Fairfield Avenue Neighbors Association

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Fairfield Avenue in Hartford, Connecticut

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  • 222 Fairfield Ave Hartford, CT 06114 - South West

    Cars waiting at intersection traffic light ( Fairfield Avenue and White Street) generate extremely loud noise from their radios.

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  • 193-219 Fairfield Ave Hartford, CT 06114, USA - South West

    The treed and steep rocky area on the southwest corner of Rocky Ridge Park is totally trashed but hidden from view by the trees. It needs to be cleaned up.

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  • 359-403 New Britain Ave Hartford, CT 06114, USA - South West

    There is broken glass throughout the length of New Britain Avenue. It appears that the street was swept in the past day or 2, but it seems to have just spread out the glass. Very hazardous for bicycles.

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  • Other Archived
    209 Fairfield Ave Hartford Ct - South West

    Uncollected Leaf Bags. Today is the 2nd trash collection day that leaf bags have not been picked up. The City instructs homeowners to put leaf bags out with trash. These bags are beginning to deteriorate with all the rain. Also is unsightly.

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  • 4 Fairfield Ave Hartford, CT - Barry Square

    Clearly needs to be a No Parking sign on the East side of Fairfiled Ave, the Right Turn Lane in front of the firehouse.

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  • truck in park Archived
    155-161 Fairfield Ave Hartford, CT 06114, USA - South West

    this tractor trailer Parks in hyland all the time. right now it's day three or four of leaving his truck in the park. if I wanted to live next to a truck stop, I'd move to new Jersey.

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  • 2-112 Monroe Street Hartford, CT - South West

    There's graffiti in many places in the park, but it being on the new dugout is pretty annoying. We just got the thing.

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  • Parks Acknowledged
    2-112 Monroe Street Hartford, CT 06114, USA - South West

    Bridge missing in new playscape

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  • Parks Archived
    51-153 Fairfield Ave Hartford, CT 06114, USA - South West

    Broken playground equipment. Safety danger to kids.

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  • 51-153 Fairfield Avenue Hartford, CT - South West

    Someone wrote "F*ck sports", without the asterisk, on the giant baseball in the spray pool on Hyland Park.

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  • 215 Fairfield Ave Hartford, CT - South West

    Cars that chronically park on street on trash day despite posted signs prevent street sweeping from being effective. This pertains to the entire length of Fairfield Avenue.

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  • Fairfield Avenue Hartford, CT - South West

    No Parking signs along street do no deter cars from parking along the length of Fairfield Ave on Tuesdays/refuse pickup day. Traffic is blocked as garbage trucks do their rounds (irate drivers/honking horns); litter along curbs not able to be swept up. Ongoing issue.

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