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  • Princeton Dr Albany, NY 12208, USA - Albany
    With the addition of all the new parking garages for AMC, the new traffic lights on Holland Avenue, and all the traffic that leaves the vicinity at 4:30 every day, there have been backups from Delaware Avenue through New Scotland Avenue (and further) on both sides of the road due to congestion. Often the traffic lights (such as the one in front of the VA) allow people from the VA and from the Albany Law parking lot to enter onto Holland, but not enough time for those on Holland to continue on their journey. Hackett backs up as well, as people use Clara Barton Road to try to bypass the traffic. It seems when they did the new intersection at Delaware and Morton, they should have added a third lane for right-turn only onto Delaware to help with the traffic.
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  • 1 Notre Dame Dr Albany, NY 12208, USA - Albany
    Since the city of Albany decided to make the first half of Notre Dame drive a one-way street by Albany Law, traffic leaving the university heights area has been a living nightmare ESPECIALLY in inclement weather (which includes snow AND rain). Several times in the last year alone it has taken me more than one hour to go from outside the Law school to Clara Barton Drive (which should also have a light at its exit onto Hackett). This issue has only gotten worse as the pharmacy school has taken over the old transportation building and increased traffic. Why was the change made, and couldn't the city do a traffic study on this area to alleviate the congestion? In gridlocked conditions, people make Notre Dame a two-way street anyway - just to make it out onto Holland without running out of gas waiting in your car for SOMEONE to move. There should also be a left-turning signal and separate lane on Princeton Drive's exit onto Holland Ave, as it is nearly impossible to make a left-hand turn at rush hour especially with the VA traffic.
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  • Zoar Ave Albany, NY - Albany
    Zoar Avenue between Lincoln and Central is an absolute mess. So many potholes you can barely drive down it'. There are lots of people who take this road to drop the kids off to school as well as go between central and Lincoln and the roads are so bad that you have to basically drive on the other side of the road to avoid them. This needs to be fixed quickly.
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  • 41 Holland Ave Albany, New York - Albany
    Owner is destroying historic houses by leaving them empty. Houses should be put up for rent or sold.
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  • Garbage Can Archived
    12 Lincoln Avenue Albany, New York - Albany
    Hello, per a previous report (Dog Waster Station) a garbage can was supposed to be placed on the corner of West Lawrence and Manning last week (on the St Anne's side of the street). I just check and no garbage can has been placed yet.
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  • 54 Spring Street Albany, New York - Central Avenue
    This roof has severe ponding as a result of the rain. The property sits vacant and unmaintained. WPNA and the neighbors of Spring Street are concerned about this property and has sat vacant and neglected for a long time.
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  • Hazelhurst Ave And Homestead St Albany, New York - Campus Area-University District

    The intersection at the corner of Homestead St and Hazelhurst Ave is well known as a dangerous intersection. Serious accidents have occurred here, crossing the street with your children is dangerous, and anyone turning left from Homestead to Hazelhurst knows there is a chance for an accident anytime that turn is made. The issue is that the intersection is at the top of a hill so you cannot see if anyone is coming up from the other side until it's too late. The issue has been raised by many local residents through various forums but never addressed, and no acceptable reason has been provided for why a sign cannot be put here.

    This new city of Albany website is a great idea to get issues like this more widely recognized and to show support. Thank you to the city for making this service available.

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  • 449 State Street Albany, New York - Central Avenue
    Content blocked by rejections
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  • Pothole Archived
    581-637 Morris Street Albany, New York - Pine Hills
    My Wife's car has had two windows shattered by rocks that were launched out of the potholes in front of our house as fast-moving cars drove over them. TWO BROKEN CAR WINDOWS!! The Left rear window and the window along the back. This is costing us HUNDREDS OF DOLLARS To repair how does that even happen?? Please fix these potholes as soon as possible so that nobody else's car suffers this kind of damage
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  • parking Archived
    93-105 S Swan St Albany, NY 12207, USA - Albany
    the stretch of road coming out of the ESP heading up to Swan St towards State St has signs no stopping on the right side of the street. yet on sunday there are always cars parked on both sides of the street in this stretch of the road. it makes it very difficult to travel up the hill from the ESP especially in the winter months yet no one seems to say anything about it. what are the rules for this area
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  • 57 Buchanan Street Albany, New York - Albany
    The employees of the Center for Disabilities group home at 57 Buchanan have been parking their vehicles on the lawn within feet from the house next door. This has been going on for more than a year. Last winter they were plowing the lawn to remove snow and when that area is icy, it becomes a hazard. One wrong pedal press and a car will end up in the dining room of the neighboring home (mine). To my knowledge, according to Albany city code (someone correct me if I'm wrong), you are not allowed to park on lawns and a parking area for more than 4 vehicles may not be within 10 feet of a neighboring residents - there are often 4-5 cars/vans parked here. There is ample street parking and they have a large garage and parking area in the back of the house. I have more photos - this one was taken today around noon. I have attempted to contact the Center, but have receive no response. Frankly, I'm worried about the safety of my family if someone drives into my dining room and it's pretty annoying to look out your windows to see a wall of cars - there used to be a beautiful lilac there until they took it out.
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  • Diseased tree Archived
    34 Summit Ave Albany, New York - Delaware Avenue
    This tree is large, a lot of limbs with rot holes, one large branch extends into the street and seems poised to fall down soon.
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