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  • 320 Rumsey Rd Yonkers, NY 10705, USA - Yonkers

    The entire road from the traffic light at Spruce and Rumsey all the way to the highway entrance is littered with some significantly large potholes!!! Cars are weaving back and forth to avoid them!

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  • There is garbage dumping happening on/around the empty lot that is for sale, as well as, across the street on a section of property that is owned by Dunkin Donuts but is also partial town property. It is the town property that is shown to have garbage and debris continuously.

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  • 7-15 Old Army Rd Scarsdale, NY 10583, USA - Yonkers

    All along Old Army Road between Ardsley Rd. and Scarsdale Rd. there are terrible potholes along the sides of the road.

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  • 12 Blair St Yonkers, NY 10708, USA - Yonkers

    There is a large pot hole almost directly in front of 12 Blair Street

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  • Cross Westchester Expressway White Plains, New York - NY State Senate District 35

    Traffic along the Cross Westchester/287 has increased to levels whereby the noise is constant 24 hours every day. There are sound barriers in places that affect no houses, but no barrier here where a community has to deal with the trucks and cars. Please help.

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  • Taconic State Pkwy Hawthorne, NY - Hawthorne

    The Saw Mill, Taconic, and Sprain Brook parkways all intersect in Hawthorne. 100,000+ cars pass thru daily. Not enough room to allow for safe merging. Frequent accidents. Riddled with potholes.

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  • 16 Crisfield St to higher numbers Yonkers, NY 10710, USA - Yonkers

    Chrisfield Avenue from Central Park Avenue to Scarsdale Avenue at least 6 pot holes on both sides Chrisfield Avenue.

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  • 65 Fortfield Avenue Yonkers, NY - Yonkers

    From the intersection of Stone Avenue at Fortfield Avenue to the intersection of Gavin Street at Fortfield Avenue, there is a huge speeding problem. There is a downhill stretch and people are driving upwards of 60 mph in this residential area. There is a fire station next door to me and people should be slowing because there are two schools within one block of my house. Please consider either a speed bump on Fortfield Avenue at Farquhar Avenue or put in a stop sign at the intersection of Glenhill Avenue/Dartmouth Avenue at Fortfield Avenue or put a stop sign at the intersection of Gavin at Fortfield. It is for the safety of the elderly neighbors and the kids at the two schools very close by (PS School 5 and the Saunders Trades & Technical High School). Thank you! This is a serious request!

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  • 230-234 Manhattan Ave Hawthorne, NY 10532, USA - Hawthorne

    From Stevens Ave to Frankford. Probably the worst section of road in NYS.

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  • 250-264 Ashford Ave Dobbs Ferry, NY 10522, USA - Dobbs Ferry

    Deep Pothole on major street

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  • Saw mill Archived
    Saw Mill Thornwood, NY - NY State Senate District 35

    Exit ramp in bad condition, also as other reader commented, northbound approach is grooved. You cannot decelerate safely. Not repaired yet

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  • Lawrence Ct White Plains, NY - North Castle

    Power Outage Since Sandy ... young Children and ELDERLY live here HELP!!!

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