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  • As you come up the hill from Nonantum Rd. there's a very deep pothole. Its very tough to avoid since Charlesbank Rd. is narrow as it is. So if there's another car coming you almost have no choice but to hit it dead on.

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  • 85 Langley Rd Newton, MA 02459 - Newton

    The traffic lights REALLY need to go back to one intersection at a time, I've nearly been killed a bunch of times by people all charging at once. No one know's who has the right of way the way this intersection is built.

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  • 17 Christina St Newton, MA 02461 - Newton

    There should be a delayed light when you are driving down either Oak street or Christina street and trying to take a turn onto Needham Street. It's a very dangerous intersection for those trying to make a left turn onto Needham street from either direction. We need a delayed light!

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  • Newton, MA - Newton

    This exit ramp always backs up and creates a traffic jam on 90 during the afternoon rush hour. There is hardly any traffic after the ramp and the backup usually goes from exit 17 to the tolls by 90/95. There should either be a traffic light or a cop at the end of this exit ramp in order to prevent unnecessary traffic jams.

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  • 229 Parker St Newton, MA 02459 - Newton

    The Parker Street bridge over Route 9 is in pretty rough shape. So many small potholes that it's almost like off-road driving.

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  • 24 Green Court Newton, MA 02458 - Newton

    This is a small, dead end street made of gravel. There's massive potholes which need to be filled or paved. Potholes are so deep, scrapes the bottom of my car. Can the small street be paved?

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  • 1479 Walnut St Newton, MA 02461 - Newton

    The stop sign on Walnut St. Is behind a tree so cars approaching the Dedham intersection frequently miss or ignore it.

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  • 2069-2071 Washington St Auburndale, MA 02466, USA - Newton

    With the quick walk signal (5 timed seconds), with cars turning right-on-red from Beacon to Washington and cars running the yellow, it is difficult to cross from E-to-W or W-to-E at the cross walk by the hospital. It's not unusual for older or handicapped to be caught in on-coming traffic.

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  • 197-221 Woodland Rd Auburndale, MA 02466, USA - Newton

    Two raised crosswalk create dangerous and potentially damaging driving conditions. They must be lowered and require adequate signage!

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  • 1-77 Christina St Newton, MA 02464, USA - Newton

    This is crazy. Why won't they fix these potholes! It's September for crying out loud.

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  • Potholes Archived
    1 Hickory Cliff Rd Newton, MA 02464 - Newton

    There are about 5 pot holes lined up next to each other when exiting off Route 9 East and onto Hickory Cliff Rd

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  • 62 Braeland Ave Newton, MA 02459 - Newton

    HUGE pothole at the intersection between Braeland Ave and Herrick Road near the Newton Centre MBTA T stop. It's so big that someone WILL lose a tire there if they aren't careful!

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