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  • 1332-1362 W Chicago Ave Chicago, IL 60642, USA - Chicago Ward 27

    Need some sort of flashing lights on the stop signs at Ada and Chicago Ave. Such lights on the stop signs are being used in many other neighborhoods ... some have just one flashing light on the top of the stop sign and some even have lights all the way around the stop sign. I live and work by this intersection and can see and hear cars slamming on their brakes on a daily basis because the drivers don't notice the stop signs. I've also seen a few close calls with pedestrians as this crossing is located between a school and the park. I'd hate to see someone get hurt before something gets done about it.

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  • 1428 E. 57th Street Chicago/Cook, IL - Hyde Park

    The northwest corner of the intersection of Blackstone Ave. & 57th Street turns into a small lake, about 4 inches deep, whenever it rains or snow melts; then freezes over and creates a slipping hazard; last year at least one broken ankle occurred. The sewer drain does not accept the water and is more than likely broken. The water covers an area 10 feet across and children have to walk in the street to make it to the other side.

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  • 920 W Wilson Chicago, IL - Chicago Ward 46

    Street flooded! We shoveled the snow of the drain yesterday - it still doesn't drain... the same sewer drain that can't handle a lot of rain for years now.

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  • 1359 East 52nd Street Chicago, Illinois - Hyde Park

    I believe this is the worst block in Hyde Park at the moment. Too many potholes to count running the entire block from Dorchester Ave to Kenwood Ave on 52nd St. Please fix as soon as possible.
    Thank you.

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  • 3845 North Broadway Street Chicago, Illinois - Chicago Ward 46

    Temporary Street Plate slams loudly when CTA buses drive over it. The steel plate is set unevenly and the weight of the bus lifts it and slams it against the ground 24 hours a day. Please reset the steel plate or shim it to stop the loud slamming noise.

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  • Montrose And Clarendon Chicago, IL - Chicago Ward 46

    Demolition permits were quietly issued on May 3, 2013, for historically significant Cuneo Hospital complex at Montrose & Clarendon Avenues. This wonderful pair of mid-century buildings is perfectly suited for creative reuse! Sign the petition now!

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  • 3930 N Pine Grove Chicago, Illinois - Chicago Ward 46

    The Sidewalk along the west side of Pine Grove ave as well as the south side of Irving Park road west of Pine Grove is caving in and deteriorating along the property of Lake Park Plaza Condo Association. Water is ponding, covering the side walk sometimes for days after rain. The sidewalk is tilting towards the building so the water can never drain. This causes a sanitation hazard, a trip hazard, and a general safety hazard to pedestrians.

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  • 6047 N. Rockwell St. Chicago, IL - Chicago Ward 50

    Drivers ignore the stop sign on Rockwell @ Glenlake and/or break speed limit at dangerous levels in front of church. Elderly citizens cross the street frequently, many small children live in the block, and I have personally almost been hit twice. Accidents have occurred at this location as a result of speeding. Street is used as a shortcut to get to Peterson.

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  • 5120 S Dorchester Chicago, Cook, IL - Hyde Park

    There are multiple potholes on this street and they are impossible to avoid.

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    State & Marina City Chicago, IL 60654, USA - Chicago Ward 42

    State Street between Kinzie and the river was repaved but the mid block crosswalk between Marina Towers and the former IBM Plaza was never repainted. We've been without a marked crosswalk for more than two months now. The signs are still up but no crosswalk markings.

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  • 3045 W Jarlath Chicago, IL - Chicago Ward 50
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  • 5210 S Dorchester Chicago, Cook, IL - Hyde Park

    Multiple potholes in the street. One large one is around a manhole cover, and this will cause tire damage if it is hit.

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