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  • 3215 Capital Boulevard Raleigh, NC - Raleigh Council District B

    There are on a regular basis Homeless people rummaging though the Food Lion Dumpster

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  • 8336 Wynewood Ct Raleigh, NC - Raleigh Council District B

    Major potholes in front of this address

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  • 2110 Hopeton Avenue Raleigh, NC 27614, USA - North

    Theses banging noises heard by entire community. Not sure if remote construction noises not inside Bedford. Is it possible Amtrack or Quarry. Sounds like two pieces of sheet metal hitting each other.

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  • 702 W Aycock Raleigh, NC - Five Points

    Hi-can the City please help with the issues at this house??? The plumbing project in the front yard has shown no progress since May, when the pile of dirt blocking the sidewalk was finally moved (after months). There is a porta potty there (for a few months now), half blocking the sidewalk and it smells, so effectively IS blocking the sidewalk. Is the porta potty substituting for a bathroom because the owner will not repair the house's water line in from the street? Wouldn't that make this house uninhabitable? Can the certificate of occupancy be suspended or something? Oh and also, the usual standing complaint about the permanent roofing tarps. And a new addition of a stove in the side yard. Thanks, City.

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  • 3128 Atlantic Avenue Raleigh, North Carolina - Raleigh Council District B

    As a resident of Brentwood, this walk- and bike-friendly neighborhood feel isolated by the horrible walk- and bike-hostile throughfares of Atlantic Ave. and Capital Blvd. There doesn't seem to be any safe way to get over or under I-440.

    On Atlantic, there is a partial sidewalk that ends just before the overpass and both north and south bound lanes extend to completely occupy the entirety of the roadway. To make matters worse, any areas on the side of the road which might be passable are unaccessible due to the guard rails. As this overpass is at the top of a hill, any bike rider is completely hidden from view to approaching traffic. Cars are moving at 45mph if they’re adhering to the speed limit (and they are often not travelling much faster than this. To be someone on a bike trying to cut through here to get to the Greenway is terrifying and unsafe.

    Anyone who has ever driven on Capital can see why it would be unsafe for bike riders. The number of pedestrians hit by cars near the Capital and Highwoods intersection speaks to the danger of trying to walk along this road due to the volume, speed, and horrible driving.

    With plans for a park in between the north and southbound lanes of Capital near Crabtree Blvd, I think a pedestrian/cycling bridge, tunnel, or some way to safely travel Capital Blvd is needed. At the very least, a safe bike lane along Atlantic or perhaps between Atlantic and the railroad tracks seems overdue.

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  • 107 West Aycock Street Raleigh, NC 27608, USA - Five Points

    The owner if this house was moved to a nursing home 6or 7 years ago and the house has been vacant since then. Neighbors have reported snakes and rats. The heirs do nothing to maintain the house. I can't imagine what the inside is like. Apparently food was left on counters and in fridge. Thanks

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  • Lowell Ridge Rd Raleigh, NC - Raleigh Council District B

    All of the entrances to Brighton subdivision have street signs that say "Illegally parked and unauthorized vehicles will be towed..." Also all of the stop signs have small signs affixed to the saying "no parking". These signs have been put there by the HOA. The streets in Brighton subdivision are not private streets so the HOA has no authority to put up or enforce any parking restrictions on what are city streets. Please have the HOA remove all such signs They do not have the authority to put them up and they do not have the authority to enforce them.

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  • 4200 Quail Hollow Drive Raleigh, North Carolina - Falls Of Neuse

    In the Eastgate Park playground, there is a set of steps for the younger children's playset that is dangerous. Picture attached. The steps are uneven (by design) with drop off and no railings. For steps meant for younger children that don't yet have good stability this is incredibly dangerous. Although I know the parks staff chooses certified safe equipment, this particular piece amazes me as it seems dangerous by design.

    Does anyone else feel these stairs are inherently dangerous and in need of replacement?

    Btw, beyond this, all the playground equipment seems great.

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  • 900 Block Of Lorimer Rd. - Five Points

    Homeless man possibly living in woods at the end of 900 block of Lorimer Rd. My husband has noticed trash and back pack and a guy sleeping in a sleeping bag. Appears he is dumping trash there. The road is a dead end and the guy is in the woods, You have to walk in to see him.

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  • Falls Of Neuse raleigh, NC - North

    PLEASE correct the timing of the light to turn left from Falls of Neuse Road onto Old Falls of Neuse Road. Although there are two left hand turn lanes, the backups are now huge (at all times of the day) in those lanes as the light takes forever to allow a left hand turn. This has only recently started to happen over the last few weeks. Thank you!

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  • 1802 White Oak Road Raleigh, North Carolina - Five Points

    Content blocked by rejections

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  • 1605 Fairview Rd Raleigh, NC 27608, USA - Five Points

    Cars travel at a very high rate of speed at all times NB & SB on Fairview Ave, from Glenwood Ave. to Bickett Ave.
    During school times (AM & PM) we are in need of speed limit enforcement at a minimum.
    I recommend lowering speed limits at all times to 25 MPH... 15 during school commute.
    Signage & Radius should be expanded.
    This is a tragedy waiting to happen.

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