There is another camper's tent set up which is visible from the bridge on Edgewood Ave,There are very important reasons why there is no camping in the park. The river floods in the areas that people are setting up tents.Bathroom facilities are not in these areas. Damage to wetlands,garbage and a forest fire are all possible scenarios.

House is still in same if not worse condition and as of 9/16/12 it is empty.

This is one of the unknown treasures of the New Haven Park system. Set between three very busy streets.It is a little oasis where you can enjoy the flowers and trees that the Monitor Square Greenspace group and URI have nurtured.
The work is not over. There are plans for adding an entrance, and adding electricity to the park for lighting the eagle monument as well as the continued upkeep of the trees and flowerbeds.

The weeds have been taken care of and drivers are able to see down the street.


A real hazard. It keeps sinking. It is in front of 229-231 Winthrop.


You can contact Urban Resources Initiative at Yale School of Forestry. If you and your neighbors are willing to plant and water a tree they will help you with a tree,tools,compost,mulch. The requirements are different for street trees now. You may not be able to plant an oak because of power lines above it but there are other beautiful trees to choose.

The house is still in a sad state of disrepair.


It will help to keep the ticks from jumping on your legs as you and or dogs brush by.


This is true throughout the city.We have a beautiful city but there is a lot of litter and more and more roadside dumping of bulk trash. It does not make sense to take away the trash cans so people throw trash down on the streets and in the bushes at the park.


Safety issues are a priority. We don't need anymore lawsuits in New Haven from people driving into the river like they did years ago at the Chapel St. bridge barrier.

LCI is wrong.All residents of Ct. are supposed to recycle. this is stated on the materials that come with the brown toter. Section 30 3/4 of local ordinances-!3. Recycling p 1 this is under enforcement in the city of new haven codes of ordinances.

This issue is still open. Litter is everywhere around this home and the garbage cans are left out all the time.Nothing has been done to address the physical problems with this house.

Issue Closed

I think the residents are trying to keep it clean but they also leave their garbage cans out for long periods of time. I will close this issue for the time being.


Spring is not even here yet. this needs to be addressed before it gets out of hand. A Green dirt bike just went by on George st. about an hour ago.


This gate appears to be always chained shut. How can it be public access if you cannot access the area at any time?


The mutt mitts are empty at Edgewood park, East Rock , Monitor square. Lighthouse was empty 2 weeks ago when I was there. The only place that is usually filled, in my experience), is Edgerton Park.I usually bring my own bags. It is the only way to be sure you have something to pick up after the dog.

Nothing has changed.


The initial trash has been picked up. This is a continuing problem that has to be dealt with weekly. Trash was also put out in big black garbage bags on trash night. It was not picked up by Public works since it was not in a toter. It is still sitting there on the street as of 02/10/12.

Issue Closed

TV taken away by PW dept.

Dangerous chimney, roof and gutter.