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  • 300 W. Clay St Richmond, Virginia - Jackson Ward

    Abner Clay Park, a city park with a playground, is located at Clay and Brook Rd, a complex interaction with a Four-Way stop sign. Blooming Child Petite Academy, a daycare facility, is located at 300 W. Clay St. Because of these two facilities, there are often small children near the street, crossing Brook Rd., and playing in the park. Twice last week, I was almost hit with my 20 month old son crossing Clay or Brook by cars driving above the speed limit or driving through one of the stop signs without coming to a complete stop. Please consider adding a "Children Playing" sign to alert drivers to the presence of the city park and daycare center.

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  • 410 Hancock Street Richmond , VA - Carver

    Behind the property there are 4 car size pot holes that are popping tires and bottoming out cars.

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  • I-95 South At Lombardy / Rail Overpass 1/4 mile north of exit 76B - Newtowne West

    Multiple LARGE potholes. Right lane at the south end of the bridge. No room to dodge them. they are on both sides of the lane (ie left and right tires will hit them)

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  • 1320 1/2 W. Clay St. Richmond, VA - Carver

    Grass and weeds over 2 feet tall, trash and furniture all over yard,

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  • 1000 North Lombardy Street Richmond, Virginia - Newtowne West

    One of the city's few bicycle lanes is runs on Lombardy between Brook Road and Broad Street. The section near Maggie Walker Governor's School is covered with sand, dirt, and gravel, most likely due to construction on the I-95 bridge nearby. This amount of debris makes the bicycle lane unsafe to use.

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  • 800 Block Of Kinney Street Richmond, VA - Carver


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  • 1600 Monument Ave Richmond, VA - The Fan

    Good Afternoon,

    There is a large pothole at the entrance to the alleyway behind the Stuart Court apartment building at 1600 Monument Ave. Again, the pot hole is at the entrance to the alleyway. The pothole is large and fills up with water, which will then freeze when it gets cold enough.

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  • 402 Hancock St. Richmond, Virginia - Carver

    This backyard in the alley is being used as a parking lot and it looks like some sort of code violation. Cars coming out of makeshift parking lot knock over trash cans, block other driveways, and hits fences trying to get in and out of parking spaces. Multiple neighbors have contacted the city repeatedly on this issue but never get any follow up. Seems to be ignored.

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  • TRASH Archived
    1634 Mounment Ave RICHMOND, VA - The Fan


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  • 603 N Allen St Richmond, VA - The Fan

    My name is Kurt Engleman, and I live in Unit 16 of The Fan Gallery condominiums at 1657 W. Broad St. The Fan Gallery backs up to an alley between W. Grace St. and W. Broad St. The entrance to the alley off of N. Allen St. is shared with the building at 603 N. Allen St. For some time, we have had an issue with trash receptacles being left in the alley at all times instead of the allowed window of 4:00 pm the day prior to trash collection until 7:00 a.m. the day after collection (per City Ordinance 2007-230-275).

    This weekend, the supercans in the alley have been vandalized, and the alley is littered with trash, posing a hazard to pedestrians, motorists, and public health. For reference, I have attached a photo of the receptacles and litter in the alley as of afternoon of Sunday, July 08, 2012. Presumably, these receptacles belong to the owners/residents of 603 N. Allen St., as the owners/residents of The Fan Gallery use a dumpster that is located in the parking lot adjacent to The Fan Gallery. Note that refuse collection for 603 N. Allen St. is scheduled on Wednesdays, so trash receptacles should only be in the alley from 4:00 pm on Tuesdays until 7:00 am on Thursdays.

    I would kindly request that the City of Richmond take the following actions:
    - Clean up the alley at N. Allen St. between W. Grace St. and W. Broad St
    - Issue a warning to the owners/residents at 603 N. Allen St. for refuse receptacles left in the public right of way outside of specified collection times

    Thank you in advance for your assistance.

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  • 800 Bowe Street Richmond, Virginia - Carver

    3 pairs of sneakers draped over power lines. Symbolizes selling of heroine. Please remove @ intersection w/ West Clay Street and Kroger store 7/14/13AD

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  • Other Archived
    1657 West Broad Street Richmond, VA 23220, USA - The Fan

    Column protecting gas meter behind 1657 W Broad St building in alley has been struck by a car, leaving the gas meter unprotected and creating a dangerous situation.

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