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  • Farmington Canal Heritage Trail Hamden, CT 06518, USA - Hamden

    On numerous occasions, I have seen people coming in and out of the woods in this area. The impression I've gotten is that they either live in there, or engage in illegal activity. I once road my bike about 20 feet into the woods (if heading northbound, there is small grass trail on the right as you start to go up the hill
    ), and I saw, I kid you not, a man wearing a trenchcoat, watching the canal line from behind the trees. As soon as he saw me he rushed further into the woods. This is a very dangerous situation. If possible, I wouldn't go any farther south than the dixwell bridge crossing. PLEASE BE CAREFUL!!

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  • Shepard Ave Near Eramo Terr Hamden, CT 06514, USA - Hamden

    for years i lived in hamden and have yet to see radar being used. i work in new haven and as big and as busy as the new haven police dept is i see radar all the time. i see hamden police car with the words traffic division on it sitting in parking lots all the time doing nothing.when you call to ask the police dept if they can do some speed enforcement they send you to the traffic division and there is no answer and you leave a message and never get a call back ???

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  • Intersection So.Elm Street Ward St., Ward St. Extension, Wallingford Center, CT - Wallingford Center

    This is supposed to be a 4 way intersection with stop signs. There is a high volume of traffic where people don't stop for stop signs and little traffic monitoring by police. There are extremely high bushes growing on Ward St. side of Victorian House on corner with house facing So. Elm St. People can't see oncoming traffic. This is supposed to be a 4 way intersection, but streets aren't a direct crossover. Cars don't stop to look or follow rules of the road or/and aren't respectful of other drivers. Cars also speed through stop signs without completely stopping. Slight ways down the street on So. Elm Street is Doolittle Park and the YMCA. There are sometimes many children in that area and cars are speeding at a high rate of speed as if it were a highway.

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  • Four Rod Road - Hamden

    Four Rod Road is incredibly busy and there are numerous accidents on the corner of Four Rod Road and Earl Avenue. It is very hard to see while stopping at the two present stop signs on Earl Avenue, but none on Four Rod Road. There is also a hill that cars fly down from both directions as they go through this intersection on Four Rod Road.

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  • 1831-1841 Whitney Ave Hamden, CT 06517, USA - Spring Glen

    In Whitneyville heading North and south the speed limit is always exceeded plus there is a lot of swerving and passing of cars going way over the speed limit! The entire length of the road ought to be a no passing zone!

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  • Bike Lane Archived
    Whitney Avenue Hamden, CT - Hamden

    We need a bike lane from Hamden to New Haven. Whitney Avenue is one of the most dangerous roads to ride on, however drivers should not blame cyclists, but the lack of secured paths for cyclists. No rider in their right mind wants to negotiate space with vehicles that can kills us..

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  • Treadwell And Belmont Steets Hamden, CT 06517, USA - Hamden

    I've recently moved into this neighborhood and am completely shocked with how many people blow the stop sign sign at Treadwell and Belmont Streets. It's anyone & everyone from families in mini vans to police (and no! there were no lights or sirens on). It's all day long from morning through late evening. What can be done to prevent this?

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  • 2356 Dixwell Ave Hamden, CT - Hamden

    I've been at this intersection in the last few weeks and people run the light nearly 5 seconds after a different light turns green.

    Without proper control, accidents are more likely than ever. I recommend implementing photo enforcement for this light.

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  • 541-599 Denslow Hill Exd Hamden, CT 06514, USA - Hamden

    Reconnect Denslow hill road.
    Help reduce traffic on Paradise ave

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  • 167 S Elm St Wallingford, CT 06492, USA - Wallingford Center

    Dangerous intersection - drivers do not understand what "4-way stop" means, they blow through the stop signs on Ward St. Ext. and S. Elm. These people are stupid, rude, and pose a threat to other drivers as well as pedestrians!!! Something needs to be done before someone gets hurt!

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  • 2210 Whitney Ave Hamden, CT 06517, USA - Hamden

    This madness needs to stop. I see rear-ended accidents on multiple on-ramps to Rt 15. Starting from a complete stop is dangerous and the state needs to get rid of the stop signs and add merging lanes. Waste of the police, fire, and ambulance's time and our money.

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  • Corner Of Skiff And Whitney - Spring Glen

    people driving down whitney ave and speeding thru red light, every morning i witness this.

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