This is an extremely busy intersection. Traffic moves at a very high rate of speed. Drivers run the light here all the time.It would be great to have a crosswalk light here to ease crossing into the park.

Banks need to be better at taking care of these issues when they take over a property!

The dumpster should be larger. The situation seems a bit better but it still is overflowing on and off during the week.


I don't think the people who do this will get why they are being taxed on their fast food. It might help pay for cleaning up after them.

This is a beautiful piece of architecture. Go look at it. The way the light plays on it. The river in the background. It does not need art to make it beautiful. It is art. The wall at State St. is flat and nondescript. I like the wall there. It is approved. Not here. People do not have permission to paint city property. The same goes for the skate park bldg. It costs taxpayers a lot of money to keep removing graffiti. How about letting people paint the skate park constructions or incorporate a wall on the skate park side to include a graffiti wall. Oh but the thrill of capture is missing.

Still the same. Has the Det of Transportation looked at this area?


No reason for this. Either get a bigger dumpster or have it emptied more often. This attracts rodents and other scavengers.

Occassional grass cutting but no physical changes or tenants as of today.

Thank you the skunk was gone when I returned home.


You could ask them to turn it down. If they don't, there is an ordinance against noise in New Haven. Call the police.It is a quality of life issue.

Sorry to hear this. There are a lot of ignorant people who think nothing of throwing their trash on the side of the road. It is unfortunate that it becomes the home owner's problem to dispose of other people's bulk trash. We West " Riverites"really care how the neighborhood looks and are disheartened by the people in the neighborhood or their visitors who don't care about our environment. We have witnessed people just open their car doors and dump their food garbage in the street and a few people who live in the neighborhood let their garbage blow up and down the street because they do not properly seal it. They also put their cans out and leave them out for too many days so it sometimes dumps. They also don't pick it up if it dumps and put garbage in the blue can instead of the brown one so it does not get picked up. Littering is a crime against the quality of life.


You have to call Public Works and get the bin no. Then you have to file a police report. Then you have to call Public Works back with the police report no.

People also turn right on red onto Whalleynear here from Blake St. There is a no turn on red sign.

Yes the alderperson has been contacted and she is speaking to LCI today.Maybe then the owner will be located,(bank).

This property is continuing to depreciate. The garage door is now open. Litter is a continuing problem.It is dark at night and has a long driveway which could invite criminal activity. Snow is not shoveled.
There are only eight homes and an apt bldg. on our block. This house continues to devalue our area.


This is actually between 265-267 the limb is dangling between the street tree and the houses. It is tangled in the phone and or cable wires.

There is another camper's tent set up which is visible from the bridge on Edgewood Ave,There are very important reasons why there is no camping in the park. The river floods in the areas that people are setting up tents.Bathroom facilities are not in these areas. Damage to wetlands,garbage and a forest fire are all possible scenarios.

House is still in same if not worse condition and as of 9/16/12 it is empty.

This is one of the unknown treasures of the New Haven Park system. Set between three very busy streets.It is a little oasis where you can enjoy the flowers and trees that the Monitor Square Greenspace group and URI have nurtured.
The work is not over. There are plans for adding an entrance, and adding electricity to the park for lighting the eagle monument as well as the continued upkeep of the trees and flowerbeds.

The weeds have been taken care of and drivers are able to see down the street.