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The Chapel Ellsworth Neighborhood Group meets every 3rd Tuesday of the Month @ 7:00.

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  • Chapel Street And Ella Grasso Boulevard New Haven, CT - Edgewood

    This intersection has significant pedestrian traffic, especially children entering the park, in warmer weather months. It currently has no pedestrian crossing signal, and is a hazardous space for people to cross, given the high volume of traffic, and narrowing of the road into one lane just prior to the intersection (coming north on the Boulevard). Now is the time to address this, before kids start taking the risk to cross to and from the park this spring and summer.

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  • 228 Orchard St New Haven, CT 06511 - West River

    This building is a landmark historical treasure and needs to be preserved.

    Please add your comments, stories about the Shul, and reasons why you feel that it is significant on the comments here.

    Please forward the issue to individuals you know who are interested.

    The more people who "vote" to have this fixed, the more likely this building can be restored to its former glory as a community space for all -- instead of an abandoned building.

    Excellent photographs of the Shul may be found here:

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  • 720 Edgewood Avenue New Haven, Connecticut - Westville

    I got pulled off my bike at gunpoint as I was riding through Edgewood Park on 10/31/13. The incident occurred under the underpass of the Edgewood Avenue bridge. My bike was stolen. If you see it, please contact the New Haven Police (203-946-6316, case # 13-52011).

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  • 590 George St New Haven, CT - Dwight

    Please post here if you have more information about the shooting. You may post information anonymously.

    Also post if you have ideas on how to reduce violent crime in the neighborhood, especially on this block. Is more lighting needed? Dwight sees somewhat elevated violent crime rates when compared to the city as a whole.

    News excerpt:

    "NEW HAVEN – A 29-year-old man was shot to death early this morning on George Street in the Dwight neighborhood, police said. It was the city’s fourth homicide this year.

    "Officers went to the rear of a home in the 500 block of George Street at about 3 a.m. and found the man, whom police did not identify, suffering from multiple gunshots wounds, police said in a statement released just before 11 a.m. today."

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  • 55 Derby Ave. New Haven, CT 06511 - West River

    Today between 5 and 8 pm there was at least one squad car sitting in the parking lot across the street from my house. During that time frame somewhere half a dozen and a dozen cars/ bikers/ kids on motorbikes sped past them one Winthrop Ave. The speeders were noticed by the cops who would hit the siren every time, but the cops did nothing. No one was followed, no one was stopped, they just sat there and kept hitting that siren every 10 or 20 mins. Not only are people driving dangerously, but this was really frustrating to observe! This lack of action gave the impression that those officers are lazy or unconcerned - either way that's unacceptable considering we pay their salaries with our taxes. As if this wasn't upsetting enough - the constant blaring of their siren ruined an otherwise beautiful spring evening. Did anyone else hear/ notice this?

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  • Ella T Grasso Blvd & Edgewood Ave New Haven, Connecticut - Edgewood

    This afternoon, a team of dirtbikes and quads were going down Edgewood Ave through the red lights, and on the wrong side of the road towards traffic.

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  • 234 Edgewood Ave New Haven, CT 06511 - Dwight

    A lime green dirt bike has resurfaced this afternoon following a period of relative peace in the neighborhood. At one point the rider (see attached photo) abandoned the street for the sidewalk without any apparent reduction in speed which I'd estimate at 40 mph. I hope the photo helps.

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  • 506-530 Edgewood Avenue New Haven, Connecticut - Edgewood

    This is a popular meeting spot for gangs of ATV / Motorcross Hoodlums. They are very well organized, meet here and then take off, terrorizing our streets. Last evening, around 7:30PM there were about 15 of them that took off into traffic on Ella T. Grasso Blvd. WOULD THE POLICE AND THE CITY PLEASE DO SOMETHING ABOUT THESE PEOPLE OVERTAKING OUR CITY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?????????????????

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  • 608-720 Edgewood Ave New Haven, CT - Westville

    The main benefit of the bike lanes here would be to reduce vehicle speeding. It would also make cycling between Westville and Downtown New Haven more comfortable - many residents currently report feeling too unsafe to ride next to the traffic here, which frequently exceeds speeds of 45 miles per hour. See description at

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  • 285 Edgewood Ave New Haven, CT - Dwight

    The dumpster that Mandy Management has provided for the apartment building at the corner of Edgewood and Sherman is far too small for the number of units in the building. As a result, trash is often overflowing, and ends up littering the block.

    A larger dumpster (or a second dumpster, or more frequent emptying of the dumpster) needs to be provided.

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  • Edgewood Park New Haven, CT - Westville

    The Edgewood Avenue underpass in Edgewood Park is very poorly or not at all lit -- I got jumped there tonight at dusk. There is very poor visibility under the bridge, making it very easy for someone to hide under the bridge and jump/assault pedestrians and bicyclists.

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  • Chapel And Norton New Haven, CT - Edgewood

    I hope someone is investigating this blatant display of open drug dealing at this intersection. Traffic actually backs up on Friday Nights with so many "customers". I have had to drive home via a different route for fear of a deal gone bad and the ensuing violence. I know it takes time to build a case against these hoodlums, but this is out of control.

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