Sub section of West Town along Ashland

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West Town -ish

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  • 1332-1362 W Chicago Ave Chicago, IL 60642, USA - Chicago Ward 27
    Need some sort of flashing lights on the stop signs at Ada and Chicago Ave. Such lights on the stop signs are being used in many other neighborhoods ... some have just one flashing light on the top of the stop sign and some even have lights all the way around the stop sign. I live and work by this intersection and can see and hear cars slamming on their brakes on a daily basis because the drivers don't notice the stop signs. I've also seen a few close calls with pedestrians as this crossing is located between a school and the park. I'd hate to see someone get hurt before something gets done about it.
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  • 935 N Elston Ave Chicago, IL 60622 - Chicago Ward 27
    After emerging from beneath the Metra tracks (in either direction) the bike lane shifts left of a parking lane. Automobiles park in the bike lane for hours at a time because it is not clear where the parking officially begins.
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  • Milwaukee And Wood Chicago, IL - Chicago Ward 1
    This intersection is controlled with light signals and therefore walk signals should be present.
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  • 600 North Leavitt Street Chicago, IL 60612, USA - Chicago Ward 26
    Gang related, please remove immediately. On Ohio St. side of Onward Neighborhood House
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  • 1016 N Paulina Chicago, IL 60622, USA - Chicago Ward 1
    It is very dangerous to cross at Division at Paulina. Despite a crosswalk, cars rarely ever stop for pedestrians. A traffic light would be idea, but a stop sign would work too. There used to be signes indicating it's the law to stop for pedestrians. Anything to remind motorists they should stop would be helfpul, especially during the school year when children are crossing.
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  • Leavvit & Iowa Chicago, IL - Chicago Ward 32
    Northwest corner of Iowa & Leavitt, the streetlight is out and very dark.
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  • Pot hole Archived
    816 N Noble St Chicago, IL - Chicago Ward 27
    Deep pothole in center of street around 816 N Noble
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  • 1340 W Chestnut St Chicago, IL - Chicago Ward 27
    IPM wants to change their already approved plans and now build an additional building across from the Eckhart Park. This will ruin the appeal of the neighborhood, not blend well with the residential area and be an eyesore.
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  • Oakley And Thomas Chicago, IL - Chicago Ward 32
    Street lights are out on Oakley between Cortez and Thomas, very dark.
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  • 1742 W. Potomac Chicago, IL - Chicago Ward 1
    Just wondering if there are any plans to fix Wood Street in between Division and Wicker Park Ave. The street is a disaster - potholes everywhere, bumpy road, etc.
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  • 1361 West Chicago Avenue Chicago, IL 60642, USA - Chicago Ward 27
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  • 920 N Elizabeth Chicago, IL - Chicago Ward 27

    numerous gang tags on the following areas/locations:

    1. garbage bins and dumpsters in alley that runs between Walton and Elizabeth streets (purple heart shapes, rival gangs tagging over each other)... alley runs behind st. Boniface church.

    2. tags on light poles from Augusta to Chicago avenues (noble to highway). in particular, the light pole on Elizabeth st. at alley between Chestnut and Walton

    3. numerous tags on abandoned church (fences, building, scaffolding) at 901 N. Noble (st. Boniface)

    4. gang tag on sidewalk near northeast corner of Eckhart Park (on south side of Chestnut street, across from 1302 W. Chestnut)

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