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  • Ryan Road Manalapan/Marlboro, NJ 07726, USA - Monmouth County

    I want Malanapan Police to stop harassing drivers and issuing speeding tickets on Ryan Road. This road has a speed limit 35 mph within boundroes of Marlboro Township, but speed drops to 25 mph immediately after crossing boundry of Manalapan Township. It is the same road and the same area, so why is it ok to drive 35 mph in Marlboro and not ok in Manalapan.
    Does it mean that Manalapan need more money? Well, find another source of income.

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  • Between Pond Road And Robertsville Rd Freehold - Monmouth County

    Algae fouls the lake. No boating, no fishing and it is getting worse each year. The lake will become a swamp.

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  • Rt 79 And Ryan Rd - Monmouth County

    Coming out of Inverness Dr onto Rt 79 is like playing russian roulette.

    The ongoing traffic from Ryan Rd never stops! We need the lights changed so that it goes green for Ryan Rd, and then turns Red completely.

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  • Ramp From Wemrock Rd To Rt 33 W Freehold, NJ 07728, USA - West Freehold

    The ramp and that portion of Rt 33 West has needed serious repair for over a YEAR. The road is so damaged with potholes that it can destroy your tires and wheel alignment. It happened to me.

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  • 66 Bowne Ave Freehold, NJ 07728, USA - Freehold

    The entire street is in bad need of repaving.

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  • 198 Monmouth Rd NJ 07728 - Monmouth County

    E.M. Klein on September 19th, 2009:

    There needs to be a traffic light at Gravel Hill. There have been so many accidents between Gravel Hill and Thompson Grove on 537. The county is aware of the problem. The towns…both Manalapan and Freehold are aware of the dangerous intersection. They promised the residents a light over five years ago at meetings when new developments in that area were going up. How many accidents have to happen before a light is put up?

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  • 183-209 New Jersey 33 Freehold, NJ 07728, USA - Monmouth County

    Pavement on the 33 West bypass, as one enters it, from the loop off Wemrock road, is in need of repaving. The road surface is broken.

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  • Intersection Of Conover And Elm Freehold, NJ - Freehold

    A group of four teenage males decided to throw snowballs at cars going down Conover street on December 30th. I understand that the police need to attend to emergencies, but where are the routine patrols? The snow was still an intense mess for the residents even 3 days after it stopped, and yet kids are "so bored" they have to create unsafe conditions for the already haggard people trying to just get around town? PLEASE PATROL THE STREETS!

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  • 67 South Street - Freehold

    Mostly males (primarily hispanic) standing around on Corner of 67 South Street and Marcy Street for hours until they realize that someone is noticing that may call the police department. After they notice they have been noticed they duck into the stores at 67 South really fast like they are shopping or just looking around but you see them looking back and all around all nervous and panicy. Important note: there is a tiny alley way between the cleaners and the grocery store where there is a bathroom for the store rentals at 67 South that they duck into and hide too. The grocery store and money gram people tell people to go in there to hide from police and anyone they don't want to tangle with I'm told by many reliable sources of mine. Most of the time that this happens a hispanic male on a bicycle comes from McLean Street to Marcy Street and always seems to have a black bag in his hand. The male on the bicycle waits to see what the males on the corner do and if they duck in the store or look like they think they have been "made" he lingers awhile before he crosses. Strange hispanic males circling around up and down Marcy on foot or bicycle looking at the store window of the Mexican takeout food restaurant on the corner of McLean and South or just standing around staring at the store windows at the takeout place on McLean for 1/2 hour or so without moving in front of 9 Marcy until they think someone realizes and may call the police department. The strong smell of marijuana coming out of the bottom back apartment and the upper rear corner apartment of 67 South when the windows are open or the door is left wide open at odd times and on weekends when certain males and certain vehicles are parked in that lot or on Marcy Street nearby. People trying to sell obviously "hot" items as soon as they turn onto to Marcy Street. Vehicles driving by and slowing up past certain homes when certain suspicious males are on the corners of these streets mentioned. Young hispanic males hanging out in that Mexican takeout on McLean ALWAYS wearing BLACK & WHITE MARBLE watching people's comings and goings on Marcy Street starting 7-8 am on the weekdays and meeting up since the place opened. Doesn't even seem like they have to buy anything to stand around and gawk out the windows for awhile which unnerves a lot of people...mostly females. On a nice night we can be on our porch and suddenly look up with a dozen of them just standing around watching us and they just disappear as soon as we go in and company leaves for the night. They seem to stake out who they are most concerned about and meet up after you leave off the block away from your house. They almost crap themselves if you come back sooner than they thought you would and you find them by your house. Several people that work at Bailey's Square Janitorial on Marcy Street are nervous about police officers driving by when they are walking on street and flag people down to pick them up and hop in all strange and what not too. Makes me wonder if they do any background checks on their staff. I'm thinking no by some of the riff-raff I've seen the family/owners speaking with on occassion.

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  • 2 Gravel Hill Rd Englishtown, NJ 07726, USA - Monmouth County

    there are currently stop signs on the Gravel Hill sides to cross Rt 537. People don't stop or they try to cross 537 when cars are going very fast. Accidents are happening with alarming frequency.

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  • Potholes galore! Acknowledged
    Stokes St And Bowne Ave Freehold, NJ 07728 - Freehold

    The intersection of Stokes St and Bowne Ave had potholes that will eat your car if you aren't careful. All of Bowne Ave is horrid but it gets a lot worse right in the intersection. There are entire chunks of the road completely missing!

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  • 100 Barkalow Ave Freehold, NJ 07728, USA - Freehold
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