Texting While Driving - Connecticut

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Reports of drivers texting while driving, an extremely dangerous behavior, will be automatically sent to this watch area. Please record times, dates, plate numbers, driver descriptions and/or make and model of vehicles if possible.

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  • 73 Elm St New Haven, CT 06510 - Town_Green

    This is a dangerous traffic situation for pedestrians.

    Pedestrians on the south side of Elm heading towards Church come into conflict with drivers exiting the garage, which do not come to a complete stop or look to the right before driving away.

    A high ranking member of the City of New Haven staff was observed texting while driving (exiting the garage) here at approximately 7:35PM last night - happy to provide more details if wanted. He was completely oblivious to a pedestrian who was trying to establish eye contact in order to safely cross the curb cut.

    A raised sidewalk, narrowed exit (using bumped-out curbs) and system of speed bumps, as well as improved signage, would help here.

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  • 86 Grove Street New Haven, Connecticut - Town_Green

    Pedestrian with right of way in crosswalk appears to have been struck by a driver running the red light. It's like the wild west in this town: drivers behave like they don't have to obey the law, as they see so little enforcement. I encourage anyone to come stand at a busy intersection like this one and count the repeated violations: red light running, talking/texting drivers, etc. Please step up traffic enforcement NHPD!

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  • Hodge Avenue And Burke St Ansonia, Connecticut - Ansonia

    I've come up with an solution to get folks to stop at these stop signs. All of a sudden we have a lot of young kids that have moved into the neighborhood. Either put an island in the middle of the road that the crazy drivers need to slow down to drive around or place 2 long speed bumps across the road to get them to stop. Some people blow this stop way over the speed limit. Or Ansonia Police, please come down between 4pm-8pm and set up on the west side of Burke St and hide far enough back and you will make a fortune in tickets for blowing the sign and talking and texting on the phone. It's the same people that keep driving through this sign everyday all of the time.

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  • 41-67 E Grand Ave New Haven, CT 06513, USA - Fair Haven Heights

    texting while crossing the intersection at East Grand and Quinnipiac Aves. CT

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  • State-Wide - Middletown

    If a normal commuter can see 10 to 20 people texting daily during an hour of commuting time, then unmarked cars must see 10 times that amount. Start enforcing the law.

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  • 302 Willow Street New Haven, Connecticut - East Rock

    another week, another car wreck, on Willow St. A big thanks to all of the speeding, texting, cell phone yacking, garbage tossing, air polluting, noise polluting, horn honking, inconsiderate "motorist" - what would we do without you?

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  • Grove And Temple New Haven, CT - Downtown

    The 2(!) officers assigned to direct traffic at this intersection spend their day chatting on the phone, texting and goofing around with the DOT workers. Neither pays attention to the traffic. What is this costing us?!

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  • Beach St West Haven, CT - West Haven

    This is a very hazardous area for walking, and there is no alternative across the street in front of Chick's, where there is no sidewalk and little room for a pedestrian. So pedestrians are forced to share this dangerous road with motorists who flaunt the absence of police patrol of this road (why is this??), and drive in reckless excess of the posted speed limit -- wait, there is NO posted speed limit on this road!. The city KNOWS this is a dangerous area because they put up cones for a charity walk on Sept 18, but then removed the cones at the end of the day. The problem is exacerbated by dangerous driving; east-bound motorists turn onto Beach St from Washington Ave, and then have the long straightaway to accelerate to speeds often exceeding 50mph, with complete impunity, reaching the bend at Morse Ave and often appearing to barely have control of their vehicle as they make the turn...right where pedestrians are now walking. All that's waiting to happen is for one of these motorists to be texting or talking on a cell phone, and for someone, tragically, to be killed or seriously hurt. This is malicious negligence on the part of the city of West Haven, and should something tragic happen, they should be taken to task and to court. There's no reason why they can't put up temporary structures, such as NJ dividers, to create a safe passage for ped's. Of course, there's also no reason why they can't install speed humps on Beach St (such as one finds more and more on streets in New Haven), or some other traffic calming device. And as days shorten, morning walkers are even more endangered, walking in the dark and sometimes in fog, by the long stream of speeding east-bound commuters (often using cell phones, doing their hair, etc.) who use Beach St as an alternative to other east-west roads that slow them down with traffic lights and stop signs.
    Shame on you, West Haven!!

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  • 123 Miller St New Haven, CT - West River

    I would like to know,why people are still using cell phones when they are driving and they are also texting,

    I think that is very dangerous because people could either get hurt or killed very easily.i think that cell phones

    Should only be used for emergency purposes only.thank you very much.

    I hope that somebody will respond back to me soon.

    Please do something about this issue.

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  • College St New Haven, CT - Town_Green

    Unabashed, incessant texting from a middle-aged white male driving a silver Honda CRV (or Pilot?) CT plate 356 REX on College near Chapel. He delayed traffic, and was driving erratically. Pedestrians were present.

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  • 346-364 Temple Street New Haven, CT 06511, USA - Downtown

    For a second time today, I was nearly hit on a sidewalk as a girl came flying down it on her bike, texting while riding, not watching where she was going. The police need to start cracking down on this type of activity since there are city ordinances against it.

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  • 2-186 Roydon Rd New Haven, CT 06511, USA - Beaver Hills

    Just saw a young white male "hanging out" watching my car and texting his buddy over. Asked him what he's doing here & said nothing.

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