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This is a watch area created by the Beacon Citizen Network to observe reports in the area of the City of Beacon.

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  • 76 E Main St Beacon, NY 12508 - Beacon
    Try turning left onto Spring Valley/Washington Street. You can't see cars coming from the right. Needs large mirror or additional stop sign.
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  • state street Archived
    1-99 State St Beacon, NY 12508, USA - Beacon
    A new apartment building was put up here and they tore up the road a number of times and patched it back together. Then a water main broke and washed the road away. It was replaced with dirt. The whole section needs to be repaved.
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  • Herbert St. And Blackburn Beacon NY 12508 - Beacon
    This is a three-way intersection with only yield signs. Cars frequently speed around this corner. No one knows who has the right of way and there have been many close-call accidents. A three-way stop sign would help very much.
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  • West & East Side'S Main St Beacon, NY 12508, USA - Beacon
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  • Grafitti tag Archived
    Prospect Avenue Beacon NY 12508 - Beacon
    Gang style grafitti tag on guardrail at corner of Prospect and Robinson
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  • 127 Beekman St Beacon, NY 12508 - Beacon

    As a walking commuter whose only reward for making the arduous climb up the W. Main St. hill from the train station is to wait for all the driving commuters I just got off the train with pass me by at ~45mph until there's a backup of cars that I can cross between, I would like to see more enforcement and better marking of the crosswalk. There have already been signs posted, but they've had little to no effect. The crosswalk itself could benefit from the cross-hatch stripes afforded to other area crosswalks, but perhaps a police presence would have the most effect (be it Beacon or MTA enforcement, as the MTA has a station not a quarter mile down the road.)

    I have to say, once in a blue moon someone actually stops, and to those few people if you're reading this, thank you.

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  • Stop Sign Archived
    Sargent And South Avenue Beacon, NY 12508 - Beacon
    Stop sign is not visible until your 20 feet up on it, not enough time to stop, it you don't know the intersection. Speed is 25 MPH , but people go fast there. Be careful !!! and its a new one!
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  • 189 Washington Ave Beacon, NY 12508 - Beacon
    WTF? people park their stupid cars along Washington Ave on both sides, everybody comes to a bottleneck halt. came on, are you morons, use your driveways. you wonder why your mirrors are broken?
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  • 128 N Rd Beacon, NY 12508, USA - Dutchess County
    Even with the new addition of a dedicated left turn signal on Rt 9D North's intersection with exiting traffic from I84, cars with a red left turn signal still race and compete with southbound Rt 9D traffic to get on the on-ramp of West-bound I84. "No Turn On Red" signs need to be placed at both the north and south intersection in all directions to help ease the danger of this intersection.
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  • 2 Ackerman St Beacon, NY 12508, USA - Beacon
    people park their cars along Ackerman Street on both sides, specially on both ends (Near Fishkill Ave and Main St) everybody comes to a bottleneck halt, it is dangerous...
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  • 59 Cross St Beacon, NY 12508, USA - Beacon
    more and more cars are coming down cross/deerfield to cut around 9d train/bridge traffic and while doing this speeding. this is a danger for all life esp. children. this needs to be addressed before something bad happens.
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  • Tompkins Ave Beacon, NY - Beacon
    At least 2 cars had their windows smashed out recently. The last one happened at 4 in the afternoon. Happening to anyone else in Beacon?
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