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about 8 hours ago
If it's not aggressive panhandling it seems like a good place for it. There's people in need and people with money.
Thanks for taking the time to document this here Nilda.
Snow is gone. Sorry that it sounds like no one was able to help.
The need to be bolted in not removed. They make a huge difference for pedestrians.
Love that Brian,
It's like a detective squad for NHV history. I have a thought as to some folks who might be up for it.
Abbot, the Edgewood skatepark I s used heavily even though it's falling into severe disrepair. This Park would attract people from the region as it's under the highway and would provide value beyond just the value that is created for the skateboarders.
Thanks! Maybe Mass DOT could use SCF too?
The kids would not be in the road Jim.
Doug, would it make more sense to work with DOT now while the machines are there?
Censored by the community Paul. Yes. Your comment was not constructive. See our terms of use for clarity.
Can NHPD send a vehicle?
I like this idea. Chess boards would be awesome too.
I'm with XYZ. Not sure this is an issue for SCF.
These sound like a few different requests. Could you report them
Individually so they can be addressed one by one?

The Mayor is making an announcement at 1:30 today about the future of the trail. Come out and show support at John Murphy Drive behind 470 James Street at the the trail head.

Facebook group here:

Thanks for posting this. I meant to the other day as well.
Thanks for the quick response. Will there be a permanent fix?
Thanks for fixing this issue!
Thank you for posting this. Did you call NHPD?
This is a city pole