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  • Vallejo St. And Fillmore St. - Pacific Heights

    The owners of the house on the NW corner of Vallejo and Fillmore streets removed and discarded the street sign when they repaved the sidewalk

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  • California East Of Polk San Francisco, CA 94109, USA - Western Addition

    The Friendly Parking lot puts their sign out in the traffic lane, not the parking lane but the actual traffic lane. This means when I pass it on my bike I have to go out further into traffic. I want to know if it's legal for a business to put their sign out in the traffic lane. If not, how can I get them cited?

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  • Van Ness Ave San Francisco, CA - Western Addition

    When driving in either direction on Van Ness between Lombard and the Freeway ramp, one cannot help it notice that the traffic lights are really poorly coordinated.

    This leads to massive delays and inefficiencies. If you're driving at speed limit you should never have to stop once you entered Van Ness.

    Instead, there is a penalty for driving at speed limit. One actually needs to speed to make better use of green lights.

    For the sake of everyone's time AND the environment, the lights need to be coordinated to be green all the way through if you're driving at speed limit.

    This is the REAL VAN NESS AVENUE GREENING initiative.

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  • 3098 California Street San Francisco, CA 94115, USA - Pacific Heights

    Stewart's mini market on corner of sutter & broderick. they seem to have a uhaul business in a residential area. Picture is of uhaul sign on business (right) & 2 parked uhaul trucks (left). There was a 3rd earlier. Theres almost always uhauls parked at any guven time. Not sure if this is legal since its residential. I work from home & parking is a premium & I pay $100/yr for a permit. If this is illegal, please address with the owners. Parking is bad enough!

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  • Drumm St. Btwn Washington St. & Jackson St. San Francisco, CA - Pacific Heights

    This is the street between the entrance to the Golden Gateway Tennis & Swim club tennis side of the gym & work-out side of the gym. There is no crosswalk, it is extremely dangerous! People walking across all the time.

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  • 1675-1681 Union Street San Francisco, CA 94123, USA - Marina

    Light the street is dark

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  • 2400-2500 Calfornia Sree San Francisco, CA 94115, USA - Pacific Heights

    drivers so occupied they do not see pedestrians. this week i got almost run down by two drivers. one at steiner and california who was so busy leaving the shell station thru the steiner exit and wanting to get onto california that he did not see me although i had the light to cross. he never saw me and he had a child in the car! What a wondrful role model!! Then as I got to scott and caifornia although I had the light, a young woman in a car waiting for the light to change started her car while i was walking in front of it within the law. she did acknowlege her error. Almost run down twice in a two block area. I am most tentaive when I am crossing streets.

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  • 1910 Scott St San Francisco, CA 94115 - Western Addition

    There is a pothole in the middle lane of Pine Street 1/2 block east of Presidio Street. Everytime our car drives over it the rims get bent.

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  • Tree Maintenance Acknowledged
    1966-1998 Pacific Avenue San Francisco, CA 94109, USA - Pacific Heights

    Can't see the stop sign within 50 ft of corner

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  • 13th Street Harrison to Van Ness, San Francisco, California - Pacific Heights

    There are permanent vagrant camps underneath the bridge running from 11th street all the way up to Van Ness.
    Please clear them out. Sidewalks are impassable and threatening to walk.

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  • Graffiti Archived
    Union St & Van Ness Ave San Francisco, CA 94123, USA - Marina

    Not graffiti but this might need to be checked for safety reasons. Crack on traffic light pole on van ness and southwest corner of union street.

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  • 1701-1715 Union St San Francisco, CA 94123, USA - Marina

    Need to realign stoplight so westbound pedestrians and vehicles crossing Union at Gough can see light changes.

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