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Fairfield Avenue in Hartford, Connecticut

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  • 222 Fairfield Ave Hartford, CT 06114 - South West
    Cars waiting at intersection traffic light ( Fairfield Avenue and White Street) generate extremely loud noise from their radios.
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  • 193-219 Fairfield Ave Hartford, CT 06114, USA - South West
    The treed and steep rocky area on the southwest corner of Rocky Ridge Park is totally trashed but hidden from view by the trees. It needs to be cleaned up.
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  • Roxbury And Fairfield Ave Hartford, Connecticut - South West

    A yellow box truck has been parked IN Hyland Park all summer, over the curb and up on the grass. Even now with the CNG and MDC trucks and stuff no longer 'parked' up on this part of Hyland Park, this truck remains.

    I've reported illegal parking via See Click Fix before and the information was successfully conveyed to the Hartford Parking authority or whichever office is responsible for ticketing & towing. Hope this can be sent there too--we need to get this truck out of our park. (Also, there should just a section for "illegal parking" reports.)

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  • Pothole Archived
    186-218 Fairfield Avenue Hartford, CT 06114, USA - South West
    Large sink hole on Fairfield Avenue in front of driveway at 204 Fairfield. 1 foot Hole in road surface with 2 feet of dirt erosion beneath hole. A car will fall in if it drives over it.
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  • 153 Fairfield Avenue Hartford, Connecticut - South West
    ATVs in Hyland Park this afternoon, tearing through playground. Tore up grass at South end of the Park on grassy hill.
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  • Other Archived
    209 Fairfield Ave Hartford Ct - South West
    Uncollected Leaf Bags. Today is the 2nd trash collection day that leaf bags have not been picked up. The City instructs homeowners to put leaf bags out with trash. These bags are beginning to deteriorate with all the rain. Also is unsightly.
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  • 359-403 New Britain Ave Hartford, CT 06114, USA - South West
    There is broken glass throughout the length of New Britain Avenue. It appears that the street was swept in the past day or 2, but it seems to have just spread out the glass. Very hazardous for bicycles.
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  • 359-403 New Britain Avenue Hartford, Connecticut - South West
    old growth trees being cut down as part of baseball field renovations?? One was cut and chipped this afternoon within an hour
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  • 51-153 Fairfield Avenue Hartford, Connecticut - South West

    I've lived here for awhile and this spring is the worst yet for ATV's and dirtbikes in Hyland Park and surrounding neighborhoods. I've complained to the police, council, the mayor and pretty much everyone else that I know. No one seems to want to do anything about it, but I figured I'd complain here, too.

    I'm also considering just buying a dirtbike in the spirit of "if you can't beat them, join them." It's not like I would have to worry about any consequences.

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  • Graffiti Archived
    51-153 Fairfield Avenue Hartford, Connecticut - South West
    Graffiti all over the Hyland Park spray pool again. Looks like the fake scoreboard is broken and may fall on someone.
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  • Hyland Park Parking Lot Hartford, Connecticut - South West
    Every afternoon and evening that there are ball games in the park one or two jerks decide to park in the poorly striped spot of the parking lot that should be left open so that people can access the curb cut to the pedestrian path. It would be great if signage could be improved here and if the parking dept could start checking and ticketing illegally parked cars here when there are games to get it to stop. Thanks.
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  • 300-330 Fairfield Ave Hartford, Connecticut - South End
    Bushes overgrown and blocking sidewalk at the corner of Fairfield and Freeman St. It's been getting worse for a few years and now it's almost impossible to walk on the sidewalk. The Freeman St side of the property is bad too.
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