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No one pays the parking meter. 10 bikes which have zero impact on the roads take one person's parking place.

Thanks for reporting Visual and thanks for being a downtown business that supports bikes.

The good news is that it HAS changed dramatically in the last twelve years!
We're now one of the higher non car commuting small cities in the Country and bicycles and pedestrians are prolific.
Amongst my co-workers roughly 70% of them do not take a car to work.

I think there's a way to solve for both. It is increasingly likely that automated vehicles will transport and drop off non public transit commuting people in the next decade leading to reduced need for parking and road capacity. It may seem like far away but we can start planning for this future as a city and be ahead of the curve when we get there.

Do I sound like a crazy person?

Chapel and Crown rather?

Love this. Would it make more sense to close Temple? Neither have businesses on them though I guess Temple has churches and college has Yale as apropo for their names.

Or are you suggesting a closure of college between Church and Crown?

It's gone! Thanks
Comments can be blocked by anyone. To be removed they have to be taken down by SCF. Can you shoot me a link to the issue:

Must be roadkill Season. There is a dead possum in the middle of the street on Alden as well.

What is the city's policy for roadkill removal? Can a neighbor throw the animal in the garbage?

I'm not clear on disposal.

Thanks Rose. Wearing the WrenchHeart on my sleeve a bit I guess. I appreciate the dialog and keeping the issue open. I have tremendous concerns about the nature of Nextdoor as well and have spoken openly about it for years. I have read all three of the above articles and more on alogorithmic racism and have serious concerns for how a neighborhood Internet is run.

I am not sure where the racism piece came into play on this particular issue. I might have missed something and am very open to revisiting SCF policies if we are overlooking policies that might segregate people. I see loud motorcycles in residential neighborhoods as furthering segregation as they provoke people with means to leave and people without to have to stay behind.

Thanks again for the thoughtful dialog.



The motorcycle that I posted originally on here was driven by a man from Northford CT who came into our neighborhood to drink at a bar and drive his loud motorcycle through our neighborhood late at night waking children whose parents could not afford to live anywhere but near a busy street. I do not hate him. I wanted him to stop doing that so that we could sleep peacefully.

I can tell you dislike me and have opinions about me from your post. I am convicted that motorcycles with intentionally loudened mufflers should not be allowed to operate in residential areas. I don't like having folks dislike me for that but it comes with being convicted and I get that.

we legislate city ordinances for a reason. If you disagree with the city ordinance there are public processes for addressing them. You could even open a SeeClickFix issue on City Hall to suggest the ordinance be changed. It's outside of the traditional use of SeeClickFix but it's a reasonable use in my opinion.

This is still a problem. Please do not close the issue again.
Issue was closed without resolution.
@Matthew Griswold you need to watch 'Blue In The Face' with Lou Reed and Harvey Keitel for some bag in tree humor.
Steve Cebik, I am looking for crowd funding opportunities on SCF in partnership w gofundme me right now. If you can get the PD to agree, we can help.
I saw the pedestrian sign on the side of the road at Chapel and West Rock an hour ago. I'm going to go pick it up.
Where did the Pedestrian sign go? Also, when will the bike lanes start? Both will slow traffic.
Thanks for fixing this issue!
Thanks! Y'all rock.
Did you all get this Town Green?