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  • Ridge Cir Canton, GA - Canton

    People speed on this road to cut through this neighborhood. It has caused several accidents including a head on collision. Speed bumps and stop signs will slow them down and may even deter a lot of them from cutting through.

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  • Other Archived
    415 Orchid Lane Canton, Georgia - Canton

    The runoff from the driveway makes the street a mess and it runs into the drain. The sidewalk stops at this point and on the other side of the street. I've twisted my ankle walking over the very uneven terrain when going from sidewalk to sidewalk when walking.
    The pic is from a good day when it's dry, see when it wet out like today

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  • Ridge Circle Canton, GA 30114, USA - Canton

    This street light needs to be replaced. Light keeps going in and out. Never stays on.

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  • 100-120 Diamond Ridge Ave Canton, GA - Canton
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  • Pothole Acknowledged
    213-215 Osmanthus Way Canton, GA 30114, USA - Canton

    Huge pothole! About 20 birds were bathing in it last week.

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  • Other Archived
    850 East Main Street Canton, GA 30114, USA - Canton

    Please ask the person in the large truck and SUV to not park on the sidewalk. Why do the Canton police not ticket people for parking on the sidewalk? City code prohibits it.

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  • Litter Archived
    196 East Main Street Canton, GA 30114, USA - Canton

    Cigarette butts all over the bench areas! I guess the city needs trash cans with ashtrays?

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  • 930 Marietta Hwy Canton, GA - Canton

    Slide is broken, and wooden walkway is missing slats.

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  • Street Sign Acknowledged
    208 Osmanthus Way Canton, GA 30114, USA - Canton

    How would I get a sign that tells people to slow down and remind them that a disabled kid lives on the street?

    My neighbors go 80mph down the street too often.

    I was driving thru Rivergreen and they have a "deaf child" sign.

    My child is autistic and a runner and could get out of the house and jump in front of a car before I can catch him.

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  • Street Light Archived
    Morning Dew Ct Canton, Georgia - Canton

    Street light burnt out

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  • Street Sign Archived
    111 Mountain Vista Boulevard Canton, Georgia - Canton

    A three stop sign was added a few years ago without a study bbeing done. When you enter the subdivision and stop at the ssign you risk being hit from behind because others entering just don't think they should stop. There has always been a stop sign at the cross road as it should be, but putting a stop sign afor those entering and exiting subdiv is just ridiculous, especially when the exit is literally feeet away from the main road.

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  • Woodland Pass Canton, Georgia - Canton

    There are 20 + kids on this street playing on the days they are out of school. If you do not live on this street you will have no idea until you are up on them. We would love to see some kind of sign letting drivers know there are kids here.

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