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  • 4701 Forestdale Rd Raleigh, NC - Garner

    person who lives here at 4701 Forestdale Rd, Raleigh, NC is violating city ordnance(s) concerning the using residential house for commercial use

    Also there is a lot more homeless people in the Raleigh area trespassing on people's properties then there would not otherwise be because of this landowner's illegal actions to assist homeless vagrants to illegally trespass on other people's properties including but not limited to:

    - criminal conspiracy to commit 2nd & 3rd degree trespass by aiding and abetting homeless trespassers as admitted to on her "church-in-the-woods" websites here:

    >>>> <<<<

    >>>> <<<<
    Quote "We provide clothing, toiletries, medical teams, showers, laundry, and server meals on location
    [to trespassers] throughout the area" Unquote
    "Teams bring food, toiletries, sleeping bags, socks & gloves, and love to the people they find"

    We the citizens of Raleigh want this assistance for illegal homeless activity by "church in the woods" STOPPED !!!!!!!!!!!!

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  • Junction Blvd raleigh, nc - Garner

    Reported from my mobile device

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  • Willow Vista Rd. Garner, NC - Garner

    Three large potholes.

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  • 833 Seastone St Raleigh, NC 27603, USA - Garner

    There is a sinkhole right beside the road at 833 Seastone Street, Raleigh NC. the utility box is sinking down sideways. Needs to be filled, sodded and box needs to be raised and reinstalled.

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  • Jones Sausage Rd Garner, NC - Garner

    Right turn should be converted to straight/right turn to ease the backup of traffic. Traffic coming from Jones Sausage over to White Oak will backup due to short light cycle, while turn lane is seldom used, this will allow more cars though the intersection

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  • 4552-4598 Fayetteville Hwy Raleigh, NC 27603, USA - Garner

    The entire stretch of US 401 in Garner must be the worst traffic in the Triangle by now. Stop and go, stop and go. The lights are horribly timed, all the way from Old Stage Road up to Mechanical Blvd/Garner Station.
    I don't know who at the Town of Garner programmed these lights, but it makes me want to avoid the whole town! Once you get to the Raleigh side, things are fine...but Garner? Stop and go and stop and go and stop.......

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  • 1301 Fowler Dr Garner, NC 27529, USA - Garner

    Pole number cpl T408BJ has wireing running down the pole and on the ground. A safety hazard.

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  • 802 Clay Street Raleigh, NC - Garner

    Fred Fletcher Park - there is a storm drain grate missing in the ampitheatre. Please fix before a kid falls in!

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  • Shenstone Blvd Raleigh, NC - Garner

    All the plantings and hedges in the entire shopping center are so high, you cannot see approaching traffic at intersections. I'm all for aesthetics, but you have to be able to see the other cars.

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  • Woodland Rd/Timber Dr Raleigh, NC - Garner

    The light at the intersection of Timber Dr and Woodland Rd in Garner is not working properly at night. When waiting to cross Timber while driving on Woodland Rd, the light takes several minutes to change for crossing. Sensor works during the day...

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  • 1212 Meadowbrook Drive Garner, NC - Garner

    the tree's limb is covering the speed limit sign while driving down the road. I put the address where it is close by.

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  • Parking Lots Everywhere Raleigh and Garner, NC - Garner

    There have been many times I, as a handicapped person, would need a handicapped parking space and none is to be found then I see a fully capable person get in the car and drive away. No tickets are ever given that I have ever seen. I have even seen cars parked in the marked off area between two handicap spaces. The sign says you'll get a ticket but it seems as though 1) people know they won't. And 2) don't need a handicap placard in the first place. I've confronted a couple of these offenders. One was where the woman forgot to put hers up and another told me I'm only going to be a minute. I wish I could give out these tickets.

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