenue Winston-salem, NORTH CAROLINA 27105 - Winston-Salem


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  • 131 Poplar Street North Winston-Salem, NC 27101, USA - Winston-Salem

    The sewer drain cover at the intersection of Poplar Street North and 2nd Street West is partially dislodged but it is also broken. The sizable broken corner juts up and presents a hazard to pedestrians and those in motorized scooters. This cover has been reported previously [Issue No. 767448] for being dislodged and, at one time, it was also partly in the street/lane of traffic.

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