This whole section of the very pretentious 'Chatham Square' neighborhood "looks awful". Whatever the solution to graffiti is, it won't matter until these people can afford to own their property. That's why CSNA is constantly trying to attract new homeowners. The banks and other slumlords won't cut it.


If you can't take criticism, you can shut your ears. J-O-K-E

I almost forgot about the time I came downtown on a Friday night to find 3 Dattco buses parked end-to-end completely blocking the crosswalk. As Quinnipiac girls came out of the buses, NHPD were far more concerned about directing them safely across the green. Forget about the RESIDENTS trying to cross 3-lane Temple Street with no crosswalk.

This town is a JOKE

Really? This is the problem for pedestrians. It's not what happens DAILY?? (i.e. cars IGNORING the crosswalk). Gimme a break.

It doesn't matter about cars parked in the left lane on Sundays. It happens every single g'dam day!

Here's a good one:

1. Bus driver stops to pick me up. I honestly don't remember if he kneeled or not. (That's not my point).
2. I proceed to load my bike properly and LOCK it, just to be cautious. I had previously witnessed 2 teens make off with a passenger's bike as the bus came to a stop. So, I didn't want to take any chances.
3. Bus driver beeps and signals (I finish locking).
4. i get on and he asks "what did you do that for?"
5. I excitedly tell him about the incident I witnessed and tell him "don't be offended, but it's not your job to keep my bike safe. I don't even know you."
6. He tells me to calm down. I do.

I keep telling people: New Haven is not the place to address "quality-of-life" issues. NHPD does not respond to those kind of calls. Buy a car and move out of New Haven if you want a peaceful existence. You'll save a lot of money too.

That's it! We're shutting the bridge down. It's not working.


As far as I can tell the whole of Pine Street needs re-paving (especially from Blatchley to Atwater). It has to be one of the worst roads in town


NHPD does not respond to noise complaints and other quality-of-life issues in Fair Haven. Sorry. You'll have to move to a nicer part of town.

Oh, me too! I hate when she informs me about important community events. Who needz that?


All the anecdotal evidence provided in these comments proves my point: NHPD SANCTIONS CRIME IN FAIR HAVEN (and certain other parts of town)


Can aomeone do a serious study of NHPD response time? The anecdotal evidence is very disturbing. Also, they need to figure out a way to not publicly identify the person who calls dispatch. Its dangerous and it disincentivizes calling if you fear for retaliation.


Burwell? Is that you? lol.

I agree prostitution and drug-dealing are rampant in our part of town. It almost seems like NHPD sanctions crime in certain areas. However, I don't think traffic-calming is mutually exclusive from drug-related crime mitigation. These are so-called quality-of-life issues that ALL need to be addressed in our little neglected gem of a neighborhood.


I actually think with the new development going up this is a good opportunity to re-purpose this park. Don't get me wrong here, we definitely need more dog parks in nhv, but this is a prominent corner in a historic neighborhood. We should restore this park to its former glory! Maybe even a plaque with some Goatville history.

This is a very wide crossing with a school on the corner (Columbus). Please fix ASAP!

From the NHI article:

"Anyone who sees a fish kill in the state should call the Marine Fisheries Division at 860-434-6043 or email them at"


I agree with others. The Green has turned into a pretty messy place. I pass through every morning and evening on my way to/from work. It's still a pleasant oasis compared to walking on city streets, but it's become a little hard on the eyes. Lots of trash (esp. cardboard used for sleeping), plus the usual (wrappers, paper, etc.) floating around, and lots of people sitting on benches doing drugs (it's almost inevitable that you'll see a heroin junkie nodding out on at least one bench). Maybe the Proprietors of the Green could be a little more responsible for the property which they OWN.


Great place for a mural!!


oops. my bad. Grand Avenue already has a city-run special services district (see link)

I guess they just don't SERVICE Grand Avenue like they do downtown, chapel west, whalley, etc.

Sad. ;(