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Northern Liberties (NoLibs), Philadelphia, PA 19123

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  • 995 N 2nd St Philadelphia, PA 19123 - Northern Liberties

    The city installed rumble strips along 2nd Street on Tuesday (10/6). It's clear that these were installed in order to slow vehicles within the vicinity of multiple mid-block pedestrian crossings; however, the rumble strips are cut across the full-width of both lanes, are difficult for cyclists to traverse, and are a tire-wedge hazard.

    It seems that the rumble strips could have been just as effective if they were only installed within the center of the road (perhaps extending 5' on each side of the lane line) so that vehicles would still catch the strips with one wheel while allowing cyclists to bypass the rumble strips along the edge of the lane.

    It is worth noting that the ped crossing issue at this location is only partially due to high vehicular speeds; the other issue is the poor sight distances at these crossings. Although painted pedestrian bump-outs are present in some locations, the narrow lanes and existing parking lanes greatly limit the sight distance and pose a safety hazard. In addition to addressing the rumble strip issue, perhaps a REAL look should be taken at addressing the pedestrian crossings... like a visible pedestrian signal... something like the newly approved, pedestrian actuated, Rectangular Rapid Flashing Beacons to grab motorists attention. (FYI, the PennDOT approval number is SPD-001X for those beacons.)

    A photo is included as part of this updated posting.

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  • 600 Block Galloway Street Philadelphia, PA - Northern Liberties
    Galloway is normally a drivable street that is becoming overgrown with weeds and is now barely passable.
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  • 1046 N 6th St Philadelphia, PA 19123 - Northern Liberties
    it's like a reverse speed bump... cars literally screech to a halt for it... deep hole in the middle of 6th st.
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  • 231 Spring Garden St Philadelphia, PA 19123, USA - Northern Liberties
    Dumpster is blocking Bodine Street at Spring Garden Street
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  • 1030 N 2nd St Philadelphia, PA 19123, USA - Northern Liberties
    North 2nd street along the Piazza and liberties walk is treated as a race way. It is very dangerous to cross even at the one cross walk. There is only a caution pedestrian sign which drivers ignore. A speed bump is most needed followed by a stop sign
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  • 953 N 6th St Philadelphia, PA - Northern Liberties

    North side of house and vacant lot has become dump site for construction material, old tires, etc.

    House itself appears to be falling down/dangerous.

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  • trash Archived
    600 N 3rd St Philadelphia, PA 19123, USA - Northern Liberties
    overflowing trash can next to a fire hydrant at 600 N. 3rd. Street. (To clarify: The address on the building is "600", although the actual issue is midway between Green St and Fairmount Ave, on the west side of Third St.)km
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  • graffiti Archived
    600-626 N Galloway St Philadelphia, PA 19123, USA - Northern Liberties
    Graffiti the entire length of north 600 block of Galloway Street, both sides of street, on poles, electric meter, brick, glass and doors.
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  • 331 Green St Philadelphia, PA 19123, USA - Northern Liberties
    Trash man. Left the trash from a broken bag. This is why the city is so dirty .
    Every trash day .
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  • 1124-1130 N Orianna St Philadelphia, PA - Northern Liberties
    Broken Block Windows, Cinderblocked windows, overgrown vegetation, grafiti, and sidewalk completely torn up. Every other property on this block is occupied and maintained.
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  • 1000-1010 North 2nd Street The Piazza at Schmidts, Philadelphia, PA 19123, USA - Northern Liberties
    Crosswalk on 2nd street at Wildey street is very dangerous. Drivers speed never stop or yield. Need physical stop sign and/or yield sign in center of walk like at UPENN.
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  • 800 North 2nd Philadelphia, PA - Northern Liberties
    The sidewalks, alcoves, curbs, sewer inlets, gutters, and empty lots on the west side of 2nd Street in Northern Liberties are choked with trash and litter. A disgrace to a neighborhood that is supposed to be so upscale.
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