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  • 5200 New York 28 Mount Tremper, NY 12457, USA - Shandaken
    Hanover farms
    cars pull out into 55 mph traffic. this produce market is illegal , the town and NYSDOT will be partners in the death of an innocent driver.
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  • 2163-2211 Hurley Mountain Rd Kingston, NY 12401, USA - Lomontville
    This little stretch of Hurley Mtn. Rd. has been without high speed internet for years. The cable line ends less than 1/2 mile down the road, and Time Warner wants us to pay $17,000+ to extend it. We're too far away from Verizon's central office to get their DSL service. WE NEED HIGH SPEED INTERNET. It's 2011 and we're still using dialup!!
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  • 1560 Rte 9 Lake Katrine, NY 12449, USA - Lake Katrine
    People are using the shoulder of the road at Adams Fairacre Farm as a turning lane. If one turns from the traffic lane, one risks being hit by a car traveling on the shoulder. This is a dangerous situation. Either mark the shoulder as off limits or put in a right turn lane for the safety of everyone!
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  • 1261 Ulster Ave Kingston, NY 12401, USA - Ulster
    The burlington parking lot with dollar tree and the pizzeria parking lot really needs to be redone with parking curbs and some stop signs and painted lines. So many people almost get hit just trying to walk to one of these stores from their car because the driving traffic is HORRIBLE. No way to direct where to drive and not drive and no crosswalks!!!!
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  • 1919-2099 New York 55 Ellenville, NY 12428, USA - Ulster County
    State Dot needs to repave State route 55 people are getting vehicle damage from how bad the roadway is from Ulster County into Sullivan County.
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  • 601 Frank Sottile Blvd. - Ulster
    Too many selfish and lazy people park in the fire lane in front of the building making it difficult and dangerous to pass by and find a legal parking space. Walmart management doesn't care to do anything about it.
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  • Some Where In Hillside Acres Kingston, NY 12401, USA - Hillside
    Since January a young boy or child has been riding a four wheeled ATV with no license plate around the streets of Hillside Acres. I thought that there was an ordinance or law against this? The boy looks barely old enough to ride a bicycle let alone a motorized one. Where are the parents? Where are the police?
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  • 1004-1028 New York 213 Kingston, NY 12401, USA - Ulster County
    water constantly running over road! Junkyard has trucks parked on both sides of road blocking vision! DANGER DANGER!
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  • 637 Lucas Ave Ext Hurley, NY - Hurley

    The traffic flow in this area on Lucas Avenue Ext around runs at 45 MPH. There is a blind-turn and it's hard to see traffic coming and going.

    Asking for area to be evaluated for safety concerns.

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  • Washington Ave To Traffic Circle chandler drive, etc - Ulster
    the inner circle is to MERGE to the outer cirlce, and then exit. It's okay to go around one more time, instead of cutting people off. Or how about slowing down a little.
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  • 6660 State Highway 52 Ellenville, NY 12428, USA - Ulster County
    The entire length of State route 52 in Ulster County is in very poor shape. Repave before an accident occurs and the state and county get sued for poor road conditions.
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  • 878 Sawkill Rd Kingston, NY 12401, USA - Ulster
    The incessant blaring of horns from the CSX trains going through the Lake Katrine area has gotten out of hand. Our residence is on Hallihan Hill and thus is not really close to the trains at all. We're now forced to sleep with ear plugs whenever the windows are opened. Has anyone approached CSX about installing horn technology that limits the horn sound to the track crossings and not project throughout the surrounding area?
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