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These sound like a few different requests. Could you report them
Individually so they can be addressed one by one?

The Mayor is making an announcement at 1:30 today about the future of the trail. Come out and show support at John Murphy Drive behind 470 James Street at the the trail head.

Facebook group here:

Thanks for posting this. I meant to the other day as well.
Thanks for the quick response. Will there be a permanent fix?
Thanks for fixing this issue!
Thank you for posting this. Did you call NHPD?
This is a city pole
I should add the caveat that I am a guy and I know street harassment occurs much more often for females. Sorry again to hear.

Sorry to hear you felt uncomfortable.

Couple thoughts here:
1) Not all folks on the street are homeless
2) I'm surprised to hear about the harassment as I always feel safe walking in this area.

Issue Closed
They live there. All good :)
The distance to that fountain feels pretty far when you need to stop every 10 minutes in the heat for water. If it's possible to do something by the skatepark it would be great. Or we could get concrete instead of an asphalt surface and we'd all expend less energy :)
Wow! Ribbon cutting at District? Had no idea they were that far along. So cool.
Will do. Also have a pet peave for these businesses.

I was also blocked on my comment over the weekend if it makes you feel better. Seems like the system was hyperactive.

If cities were to pay more money for the service it might be possible to staff 24/7. Something to consider.

Our line of first defense for moderations is automated. Sometimes the algorithm is overzealous and moderates your machine for something it things is abusive or a bot which happens to be neither. Support will immoderate your comments on Monday during office hours.
Well thanks for thinking of us regardless!
Right where I left it yesterday :) go Westville.
On the inside there is a folder that says, 'Adonis'