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  • 935 N Elston Ave Chicago, IL 60622 - Chicago Ward 27

    After emerging from beneath the Metra tracks (in either direction) the bike lane shifts left of a parking lane. Automobiles park in the bike lane for hours at a time because it is not clear where the parking officially begins.

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  • 841 West Sunnyside Chicago, Illinois - Chicago Ward 46

    The entire block of 800 to 900 West Sunnyside needs to have the trees trimmed. There are a lot of gang babngers and gang activity on these blocks and at night, due to the low, arching tree branches towering over and into the strees, the gang bangers are able to illegal sell their drugs and engage in illegal activity. Please have someone come out and cut these low tree branches, especially between the 820-850 block of West Sunnyside. Thank you

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  • 1537 W Cortez St Chicago, IL 60642, USA - Chicago Ward 27

    Please replace this faded residential zone 204 parking sign. Many patrons of nearby El Barco restaurant ignore these signs and unfortunately get ticketed. This one might be just too hard to see and is located near Ace Hardware back parking lot and Cortez.

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  • Signs Down Archived
    Montrose And Clarendon Chicago, Illinois - Chicago Ward 46

    Signs down on SW corner: No Turn on Red, Bike Lane, No Parking
    Sign down on NE corner: Bus Stop for Route #78

    Cars are parking right up to hydrant

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  • Gang graffiti Archived
    4414 North Bernard Street Chicago, Illinois - Albany Park

    There are numerous gang graffiti images on the walls of the apartment block facing the parking lot off the alley between Bernard and St. Louis. (This is the rear parking lot of the Cardenas store at Bernard and montrose).

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  • 731 W. 19th Place Chicago, IL - Lower West Side

    Why is the Church pastor allowed to park on the sidewalk? This is a very un-neighborly and unsafe practice. Why won't the police ticket them? Help!

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  • 4630 North Beacon Street Chicago, IL 60640, USA - Chicago Ward 46

    4620 n beacon is constantly ignoring city ordinances and failing to shovel the sidewalk. Of course, the parking lot behind the lot is plowed well. I can't think of a finer reason for more city enforcement for next winter.

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  • 2012 W. Thomas St Chicago, IL - Chicago Ward 32

    The Dept of Water came and opened up the street. Took away a parking spot and have not been heard from since!!! Neighbors help and lets put pressure on them to fix this eyesore and safety hazard/nuisance.

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  • Other Open
    6425-6429 North Talman Avenue Chicago, IL 60645, USA - Chicago Ward 50

    Vehicles parking on sidewalk blocking pedestrians
    Happens frequently

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  • 689-799 Highway 19 Chicago, Illinois - Chicago Ward 46

    There are several "no parking/tow zone" signs posted along Irving Park from Clarendon up to Lake Shore Drive that instruct no parking M-F from 7am-9am. These signs are largely disregarded during these times and there is no enforcement of this, so cars are consistently parking here. Because of this, traffic is backed up for blocks and it is happening nearly EVERY.SINGLE.DAY during these times. This forces heavy two-lane traffic to merge into one lane, just to get around a car that is illegally parked. I would like to see the enforcement of these signs, so that traffic flow improves and there is not such a problem during rush hour traffic. (The picture attached is just one of many)

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  • 5000 Block Of Berenice Chicago, IL - Portage Park

    There are about 3-4 trucks that have been parking on the street for years with out of state plates and no city stickers,Never ticketed.

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  • 1000 Block Of N Honore Chicago, IL - Chicago Ward 1

    I get home from class at 9:30pm and cannot find any parking on my block. I know that there are illegally parked cars on the block. I call 911 for a squad car to come and ticket and if they actually do come I have actually seen them drive up and down the block and not issue any tickets! What is the point of me paying extra for zoned parking if it is not enforced and there is no parking! There are muggings going on in the area and I do not feel comfortable walking several blocks alone to get to my home.

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