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  • 404 W 7th St. Oklahoma City, OK - Arts District

    These street lights on the S. side of 7th St., just W. of Hudson have been out for a year at the least. The corner is shared by many successful and growing small businesses that operate or have functions into the evening. Going North, more lights to either side of Hudson are also dark.

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  • 1716 Nw 16th Oklahoma City, OK - Plaza District

    N Gatewood Ave between nw 16th and nw 15th in a one-way street heading south, with parallel parking allowed on the left. The "No Parking" Signage on the right is small and barely noticable, causing the convenience store customers and semis and delivery trucks to park there throughout the day, blocking the street and access to parking lots from the street. Four businesses operate on the one way street, and 10 businesses use the parking lots accessible from the one way street. The street is almost always blocked by customers and delivery trucks. We are requesting a yellow painted curb and adequate signage.

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  • 3019 N.W Portland Oklahoma City, OK - Oklahoma City

    this building is a eye sore in the neighborhood.i dread driving by it everyday.

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  • 904 N Villa Ave Oklahoma City, OK - Oklahoma City

    This RR crossing on Villa Ave is horrible in any of the 4 lanes of the road. It requires you to creep (~5mph) across to avoid risking possible damage. This causes people to slam on their breaks just before crossing when they are unfamiliar or seemingly forget about the issue causing a hazardous condition surrounding the RR crossing. Seeing the wood planks replaced or a complete overhaul on this crossing would be a great improvement on this road.

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  • 2706 N Robinson Oklahoma City, Oklahoma - Oklahoma City

    Street Light is out. Extremly dark after sundown.

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  • 4505-4599 Woodland Dr Oklahoma City, OK 73105, USA - Adventure District

    there is a white pipe, looks to be about 6 inches in diameter that is spilling out, what looks like sewage. It is right next to a creek and the "sewage" is leaking down into it. if you need help locating it just give me a call.

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  • 4640 N Lincoln Blvd Oklahoma City, OK - Adventure District

    This bus stop isn't accessible from the north because of the fact there is no sidewalk (for the stroller) and if you walk on the grass, you have a gully to cross where the creek is. With a small child and a stroller, it is not a comfortable situation. Please help.

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  • Pot hole Archived
    2371 N Villa Ave Oklahoma City, OK - Oklahoma City

    Large pot hole that appears to have formed after the latest winter storm, looks like it was previously fixed and has sunken in.

    It is in the SB lane of Villa Ave just south of 23rd.

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  • 2433 Sw 86th St Oklahoma City, OK - Oklahoma City

    There is a missing stop sign on 2433 SW 86th St, Oklahoma City, OK corner of the intersection. This is a 3 way intersection without any stop signs. We see near misses everyday and this is a bus stop for local schools as well. It is very dangerous.

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  • 301-527 Ne 63rd St Oklahoma City, OK 73105, USA - Oklahoma City

    there are a couple bars missing on the monkey bars and one that has broke a weld but is still there. This is in the Dolphin Park

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  • 8901-8919 Tinker Diag Oklahoma City, OK 73150, USA - Oklahoma City

    This pothole takes up nearly the entire right lane. When it rains this catches water and makes for a very big hazard.

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  • I-40 & S Lincoln Blvd Oklahoma City, OK - Oklahoma City

    A whole section of lights in the Land Run Monument at the Southeast end of the canal is out. From the I-40 overpass South none of the lights work. I'd love to see this beautiful monument park lit up again at night!

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