If anyone doubts my theory about one bad tendency morphing into another, just ask these kids why they ride. Many will tell you they do it to stay away from violent crime and drugs. To them, it's a viable alternative to destructive behavior. How do you reason with that?

I think the only way to make the illegal riding unappealing would be if parents and teachers and politicians start doing it too. Kids don't like doing things the same way as older, straight-laced people. They like to think they've discovered some radical alternative to whatever the mainstream protocol is (e.g using a car). Also, the riding looks really fun albeit dangerous. Try telling a kid he/she can't conduct risky but rewarding behavior. Have fun with that. Watch it morph into some other type of similar behavior.

Whenever you address a serious public safety concern it's always wise to belittle the public servants who should respond. But seriously, they were all over the place today after months of peace!? What happened?

Why no just close Front Street to ALL thru traffic? Its already slower than other routes like Ferry. Residents should look to traffic-calming measures that would further impede travelling speed, thus discouraging cut-through drivers who may speed and damage private property. Front Street is a treasure that deserves stewardship and preservation.

Not condoning running red lights, but a major problem with our buses is that all the Eastbound routes travel down the same block of Chapel Street (i.e Chapel between Orange and State) and this gets heavily congested as a result. Buses usually will take a chance in the State Street intersection regardless of the color of the traffic signal in the interest of keeping traffic flowing and getting to the next stop.

Look what happened when DOT restriped State Street leaving New Haven... Oh wait, nothing happened. Its actually much safer for everyone!


88 Atwater not 90. Oops again.


Correction, 76 and 90 Atwater. These are adults on motorcycles with illegal modifications. Their name is La Revolucion. They meetup here for rides and parties.


Motorcycles are stored at two clubhouses 90 Atwater and 84. The guys meet up regularly for rides and parties, especially on weekends. They're not terrible people but the noise is absolutely horrendous. I'll try to get some of their neighbors to post here, as I have heard the horror stories directly from them.


I doubt the punishment for illegal exhaust will be preventative. We'll probably need stronger legislation to go after those who disturb the peace in New Haven (i. e. Dirt bikes, car stereos, etc.). These people should receive heavy fines and have the devices that cause noise pollution be deemed illegal by new legislation and thus be confiscated immediately with no possibility of return. We can't keep giving them a slap on the wrist. And that's not up to the police to write the laws. Their hands are tied, especially given the 'no-chase' policy.

Part of the problem is CTTransit and their spoke and hub route system. The green serves as the hub for the present, but I agree that bus stop is just a facade of parity. We all know there are at least 2 New Havens depending on how much money you have. Busriders are classed out of the downtown retail environment, except for Dunkin Donuts and the dollar stores, so I'm not sure they still feel comfortable themselves being in such a changing environment. But, the problem stems from CTTransit and their shoddy route system which serves faraway places like North Branford and Madison while ignoring New Haven's neediest routes within the city....speaking of facades.... They are Not a CITY bus company, they are REGIONAL and state-funded.

Despite the challenge, CTTransit endeavors to improve the quality of life for state residents:

It's all about eyes on the street. You did the right thing by being there, using your neighborhood, walking your dog. That's what everyone needs to be doing. The next thing is to call it in. There needs to be a record of police activity.


Still an eyesore. broken, windows, spray paint, graffiti, trash, etc.


Y'know, to hear from the challenger in Ward 7 its like Doug doesn't know what he's doing. But, once again, he proves why he's a great alderman. Great response, Doug. Keep up the good work!


This is a perennial issue along Ferry, north of Grand. The police do not seem to care about it, and the residents surrounding the area do not mind either. Its the blind leading the blind out there, and there are plenty of excuses (e.g. poverty, addiction, abuse, etc.) This part of town needs serious attention.

I was not totally supportive of how the first project turned out and yet I love both art and community so I want to see this happen again and again all over the city in any shape or form. I also find it ironic that someone would take their time to tell everyone that they don't have the time to discuss art projects. There must be some relation between community building activities like this and the rate of crime, no? I would imagine that neighbors who work together are more likely to look out for each other. Plus, it looks a lot better than a gray, cement wall!

I actually think we should encourage people to use our streets like this. Simultaneously we should mitigate behavior like "cutting through" streets. If its true that a child who goes near the street will likely be hit by a car, then shouldn't cars be regulated? Why would we blame the victim? This is a COMMUNITY not a highway! If a child gets kidnapped in a mall, we don't say, "well, children shouldn't go near a mall, we all know that. They're dangerous." How did it ever get to this point that we've accepted speeding cars as a normal characteristic of our city streets, as something that just cannot be changed. That's sad. I hope the good folks on Ley Street can take back their street.

Issue Closed

Wow! If we don't think drug addicts can be re-integrated into our community, what hope do we have? I walk by here at least once a day, and I never even see these guys, they're always behind closed doors. I'm much more worried about the drug addicts that do not seek treatment, the ones that we do see everyday and ignore.

I don't think this is a legitimate issue to be reported on this site, it sounds more like a neighbor's grudge. That being said, I do think having a viable retail space there would be useful. Perhaps something like a hardware store, coffee shop, bistro...? But, this isn't the place to figure that out.


I've heard similar reports of trash and recyclables not being separated. Can someone from DPW weigh in on this?