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  • Int Terminal Blvd Norfolk - Norfolk city
    Seems that the asphalt material used to fill the holes in the concrete on Terminal
    BLVD is not durable enough to last very long. Lots of the repairs done to the road are already falling apart.
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  • Interstate 64 Westbound Between Granby Street And Hrbt Norfolk, VA - Norfolk city
    There are multiple large potholes on Interstate 64 Westbound between Granby Street and HRBT, particularly in the right lane.
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  • Interstate 64 Eastbound (Between Willoughby Spit & Exit 276) Norfolk, VA - Norfolk city
    There are numerous potholes of various sizes in both lanes of I-64 Eastbound between Willoughby Spit and Exit 276.
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  • I-64 Eastbound Norfolk, VA - Norfolk city
    The repairs made to potholes on I-64 eastbound between the Fourth View off-ramp and the Granby Street exit are failing. The potholes are quickly returning.
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  • Potholes Archived
    I-264 Norfolk, VA - Norfolk city
    I-264 needs to repaved between Norfolk and Virginia Beach
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  • potholes Archived
    Interstate 264 Norfolk, VA - Norfolk city
    There are so many potholes on I264 between Military Highway and downtown Norfolk that you are dodging one only to hit another. They are bad in both directions, but mostly in the middle and right lanes
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  • Graffiti Archived
    764 Ingleside Road Norfolk, VA 23502, USA - Norfolk city
    Some low life marked up the light rail station.
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  • 3400 Block Of Carolina/ Highland St Richmond, VA - Norfolk city
    Citizen states there is a vacant lot at this address with overgrown grass.
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  • Interstate 64 Norfolk, VA 23503, USA - Norfolk city
    There are numerous potholes and general rough road from 4th view overpass until the Willoughby Bridge on the Westbound right hand lane.
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  • Hampton Roads Beltway Norfolk, VA 23505, USA - Norfolk city
    There are several large potholes forming on I-64 westbound between Granby Street and the HRBT, especially in the area from the 4th View offramp to the bridge.
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  • TRASH Archived
    4008 South Hampton Rd Richmond, Virginia - Norfolk city
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  • 649 Newtown Road Norfolk, Virginia - Norfolk city

    My name is Jeff Joseph. The old Citgo gas station at the intersection of Newtown and Stoney Point South (SW corner of intersection) is being torn down. The contractor has fenced off the sidewalk so it is now unusable. He has also placed orange/white traffic barrels in the roadway (on the street portion of the curb). I believe this is against city code. More important, this is an extreme danger to bicyclists (me) because now I must go onto the asphalt portion of the street to go around the barrels. As you know, on this stretch of Newtown Rd. just before the I-264 on-ramp the traffic is going close to 50 MPH and following one another very closely. It would only take one driver in a car closely following a truck to clip my handlebar and that will result in my death. Please, it is extremely important to have these barrels removed from the roadway and also to have their fence moved back at least far enough that pedestrians and bicyclists have a safe path past their demolition site of the Citgo gas station.

    Please email me Jeff Joseph at

    Again please this situation is extremely urgent. I must pass this section of road every day on my commute to my job site. Thank you for your attention.

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