STORM 101 - I come from the state of Maine - snow is our business. If we implemented what Portland Maine does during storms we wouldnt have nearly the same issues we deal with here. DURING a storm we park on the odd numbered side of the street, in school/church/state run parking lots with free shuttles as long as possilble - shuttles bring us back from 5 o 7am because we are to be out of the lots by 7am. The FOLLOWING day of the storm, we park on the even side of the street. They have closed down one city run lot and had truck dump snow in that lot closing it off to any vehicle use until it melts away. WHY DONT WE DO THIS HERE?!?!!?!?!? Ive been trying to get this state to listen to this for years and no one does.


I believe school is closed tomorrow anyway - many kids wont show anyway because of the storm.

Deers can be hit for any reason and nothing to do with speeding. Deer can bolt across the street completely nonvisible - their coat colors in headlights and eyes are the only clues when its dark. Ive had two charge at me as I was passing them, they just missed my car. I never saw them except their coats approaching me under a street light. I sped up to miss them and was fortunate. It doesnt help that humans are encroaching more and more into wildlife, thus forcing them to be spread in urban areas. Street lights makes ALL the difference!

Absolutely! Freedom of Speech - but what about "Picking your battles" too?

Its complaints like these that ABUSE this website and its true purpose. The noise ordinance law is nothing before 8am. So unless you plan on changing the law, you could have CALLED the school and discussed it. Gee, theres a thought! Get active, do something about it instead of just ranting about it on and wasting peoples time. The world doesnt stop functioning because you want to sleep in. Sorry, not the real world. Find your own solutions to the noise - like ear plugs.

The people that get email alerts to fix such complaints get notified of every single comment and complaint posted. They (public officials and city employees) have enough on their plate and these complaints are going to A) add more time to their day sifting through all the crap to get to the real problems or B) get equally frustrated with these silly posts and start tuning us all out. So lets get some common sense and put the SCF system into real work with real problems and stop using it to vent over such silly nonsense.


This is a problem every year around Christmas for sure. They follow the trucks, wait for drop offs and then grab. Do what I did, put up a sign on the inside of your door visible from the outside rejecting ALL packages from being dropped off and that you will pick it up the following day at the UPS station. Its a pain in the butt but ensures you get your stuff. Alternatively, you can have things shipped to your job if acceptable.

OMG people! The incesssant complaints appearing on SCF is getting ridiculous! Heres a thought - if it bothers you, dont live near it and/or go to the school and discuss it with them. Complaints like these are turning SCF into a rant and rave place for all peoples annoyances. Doing so will end up getting REAL issues ignored by those that have the power to fix it. Please! Get off your butt and do something about it if it bothers you. SCF is not put into action for every little thing that bothers a person. As with 911 - think before you act.


I COMPLETELY agree! Kids cant hold it like adults can.

P.S. When I am a pedestrian, I abide by those laws and rules too. I do not cross the street, even if empty, until the light tells me to; I proceed in a fashionable manner, not slugging along like a freaking turtle; I constantly look for traffic to protect myself from being hit should someone not see me or ignore the laws - in other words, I follow through with what I was taught as a child by my mother and school. I don't make my own rules like much of the public does around here.

Aside from crosswalks with no lights (if there are no pedestrian lights then yes, they have the right of way) - The real problem is the pedestrians. We need to see Jaywalking tickets given out. This is a HUGE problem around here, especially at Yale. Pedestrians feel they dont have to abide by the lights or share the road with cars. Sorry, I feel NO pity for much of the area. I drive down here daily and its obscene how the footers treat the roads.

Issue Closed

No details, no idea what its all about, no way to possibly approach a solution if we dont know the problem.

I suggest you get a thicker skin. People like this will ALWAYS be around your entire life. I have experienced this kind of behavior on a daily basis - I ignore them. End of story. Men showing off for the other males has been going on since the beginning of time. It will never change. I am down there every single day, sometimes several times a day, and its not that horrible as you make it sound. Its the green, its down town and at a major bus station. What a waste of a post. Lets put SCF back to real work. Complaints like these are going to cause real problems to be ignored.


As stated, yes, the cleanliness is definitely something to be addressed. I DONT disagree.

As far as the cars, sorry, thats their right and should be no business of yours unless the repairs are late in the evening and causing a lot of racket. Next we are going to start deciding what color houses people can choose from.


Call the police and have them towed.

Yerup - sounds about right. A problem all over New Haven! Get in line! :/

This has been happening all over New Haven - new speed bumps without also being painted. I guess its 2 different departments. You'd think they would have someone follow behind and paint them. Some areas have signs but the signs are too far over to the right to even notice. These bumps are invisible and are going to end up costing the city more money by lost lawsuits for car repairs. :/

:::Knocks on screen:::: You know that a storm just rolled through, right? Drive around the city and you will see lots of clean up work going on.

Walt - do what everyone else does - go to yahoo or gmail and make up a junk email to use. This way you can get your vote in, protect your main email address and know that anything that goes to the junk account is deletable and not have to sift through the BS.

While I think the suggestions are lovely, the plain truth is it wont matter. People around here do not CARE about the laws and whats posted. These suggestions are just going to cost the city more money. What NEEDS to be done is cops ticketing people for infractions. People dont care because they know they will get away with it....they feel they dont HAVE to obey the law. Start getting cops to ticket and the problems will be better solved over signage solutions.

David - you aren't getting it. The point that *I* am trying to make is that A) you falsely represented what this post was about by your title - which to many would read as a auto driver when in fact you were talking about peddle bikes B) that you are making this thing completely petty, which forces others to then "not care" about real valid concerns when they arise C) keep bringing up this statute thing just to support your petty argument in the first place and D) I have always remained that what the cop did after-the-fact was definitely wrong. Should he have approached you differently? Absolutely, but that is not your main argument and only presents itself at the end of your complaining over something so petty further making "B)" even more of an issue. Stop being petty and lets get on with real problems - yes, like the cop that committed illegal acts.

I agree what the cop did after-the-fact was horrible and really should have been the only thing addressed here. I feel you are being really petty. Most peoples knowledge is that you walk a bike through intersections within pedestrian zones. Its something that has been inbred in us since we were kids learning how to ride a bike. But, this wasnt posted about the aftermath of cops behavior - your title of the situation is all most are going to see which has a hidden agenda IMO. How about not abusing this system put into place and be honest, up front and address REAL problems. I think the cop did a great thing addressing the issue about you and your friends - its a start for sure. But again, his aftermath was absolutely horrible and yet another setback to what we want to see happening.