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  • Rt 82 And 30 Bypass Coatesville, PA 19320, USA - Coatesville

    Why do they not fix the 30 bypass entrance ramp going east from 82? It needs to be longer! And there is room for it. Traffic can not see on coming cars –with all the new building in West Coatesville more people are using this entrance! They fixed the Bypass in Downingtown and Exton? Why did they leave out C-ville? Also, lights would be helpful too on RT 82, it is crazy in the morning and afternoon in all directions. Now they are building more right there. Something needs to be changed to direct traffic better ASAP!

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  • 103-105 Walnut St Coatesville, PA 19320, USA - Coatesville

    This redlight is a complete waste of time and energy (literally on both fronts). It is a "T" intersection. The VAST perponderance of traffic flows N-S on 1st Avenue, and a simple stop sign for traffic on Walnut would suffice to safely manage traffic at this intersection and allow for smoother flow/less backups in the morning and evening as commuters cross Coatesville to and from E. Fallowfiled development and the 30 Bypass.

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  • E Harmony St Coatesville, PA - Coatesville

    Please see attached pic. The owners of this property are using the alley as an additional parking area for their vehicles. As you can clearly see they are parked within inches of each other. These cars have been in this exact location with no movement for two weeks. This isn't parking this is storage.

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  • 1223 Stirling St Coatesville, PA - Coatesville

    At about 7:20 pm we saw two children on mini dirt bike motorcycles going South on 13th Avenue. They turned West on Walnut St. One of them had difficulty making the turn. NO LIGHTS OR REFLECTORS WERE ON THE BIKES. They were like two shadows. They were moving slowly maybe under 20 mph.

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  • Coatesville PA 19320, USA - Coatesville

    Why don't the police enforce the sign that shows the left lane is for left turns and the right lane is for turning right or going straight across. The law abiding citizen that I am gets pushed over almost into the sidewalk everyday because the people in the left lane go straight across instead of turning like they are supposed to. If this has changed and it now is a straight across lane too, then take the sign down so all of us can get across quicker. Coatesville could make a killing on citations if this hasn't changed. Either remove the sign or enforce, I am tired of people getting away with this violation.

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  • Water seepage Archived
    Juniper St Coatesville, PA 19320, USA - Coatesville

    Water coming out of ground.

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  • 425 Walnut St Coatesville, PA 19320, USA - Coatesville

    Rear of 425 Walnut St. (at Spring Alley) about 6 old tires, tree branches, debris. Tires need to be properly disposed of; branches need to be cut & tied in bundles for trashman to take; cleanup scattered debris. Keep the neighborhood clean, alleys are not personal dumping grounds!

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  • 1115 Olive Street Coatesville, PA - Coatesville

    Currently in the City of Coatesville we have a recycling ordinance:

    With fines associated with this ordinance:

    Violations and penalties.
    [Amended 7-26-1993 by Ord. No. 931-93 Editor's Note: Amended at time of adoption of Code; see Ch. 1, General Provisions, Art. I. ]
    Any person, partnership or corporation who violates or fails to comply with any provision of this Part 1 or any regulation promulgated pursuant thereto shall, upon conviction thereof in a court of summary jurisdiction, be punishable by fines of not more than $600 or be imprisoned for a period not exceeding 90 days, or both such fine and imprisonment.

    Yet this a number of photos taken this past week of the City's Trash hauler throwing cardboard into the trash which clearly is a violation of both the ordinance and the contract with the Hauler

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  • Intersection Of First Ave And Main St coatesville, PA - Coatesville

    on s 1st ave there are signs designating traffic patterns for straight thru and left turn. Drivers in left lane very often do not heed the left turn only and drive straight through the intersection

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  • parking Open
    Colina Lane Coatesville, PA - Coatesville

    the emergency turn around at the end of the road were the mailbox is, is being used for parking and creates a hazard if there was an emergency situation, fire, ambulance..ect. the curb should be painted yellow and a no parking sign for saftey.

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  • Mt. Pleasant Street Coatesville Pennsylvania - Coatesville

    Trash removal and trash dumping!!!
    Reported from my mobile device

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  • 1141 Stirling St. Coatesville, PA - Coatesville

    My car has a couple of big dings that took the paint off also. Found it this morning. I would like to file a report for insurance purposes.
    Thank you.

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