West Berkeley

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West Berkeley: the area around University west of San Pablo.

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  • 1018 Bancroft Way Berkeley, CA - Berkeley
    For years, AT&T technicians have been leaving their debris behind at over 20 telecommunications terminals (the green boxes) in Berkeley, littering the public easements and the street gutters leading to the Bay. The Mayor, all City Council Members, the City Manager, and AT&T Corporate officials have been aware of this problem for the last 7 months but have failed in their efforts to stop it. Please join your neighbors by sending a clear signal to city hall that we will not tolerate this continued littering in our city. Please also join us on Facebook and Change.org by searching: STOP ATT LITTER
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  • 702 Addison Street Berkeley, CA 94710, USA - Berkeley
    A nearby construction or utility crew cut and paved over this recently painted sharrow, but neglected to replace it. Please send this crew back to complete the job correctly.
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  • University Av:9th St Berkeley, CA 94710, USA - Berkeley
    The bike lane lines on both sides of 9th St (east and westbound) have been basically worn away all the way from University all the way south to Bancroft. These lines could be re-striped or, better yet, marked with bicycle blvd stencils instead, to match the blocks to the north and south of this stretch.
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  • 800-816 Virginia Street Berkeley, CA 94710, USA - Berkeley

    Shoppers, cars need to be diverted to turn right at sixth when headed east on Virginia. They sometimes are invited to go straight and continue on bike blvd.

    Also, cement trucks and other huge trucks should not be allowed on Fourth with their noise and smoke.

    Thank you!

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  • 1108 Bancroft Way Berkeley, CA 94702, USA - Berkeley
    AT&T debris found in front of this book in the 1100 Block of Bancroft Way, just east of San Pablo. This is in Darryl Moore's District, who is aware that this is an ongoing problem in his district.
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  • 2121-2137 San Pablo Ave Berkeley, CA 94702, USA - Berkeley
    Great deal of graffiti at the post office on San Pablo and Addison. Please forward to code enforcement or graffiti abatement team
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  • San Pablo And University Avenues Berkeley, CA - Berkeley
    Pedestrian Warning Domes missing from NW corner of University and San Pablo Avenues. I work with people that are visually impaired and this blended curb is difficult to impossible to detect using a cane without the domes. People using long white canes can walk out into the intersection without knowing!
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  • 920-998 Allston Way Berkeley, CA 94710, USA - Berkeley
    Here is more debris left by AT&T technicians. This is near Rosa Parks School. Unfortunately, you can only upload one photo, but there was debris on the other side too. Won't take much of a runoff to take this right to the Bay. This is Darryl Moore's District. He is aware this problem exists widespread in his district, but has failed to do anything about it. Is this the example we are setting for impressionable minds when we allow companies to leave their litter near schools, and we then expect our children to pick up after themselves? Call or e-mail Moore and tell him the city needs to take action against AT&T. (510) 981-7120 or dmoore@cityofberkeley.info.
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  • 967-999 Delaware St Berkeley, CA 94710, USA - Berkeley
    Illegal dumping of electronic equipment
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  • 900 Bancroft Way - Berkeley
    Containers filled with brake fluid with no lids dumped on sidewalk. Now with signage on it asking the owner to dispose of it. It's been there for a week now with no movement. Needs to be taken to toxic waste disposal.
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  • Gang tags Archived
    2226 7th Street Berkeley, California - Berkeley
    Big ugly gang tags on the apartment building at 2226 7th St. Also a smaller tag on the side of Rosa Parks School directly across the street from 2210 7th St.
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  • 809 Virginia St Berkeley, California - Berkeley
    Dumped box of trash recently ransacked. Bottles, clothing, papers, cookware.
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