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  • Street Signs Acknowledged
    1-199 Webster Street Tube Oakland, California - Alameda
    At all entrances into the city, we are lacking prominently placed signs that clearly indicate the 25 MPH speed limit. As one enters the city from Webster Tube, the signs state the 45 mph speed limit which I think sends the wrong message. This 45 mph speed is assumed by many drivers for some distance as they drive into town. I would request that we work with CalTrans, if necessary, to update this and have all entryways into Alameda clearly message the 25 mph limit to help reduce confusion.
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  • 2015 Grand St Alameda, CA - Alameda
    These Oil storage tanks are rusting badly and are directly across from single family homes. Its curious that the City allowed these homes to be built so close to this industrial petroleum storage facility, as I see children playing very close to this property quite frequently, but can something be done about these eyesores? Aside from the question of maintenance (if Pennzoil maintains the exterior of their tanks like this, what priority do they give for other maintenance and safety protocols?), can the City cite them for being an eyesore (Nuisance Conditions)? The planning department indicated to me that this area has been rezoned as residential and Pennzoil was grandfathered in, but it seems they should be required to maintain their storage tanks properly. Thanks in advance to our City officials for looking into this matter and advising if anything can be done (e.g is there no requirement that they properly maintain and routinely paint these huge, very publicly visible storage tanks?).
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  • 601-699 Eagle Avenue Alameda, CA - Alameda
    Request to remove two parking spaces on the NW corner of Webster at Eagle to improve visibility.
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  • Lagoon Maintenance Acknowledged
    2252-2268 Otis Dr Alameda, CA 94501, USA - Alameda
    Fence along Powell Street is in disrepair. The chain link fence posts are pulled out of the ground. The fence is rusty. The top railing of the chain link fence is bent. The wood fence is broken. And the concrete pillars are broken off. All in all, it seems unsafe as well as generally run down and forgotten.
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  • Webster And Atlantic Alameda, California - Alameda

    There is MASSIVE gridlock at Atlantic/Webster as well as Webster/Stargell every 1st Sunday of the month due to the Antiques Fair at the Point. Cars often jump the light and end up obstructing through traffic at both intersections.

    This has been brought to the attention of APD several times over the past few years, but nothing has been done to fix the problem.

    How much longer do we have to wait for a solution?

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  • 1559 Pacific Avenue Alameda, California - Alameda
    The sidewalk in front of this address is a broken ankle waiting to happen. There are chunks of concrete that are missing. My kids tripped on it during halloween. I tripped on it this morning while going for a run. Please fix it ASAP before someone actually breaks an ankle.
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  • 300-394 Derby Avenue Oakland, CA 94601, USA - South Kennedy Tract
    We've been forgotten by waste management yet again.
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  • Traffic Signals Acknowledged
    1550 5th St Alameda, CA 94501, USA - Alameda
    The turn pocket from westbound Lincoln onto southbound 5th St is not functioning properly. Left turn signal has a bike sign on the street but the signal does not detect bikes even when I am riding a very large steel cargo bike that should easily trigger a loop detector. I am often force to run the light. In addition, signal timing is too short. When a car pulls up behind me and triggers the light, the light is red before I have cleared the intersection. This creates pressure on the driver following me and they often pass dangerously and illegally before finishing the turn and when they do not have good visibility on the street ahead.
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  • 1600 Park Street Alameda, California - Alameda

    I wish to report an extremely unsafe hazard that caused me bodily injury and could have caused even more severe injury or death.On the night of Wednesday, May 18 at approximately 11 pm, I was biking in Alameda. I turned right from Lincoln heading NE on Park Street towards the Park St. Bridge. There were no cars parked along Park and I rode on the right hand side, near the sidewalk to be safe from traffic. I had a front and rear light and was wearing a helmet. Suddenly, my front wheel hit a curb – completely detached from the side walk and with no visible signs, markers, reflectors or any thing to make it visible to a cyclist. I flew over my handle bars, hit the back right side of my head, my back right shoulder and rolled over having done a complete flip onto the curb-median. Though I am bruised and beat up, with pain in my AC joint, head, neck, and shoulder, I did not break anything (I went to the doctor and got x-rays), and I will recover. My bicycle was totaled (bent rim, shattered front fork, bent frame and I broke my helmet).

    This curb is invisible at night. As the attached photo shows, it also has extremely low visibility in broad day light. I was not the first to hit this obstruction. At Alameda Bicycle, the staff there said they have heard of the same thing happening to others. I am certain I won’t be the last to hit this.

    I am shocked that the city would place a curb with absolutely no visibility in the middle of a through fare for traffic and cyclists. I respectfully request, for the safety of both cyclists and vehicles, that you immediately remove this extreme hazard.

    I am also curious, what possible reason can there be for putting this obstruction there?
    Ron Silberstein
    2201 San Jose Ave.

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  • 333 Lancaster Street Oakland, CA 94601, USA - South Kennedy Tract
    Trash not picked up... Yet again.
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  • 2821 Marina Dr Alameda, California - Alameda
    See my just-posted description of problem at corner of Alameda Ave. and Tilden Way at Fruitvale Bridge . Cropped pic to show problem better.
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  • Graffiti Archived
    333 Lancaster St Oakland, California - South Kennedy Tract
    Stop your dysgraphic fascism, asshat.
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