Thought I'd throw up a photo of some of the City Leaders who came out this week to help out and take up the charge with us!

The City Engineer and Head of Traffic and Parking came out today to walk the trail. They were both very enthusiastic about the progress.

We discussed new infrastructure that would be needed such as trail gates and improved tidal gate railings. JR, Paul and a new trail-goer Eliza also came out and picked up garbage.

Thanks to all. Its looking better everyday!



I lived on State Street before the bikes. I have lived in many neighborhoods of this city. I have been to many parts of many cities. The noise that comes from these bikes is similar to the noise that comes from biker bars in the burbs not what I have seen in any other city or any other part of New Haven.

And this is not a race thing. Everyone deserves a stress free quality of life.

What kind of person tries to argue on behalf of socially destructive behavior for its own sake anyways?
Are you all for real or just trolling?


You have an unreal view of the way the present reality works in cities. The suburbs are the place you go to be noisy and live without regard for others. Cities are places where you go to coexist with other humans and be respectful of one another.

The loud bikes belong on back country roads along with all of the people who believe that their noise is the most important thing around.

Thanks to Katie for round two trailblazing! Paul, we will definitely let you know. we will mount a sign at Hymphrey Street as well so folks can go start checking it out on there own also.

Success!! We cleared a single path all the way to Lombard/Humphrey today. Pamela Soto and Robert Orr also joined for a walk to learn more about the trail and how they can help.

Tomorrow at 2:00 PM we will clear some more of the trail along the old CT Transit property. Meet us at the Ralph Walker rink. Bring clippers, machete, bear saw or other clearing tools. We don't need a ton of hands but could use a few.

You can message me at 203.415.6878 if you need to find us and you come late.

A few of us went out and cleared some brush along the public rite of way between State and James yesterday.

Here's a photo of one of the temporary trail markers we placed along the route.

Here's one of the excellent photos taken by Ian Christman of the trail area by State Street. We had a great meeting last night with East Rock Management team. If you would like us to come and speak to your group please let us know!

That's neat. Not going to lie...makes me miss East Rock a bit.

Is this the book shelf that was in the advocate boxes?


Is there a plan for repaving Willow?

A quick update that the City Engineer has created a first drawing of the route along the bus property. Progress!

We will be presenting our progress on the trail to date and gathering support at 7:00 am at the East Rock Management team meeting tonight at East Rock Magnet school. We'll also be posting some photos taken by Ian Christman of the proposed route and the trail coming soon.

Yup. Check the confirmation email you got and click the edit link.

Looks like pin was dropped in wrong location.

This is a Shakey hyperlapse of the trail area that we are proposing as the first stage. The video starts below Humphrey Street and ends at State Street. A much better video of the River is coming soon.

Should have said, 'without the tidal gate the trail would not be possible.'

I think that JR can explain the ecological value of the tidal gate but the plan is to use it as a river crossing on the trail. With that bridge the trail would like not be possible anyways.

Thank You

Thanks for fixing this issue!