City Avenue Special Services District PLUS

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City Avenue Special Services District (4th ward) of the 4th council district

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  • 471-555 East City Avenue Philadelphia, Pennsylvania - Bala Cynwyd

    please fix the pot holes on City Ave from getting right off the City ave ramp on up

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  • 195 W City Avenue Philadelphia, PA - Bala Cynwyd

    Our street sign was hit over the weekend - a crew came to replace it and left the old one (15+ feet long) wrapped around our front steps with caution tape, so our steps are not exactly useable right now -- a huge issue for a place of business.

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  • Bala Cynwyd PA, USA - Bala Cynwyd

    dozens and dozens of potholes make this area a true test of one's driving skill. please please fix this part of my daily commute!

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  • traffic jam Acknowledged
    6104-6298 W City Ave Philadelphia, PA 19151, USA - Wynnefield

    City Ave. & Lancaster Rd. traffic goes thru red lights in all directions..only 2 cars can turn at arrows or be smashed by oncoming traffic going through red lights. Travelling North on City Ave. the lights are not timed at Merion or 63rd St. so it's stop and go for the busiest hours.

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  • City Av & Conshohocken State Rd Bala Cynwyd, PA 19004, USA - Bala Cynwyd

    Travelling North in Rte 1. These are very bad, need immediate attention.

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  • City Av & Presidential Blv - Fs Saint Joseph's University, Bala Cynwyd, PA 19131, USA - Bala Cynwyd

    the width of an entire lane

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  • Potholes Archived
    City Av & Presidential Blvd Philadelphia, PA 19131, USA - Bala Cynwyd

    Major potholes on Southbound City Ave

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  • City Avenue (Us 1) Northbound Towards The Bridge Connecting Lincoln Dr. Ridge Ave., and Kelly Drive - Bala Cynwyd
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  • Huge potholes Archived
    Presidential & City Line Av - Fs Philadelphia, PA 19131, USA - Wynnefield

    Multiple large potholes on City Ave north & south-bound lanes on both sides of Presidential Blvd.

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  • Neill Dr Philadelphia, PA - Wynnefield

    The vegetation has over grown, making the road narrow and unsafe for pedestrian and vehicles.

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  • 3901 East City Avenue Philadelphia, PA 19131, USA - Bala Cynwyd

    Consistently cars "blocking the bock" during rush hours causing those trying to turn onto or cross City from the Presidential Ave businesses to miss multiple light cycles.

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  • 2128-2198 N 63rd St Philadelphia, PA 19151, USA - Wynnefield

    Driving west on 63rd there is a T at City Avenue and 2 lanes: one for cars turning left and one for cars turning right. All traffic is forced into the left lane by the existence of a few (legally) parked cars on the right plus any buses stopping at the bus stop at the right corner, and then further jammed by the recently installed No Right Turn on Red sign. Either remove the No Right Turn on Red or get rid of the 3 or 4 parking spaces on the right to improve traffic flow.

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