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Live in Far North Dallas area near the Galleria Mall. I have a great deal of knowledge in the real estate subject, worked in the fraud department of Bank of America for home loans, and have vast knowledge of web-site for researching properties for free, mostly in the Dallas and Forth-Worth area.

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  • Lemmon Ave Dallas, TX - Oak Lawn
    Lemmon from Oak Lawn to Mockingbird is like a dirt road.
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  • 2200 Perryton Dr Dallas 75224 - Southwest Dallas
    Popsicle sales have increased on Perryton Dr. in front of Kiest Park. Problems include: being posted in the street for hours, interrupting the flow of traffic on a very busy street, litter from customers throw their trash on the ground and breaking the city code by entering the park for sales. I have over 30 pictures of infractions.
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  • 10599 U.S. 77 Dallas, TX 75220, USA - Preston Hollow
    Potholes are everywhere along 35 North and 35 South in between the Loop 12 merger and 635. They are very hazardous and there are no safe zones to avoid them.
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  • 821 W Davis St Dallas, TX 75208 - Oak Cliff
    thick paint overspray you can smell and see flowing into residential area behind body shops almost everyday 6-9 pm
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  • 8348 Fair Oaks Xing Dallas, TX 75231 - Northeast Dallas
    This has been reported to city and city should be fixing in 2010-2012; street has dropped b/c of bridge and created massive speed bump where even Dart buses slow down.
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  • 5415 Richard Ave Dallas, TX 75206 - m Streets
    There is a streetlight out on the south side of Richard.
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  • 10629 Rylie Rd Dallas, TX - Southeast Dallas
    the folks living at 10629 rylie road have a front yard that looks like a garbage dump. i find myself constantly picking up their household garbage out of my driveway and front yard. they constantly dump garbage in the ditch in front of their house, on the end beside MY driveway. this garbage washes into MY culvert, plugs it up and causes my garage to flood. these people will sit in their house and watch me stand out in the rain, digging their garbage out of my culvert, and dump more there the next day. there is a large hole in their backyard that appears to collect raw sewage. i've seen young kids use the "restroom' in the yard as if there is no plumbing. these people are a gross nasty health hazard to have for next door neighbors. i'm sick of standing in their sewage to clean their garbage out of my culvert out every time it rains hard.this week i cleaned up about 30 pounds of broken glass that washed up. this is getting bad.
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  • Potholes Archived
    14119 Montfort Dr Dallas, TX 75254, USA - Far North
    An odd newly formed pothole has formed heading Northbound on Montfort Dr with concrete from the hole all over the road.
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  • school zone Archived
    8240 Meadow Rd Dallas, TX 75231, USA - Lake Highlands
    New sidewalk improvements and added trees hide the school zone sign for speed reduction and flashing light causing hazard for school children in this area.
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  • 6867 Gaston Ave Dallas, TX 75214, USA - Northeast Dallas
    The stretch of Gaston between Garland Rd and Cambria (going west) is awful. The right lane has been needing repaving for at least a year. Now there are more potholes and it's in both lanes. Terrible to drive on every day.
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  • 6633-6679 Shady Brook Ln Dallas, TX 75206, USA - Lake Highlands
    There is a deep dip in the road on the south side of Shady Brook and Northwest Hisghway. Cars crossing the intersection going north or turning left onto Northwest Highway don't have that much of a problem, but those crossing south often have to slow considerably to avoid bottoming out. There is no indication that there is such a deep dip, so those unfamilar with the area often make sudden stops to avoid the deep. And for those of us who know it's there, we are in danger or getting rear-ended by drivers unaware that it is not an intersection that can be proceeeded with normal speed.
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  • 5200 Bryan / Munger - Northeast Dallas

    the intersection of 5200 block Bryan Av is a stop sign, that dead ends at its intersection on Munger Av. There is outside construction being preformed on Munger Avenue Methodist Church, and that church's front access area is fenced all around the front and sides with a tall cyclone chain link, The contractor or the church has chosen to hang a banner or sign on the side of the fence on Munger Av, That sign blocks the view a driver sees when stopped at the Bryan and Munger intersection and requires the driver to roll into intersection to improve their line of site, before committing a turn into approaching traffic. The traffic coming from alongside the church is frequently above the speed posted, The resulting situation leaves a very narrow window to avoid a perilous situation as no approaching driver can be aware of limited view when already committed to enter their turn . I have submitted a view of the sign and the aspect view of the driver. I have reported this to 311 to Ruth and requested a e-mail response, That incident # is 601478, that was 4Aug@13:00 and assured a response in 24 hours. There has been no response. The view I have included shows a perspective of a white car stopped at the sign I am speaking of. When that driver looks back left from his current location he must roll into the intersection to get a view not impeded by that sign hanging on the fence. When he is rolled beyond the sign location and is entering the intersection an approaching driver coming at him from behind that sign has a very narrow window to react. Go and watch what I am describing during a rush hour period and you will see what I mean. The real upshot of this situation is the local traffic cops are aware of this and instead of working with drivers to improve the situation, they have chosen to use this intersection to issue a spate of traffic citations at the corner, for exactly what I am describing, rolling beyond a barely visible white line at that stop sign, in order to improve their view prior to committing a entry into oncoming traffic. The solution is to move the sign back down Munger and place a warning of construction in progress, slow traffic down there, Paint the white line at the stop sign. Make the cops part of the solution and not the problem. Good luck with that last one.

    I reported the issue on line to 311, due to a lack of response. I received the following response.

    Thank you for contacting the City of Dallas to report your concern regarding - 5200 BRYAN ST, DALLAS, TX 75206. Your SR # - 10-00676873 has been assigned to the Department of Code Compliance; Service Request Type - Signs - Other - CCS. Your concern will be addressed within 5 days. The estimated completion time for service requests of this nature is 21 days.
    In the event this Service Request should be addressed by another City department, your request will be forwarded to the appropriate office for response. Please note that the response time for your concern may be extended due to the change in the service type.

    Please contact our Quality Assurance Office at 214 670-5708 if there is a problem or concern regarding the system or Code procedures, please contact the 3-1-1 Office if you have any questions regarding your request for service. Please provide them with your Service Request Number.
    So the issue # has changed, and a resolution is ticking to 21 days for Code Compliance to visit the sign -- 28 days after a initial request was made through 311 by phone a online request to 311 documented the issue added another 3 weeks and made a promise to visit. I will keep you posted.

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