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  • N. 103rd St & College Way N. Seattle, WA - North College Park

    Cars do not yield the right of way to pedestrians mostly because drivers do not see pedestrians waiting to use the crosswalk.

    This is because it is dark and it is not well lit or because there are parked cars and other obstacles preventing drivers from seeing the pedestrians.

    One solution would be to put hand held flags for pedestrians to carry across (this works well in Bothel); post some flashing lights that could be activated by the pedestrians; or there could be a stop light for the cars.

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  • 9481 Rainier Ave S Seattle, WA 98118, USA - Rainier Beach

    Starting from Water's Edge Development (apartments) to a little past Pizzeria Pulcinella, (pizza restaurant) have the most potholes on Rainier Ave South. Both heading north or south on Rainier have random potholes that needs to be repaired.

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  • W. Ewing Street Seattle, WA - Queen Anne

    The entire length of the street is almost impassible now. Some potholes the size of bathtubs and at least a tire deep. With this being the only alternative route out to a steep hill when there is ice - it's becoming problematic.

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  • Broadway And John Seattle, WA - Capitol Hill

    This intersection is frustrating for everyone who passes through it.

    Drivers hate it because left and right turning vehicles often jam up the whole intersection waiting for pedestrians to cross. Getting through this intersection, particularly going E/W, can often take 2-3 light cycles during peak periods - largely due to just a handful of turning cars blocked by oncoming traffic and/or pedestrians in the intersection.

    Many pedestrians would like to make a "diagonal" cross in this intersection in one light cycle, rather than having to wait two light cycles to get where they are going. This likely contributes to the tendency of pedestrians at this intersection to attempt to cross against the signal (something that also makes driving through this intersection stressful). All-ways-cross is an arrangement that is so very underused in Seattle (It is only used near Pike Pl and in W Seattle) - this is an intersection that would clearly benefit - this would reduce pedestrian, vehicular and transit queuing and wait times as pedestrians and traffic would never be sharing the intersection.

    This seems like it would really be a win-win-win arrangement.

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  • 234 12th Ave E Seattle, WA 98102, USA - Capitol Hill

    Difficult for pedestrians to cross 12th Ave and scene of very serious accident in 2007:

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  • Roosevelt Way Ne And 92nd St. Seattle, WA 98115, USA - Maple Leaf

    We desperately need a pedestrian light here. Many people attempt to cross Roosevelt at this intersection and it's very very dangerous. The crossing flags simply do not cut it. Families attempting to cross are simply not seen by drivers.

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  • 9733 51st Ave S Seattle, WA 98118, USA - Rainier Beach
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  • Orchard Street Sw And 18th Ave Sw Seattle, WA - Riverview

    Chronic problem area in need of repair. To many potholes to count.

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  • Ravenna Blvd Seattle, WA - Roosevelt

    Countless potholes from Greenlake down Ravenna to where it meets 55th.

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  • 9545 Sand Point Way Ne Seattle, WA 98115, USA - Matthews Beach

    Going south on Sand Point Way, from about the 107th to 97th Street continues potholes one after another

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  • N Northlake Way Seattle, WA - Wallingford

    There are many many potholes along N Northlake Way between Stone Way and I-5.

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  • 2800-2810 Eastlake Ave E Seattle, WA 98102, USA - Eastlake

    the bus continues to chew up the asphalt infront of our driveway

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