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On the inside there is a folder that says, 'Adonis'
Interestingly a friend recently pointed out to me that the dirt bike culture has united kids across neighborhoods where they were previously divided. He and others attribute dirt bike riding to drops in cross neighborhood violence. It's worth some thought. Maybe a dirtbike park up on rte 80?
Is this a residential property and is this the alarm in an individual unit?
I agree but these seem like temporary solutions that parks put out that are better than nothing.
City came up with a solution
Agreed Maria.
Thank You
Thanks for fixing this issue!
Did you all have them fix the app?
I googled your name and landed on NyTimes article Robert. You were quoted in the article as saying, "They serve more as an outpost."
I totally understand the sentiment of building military like outposts insulated by community activities in the early 90's on Kensington Street. I just wonder as I walk the neighborhood everyday if that structure is still relevant beyond the rein of the Latin Kings.

Hi Robert,
That is the front if you are walking West on Edgewood. In no way did I mean to offend your talents.

There are different definitions of success and different ways of achieving success. I'd be curious what you were optimizing for with the design. What were the goals at the time? Do you feel that if it was designed today there might be different goals?

Thanks for engaging.


This is closed. You can change the status to closed.
The new bike way sign looks great too.
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Fixed. Thanks.

I still think it is my responsibility to bring change but just wanted to let you know there is a problem with the app. I don't plan on contesting the ticket but I would love to see the app fixed so I can use it again.


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As the person that originally requested that the fence be unchained and the park be opened to dogs I would totally support a bigger park down the street. Now that this area is activated with the new development it probably makes more sense to try this out as a pedestrian park again.
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This was removed!

The City has received a grant from the State to start a trail here!!

Additionally the District development at James street now includes a plan for a canoe launch and trail!