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Snow melted a month later. No snow removal of the issue was done.

I vote to give her a big ticket and a tow.


This section of Winthrop,(both lanes), has been deteriorating for several years. Its really gotten worse this year. You have to drive in the other lane to avoid the holes. Should be scheduled for a complete redo ASAP but in the meantime can we get COLDPATCH.

The pictures are great. This really is a bad stretch to drive through. If you don't the holes are so deep you are going to have damage to your tires or car.


some of the pothole are at least 3'wide and deep. How does anyone drive down this street at night without breaking an axle?

I reported this previously last year and in the fall of this year as well.Nothing was done.

Issue Closed


The plants are dying back now so is not an issue at this time. This happens during the growing season May through October.

QOL issue. Small crimes lead to bigger disregard for the laws. This is not the place to be riding quads especially with a child and no helmets.

Maybe the light can be programmed to be longer at school times.

Issue Closed

Government moves slowly.

Garbage was taken away from yard ,(much appreciated),but now there is a black trash bag sitting on the median. This house is unoccupied. There should be no garbage. A recurring problem with this property. Fence gates have been closed by area residents and are then found to be opened again. Weekly neighborhood clean up picks up litter in front of house.


Great thanks.


Seems like this is getting to be more and more of a problem throughout the city. Maybe time to rethink the bulk trash system. Other towns have bulk pickup two times a year. It seems to work for them.

This is so dangerous to the cyclist. The law is ride with traffic not against it. Its safer for the cyclist and for drivers to avoid hitting them.


Sight lines on Winthrop are obscured in both directions so cars must creep up to see oncoming traffic on Edgewood. Really don't think a 3 way stop sign would be the best solution.It would create a lot of confusion. A light would just cause a lot of backups and would not really work well with the one way configurations of Edgewood Ave. People need to be alert and pay attention to the crossing traffic.


This was taken care of withing 2 days of reporting. Thank you.

Thanks for fixing this issue!

Issue Closed

It is no longer dark in the morning but animals are still present. Just be alert and slow down.

There was actually an accident at this intersection this morning at 6:45 or so. Air bags deployed on one of the cars and an ambulance also was there.