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The Housing and Community Affairs (HCA) Committee of the Graduate Student Council at MIT is charged with advocating for student community affairs around the institute. We focus on all student life issues, including housing and rents, stipends, health services and insurance, transportation, safety, athletics, and related matters.

Notified About

  • Albany Street And Pacific Street Intersection Cambridge, MA - Cambridgeport

    This intersection has a raised brick "crosswalk" but no painted white stripe lines. The result is that cars driving down Albany rarely yield for pedestrians in an area with a large student population.

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  • 305 Brookline St Cambridge, MA 02139 - Cambridgeport

    the entire road is third world

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  • 25 Prospect St Cambridge, Massachusetts - Area Iv

    new lane markings were painted for a new traffic pattern but the old ones are still visible, especially at night and in bad weather, making it unclear what side of the road you're supposed to be on

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  • 51 Central Sq Cambridge, MA - Cambridgeport

    A new traffic pattern was instituted here recently. On River St at Mass Ave, the right-hand lane is now a right turn only lane. There is a lane marking, but I don't believe there are any signs. Regardless, many drivers enter the right lane and then proceed straight through the intersection. It's not clear that there is a right turn only lane here and the signage needs improvement.

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  • 6 Windsor St Cambridge, MA 02139 - Area Iv

    Huge pothole that has been there for a couple of years and it is just getting bigger. It fills with water and turns to ice in the winter. So dangerous when people are just turning onto that street!

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  • Harvard Brg Cambridge, MA - Mit

    There are two long parallel strips of pavement in the Cambridge-bound bike lane of the Harvard Bridge that form a rise of 6 inches or so near the end of the bridge. The result is that there is only a thin strip of pavement on which one can ride in the bike lane safely. The alternative is to ride in the car lane on this part of the bridge which is not always safe. The pavement needs to be leveled here.

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  • 194 Massachusetts Ave Cambridge, MA 02139, USA - Cambridgeport

    Ever since Mass Ave was repaved, there has been a perpetual puddle in the bike lane, where it angles over to the curb because Mass Ave south widens to two lanes. The slope of the pavement causes water to pool, and the puddle is bigger than the entire width of the bike lane.

    It lasts several days after it rains, long after the rest of the road is dry.

    Please re-grade this area or install a drain.

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  • Memorial Dr Cambridge, MA 02139, USA - Cambridgeport

    pedestrian bridge work has been going on for over a year, but stop light is a FAR better solution to this intersection. walk 40' directly across street or 1/4 mile over the ramp?

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  • Central Square Cambridge, MA - Area Iv

    Short pole for locking bikes is coming out of the pavement. Is easy to pick up bike and pole and walk away with both together.

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  • Pearl And Chestnut St. Cambridge, MA - Cambridgeport

    City dumped pile of snow on corner, blocking crosswalk..

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  • 200 Sidney Street Cambridge, MA - Cambridgeport

    Southbound on Sidney street the 4 way stop is almost always getting run. this is a danger to cars and pedestrians at that crosswalk.

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  • Broadway Cambridge, MA - Mit

    Pothole few inches deep along Broadway (Inbound) - may be dangerous to road users.

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