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  • 2101 Ethan Way Sacramento, Ca - Swanston Estates

    Illegally parked RV in backyard, excessive garbage/junk on property, illegal contracting work being done, unkept pool, abandoned cars in driveway, barking dogs, overgrowth of weeds
    Reported from my mobile device

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  • 21st Ave 22nd Avenue Alley Sacramento, CA 95820, USA - South Oak Park

    Piled up against power pole; Includes furniture, household goods, batteries

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  • 3329 22nd Avenue Sacramento, CA - South Oak Park

    Illegal Dumping of construction debris in 21st/22nd Avenue Alley (located behind 3329 22nd Avenue).

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  • 7528 Whitmore Street Elk Grove, CA 95758, USA - Glen Elder

    Dried out Christmas tree left on street for three months.

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  • 7400 17th Ave Sacramento, CA - Colonial Manor

    10-12ft shrub on the west side of the park, beyond the exersize equipment. Between the wall fence and the shrub it appears that the area is being used as a toilet. Please remove the shrub or cut back significantly.

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  • Forastera Cir Sacramento, CA 95834, USA - Gateway West

    The Riverview Park is over grown with weeds and not being maintained with the exception of the lawn being mowed.

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  • Dip in street Archived
    1487 8th St Sacramento, CA 95814 - Downtown

    The right side of 8th street just north of O has a big dip in it caused by busses rolling in. The dip is a hazard for cyclists and possibly cars

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  • 257 329 Mac Arthur St Sacramento, CA 95838, USA - Parker Homes

    I'd like to report two cases of illegal dumping in my neighborhood (zip: 95838).

    Location one: At MacArthur St and Chennault Ct., someone has dropped off two couches/chairs and a mattress.
    Location Two: One block down at MacArthur and Stillwell is another couch.

    Both piles have been there for almost two months.

    Is it possible to get a "No Illegal Dumping" sign?

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  • abandon car Archived
    4946 Westlake Parkway Sacramento, CA 95835, USA - Westlake

    car has not moved

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  • Kokomo Dr Sacramento, CA - Creekside
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  • 69 Ave/ Lomaverda Sacramento, CA - Meadowview

    gang writing

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  • 1001 I St. Sacramento, CA - Downtown

    For at least the past 2+ months the CSS in the downtown Sacramento area near my place of employment, the CalEPA bldg., has been especially stinky. I have spent my career enforcing Clean Water Act and CA Water Code requirements and am quite familiar with them. As such, I am pretty sure these conditions represent a violation and could be enforced administratively. I ride my bike to work and every time have to walk a gauntlet of sewer gas from my bike locker to the employee entrance. The irony is that the smokers all hang out in the gas, too. That could get dangerous, I suppose. Anyway, I am asking that the City please address as a citizen and downtown "customer." I will make a formal referral of this matter to the Central Valley Water Board, too.

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