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Monterey Park Economic Development Department

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  • 239 S Alhambra Ave Monterey Park, CA 91755, USA - Monterey Park

    Shopping carts are routinely left on sidewalks in Monterey Park. It is utterly disgusting. There are people that pick up these carts for the supermarkets on weekdays. Nevertheless, carts are left for two, three or four days on the sidewalks if it is a holiday like the past weekend. Some residences dump their shopping carts on the street on a daily basis. The people at City Hall has done nothing about it. It is shameful we pay these people and don't enforce the city ordinance. Monterey Park is a terrible place to live!!!

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  • 320 Newmark Avenue Monterey Park, CA - Monterey Park

    This is just a test of the system and to determine how it works. I am interested in making contact with City Manager of Monterey Park with whom I will be speaking (the actual City Manager) on Tuesday. Hoping that they are the same.

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  • 300 West Newmark Avenue Monterey Park, CA 91754, USA - Monterey Park

    Sometimes it seems daily that a City of Monterey Park service vehicle, #865, is parked in a loading zone at Barnes Park. Why?

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  • 130 N Garfield Ave Monterey Park, California - Monterey Park

    Water leak in landscaping, water shooting 10 ft into the air

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  • 350-398 South Mc Pherrin Avenue Monterey Park, CA 91754, USA - Monterey Park

    Please do not do this.

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  • 141 North Atlantic Boulevard Monterey Park, CA 91754, USA - Monterey Park

    Left turn signal will not shift from red. The intersection went through three full cycles.

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  • 746-798 Garvey Avenue Monterey Park, CA 91754, USA - Monterey Park

    East bound Garvey at Atlantic in Monterey Park. North bound turn from Garvey to Atlantic is triggered every cycle even when no vehicles are there.

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  • 350 S. Mcpherrin Avenue Monterey Park, CA - Monterey Park

    The pool filter screens are heavily covered in black leaves. The filters can't work well with the blockage. Can we please get someone to clear it regularly? I've asked several times of the swim staff there to see if someone will clean it.


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