Johnston County, NC

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  • Mclemore Rd Clayton, NC - Johnston County

    Street light needed since the West Johnston High School is on the same road. Becoming a dangerous area.

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  • 106 Ses Dr clayton, NC - Clayton

    Yes What a dump this Is HomeOwners should Make them Clean Up

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  • Tara Dr Clayton, Nc - Johnston County

    Graffiti on stop sign

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  • In The General Vicinity Of 25 Or 27 Or 29 Sommerset Drive - In The General Vicinity Of Somerset Drive , clayton, North Carolina - Clayton

    There are 2 Huge Continuously Sinking Holes in the middle of the road on Somerset Drive, Clayton, NC 27520 in the South Plantation Sub Division from road repairs possibly performed by by Duke Energy or Sub Contractors of Duke Energy I believe, while they were running a new feeder line to one of the homes. They dug up 2 areas of the asphalt ran the electric feeders to the transformer and house, repaired the holes but did not tamp down and prep the holes properly and they are sinking Fast. The holes are so big, that it will take out a vehicles front end permanently or blow out a tire. This is Very Dangerous at this time. IMMEDIATE Response is Required in my Opinion on this Repair !!! We Cannot get a response from Duke Energy on this . Please assist asap !! Thank you. This is Extremely Dangerous for All.

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  • 142 South Ridge Drive Garner, North Carolina - Johnston County

    Huge Pothole just east of Emily Court on South Ridge Drive, Garner 27529

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  • Glen Rd. And Nc 42 johnston, NC - Johnston County

    The left turn arrow from NC 42 eastbound onto Glen Rd. (towards the McDonald's & Food Lion) never turns green, only flashing yellow. This means left turn traffic always has to fight through westbound traffic already on 42 plus that which is coming off I-40. This is extremely dangerous.

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  • 43n 2 Does Ln Clayton, NC 27520, USA - Johnston County

    street light goes completely out all of the time and then comes back on

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  • Pot hole Archived
    Reeder Branch Drive Clayton, NC - Johnston County

    Pot hole near entrance of Reeder Branch Subdivision needs repair

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  • Huge Pothole Archived
    Smithfield Or Pritchard Road Johnston , NC - Johnston County

    Going south on Smithfield Road, which becomes Pritchard Road at the Johnston County Line: immediately after crossing the bridge that goes over the creek, there is a huge pothole near the outside edge of the highway. Running over this pothole could cause damage to vehicles' tires, front end alignment, and front axle.

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  • 103 Wimbledon Court Clayton, North Carolina - Johnston County

    I just moved to Johnston County from Hickory North Carolina. This is where I'm supposed to throw away my garbage and my moving boxes. Not only is it an eyesore, it's unhealthy and attracts vermin. There are young children that live in the subdivision and this is their playground. I don't think it's too much for the residents to ask for another dumpster and maybe even Recycling. Any help is appreciated.

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  • 5415-5523 N Carolina 42 Garner, NC - Johnston County

    Light cycle has been horrible for years. The right of way for Hwy 42 is red too long and green too little. Light seems to exist only to let people in and out of McDonalds and stays green for cross traffic far too long - change in cycle is required, but ideally the light would be removed along with access to Hwy 42 (at least on the McDonalds side) and possibly relocate the light to Technology Dr appx. 100 yards SW on Hwy 42.

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  • 2371 White Memorial Church Rd Pleasant Grove, NC 27592, USA - Johnston County

    Our street sign was knocked down and mangled due to a car accident several months ago. To date it still has not been replaced. Guest that come to my house are having trouble locating our street due to no street sign present.

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