Community Board 14 received this response today from the Department of Transportation regarding the request for a reduced speed limit on Campus Road.
From DOT: "We apologize for the delay in responding to your April 11, 2014 e-mail regarding your request for a reduced speed limit on Campus Road between East 21st and East 23rd Streets, Brooklyn. Governor Cuomo recently signed legislation that will reduce the speed limit on most city streets to 25 miles per hour. Passage of this legislation was a major component of Mayor de Blasio’s Vision Zero plan, a commitment to improve street safety in every neighborhood and in every borough – with expanded enforcement, new street designs and configurations, public education communications and a legislative agenda to increase penalties for dangerous drivers. The 25 mph legislation takes effect in mid-November. The Vision Zero Action Plan is available on the web site at The NYC Department of Transportation (DOT) and the New York City Police Department (NYPD) are collaborating in efforts to accomplish the goals identified in Mayor de Blasio’s Vision Zero plan. If speeding persists once this bill passes, police officers and traffic enforcement agents should issue summonses to any vehicles found to be in violation of traffic regulations. If there is an on-going problem of vehicles speeding in your neighborhood, please contact the local precinct. Contact information is available on the NYPD web site at home/contact_information.shtml. Thank you for your interest in traffic safety in New York City."

New York City Department of Transportation
Office of the Brooklyn Borough Commissioner
Customer Service Division


Please be advised that in such cases you should call 311 to report. Please provide the time violators walk their dogs, where they reside (if this info is available), keeping in mind that a special division of Sanitation Enforcement starts inspections after 7 am. We could also email you a poster ("Curb Your Dog") to the address you provide. Thank you.

Thank you for contacting Community Board. Your request has been submitted to the NYC DOT.


Thank you for posting this information. This issue has been brought to the attention of the District Sanitation Superintendent. A DSNY supervisor will monitor the area and summonses will be issued as needed during routing hours.

The Community Board is also waiting for a response to the reduced speed limit request submitted to DOT. We submitted another status request and will post the result here as soon as it is received. Thank you.

We've forwarded your complaint to MTA and awaiting for the response. Thank you.


Please call 3-1-1 to file this complaint. Post the 311 Service Request Number here and we will follow up with the appropriate agency. Thank you.

DOT does not have access to information posted here. Please file complaints regarding illegally parked cars by calling 311. DOT does have access to citywide 311 data. Thank you.

The Department of Transportation has indicated that they will provide results to this request by mid-October 2014. We will post the results as soon as they are received. Thank you.

The request to install "No Standing" sign has been submitted to DOT. We'll keep you updated on a status of it. Thank you.

Thank you for contacting Community Board 14. Please call 311 to report an obstruction of a fire hydrant at the time it takes place.

As far as parking concern, yellow and green cabs, as well as car service vehicles, are allowed to be parked on streets with no restrictions.

Thank you for contacting Community Board 14. Could you please specify the name(s) of business(es) who's drivers create the condition and a time of the day it takes place? Also, we'll submit your request to replace "No Parking" for "No Standing" sign to DOT.

Thank you for posting this update. We have logged your DSNY Service Request Number and will submit it with a request for expedited inspection to Sanitation Enforcement.

Apparently, whoever reported this issue to 311 provided incorrect address. We reported it again as 644 Marlborough Road and will post an update when it becomes available. Thank you.

FYI - Department of Buildings Report: Last Inspection: 03/15/2014 - - BY BADGE # 0363
Disposition: 03/19/2014 - I2 - NO VIOLATION WARRANTED FOR COMPLAINT AT TIME OF INSPECTION / Comments: AT THIS LOCATION THERE ARE COMMERCIAL STORES AND SIDEWALK NO YARDS OR ILLEGAL PARKING NOTED. If you do not agree with this finding, you will have to report the issue again. There was only one complaint made by a citizen regarding the van in the past three years. This issue must be reported more than one time if you want a City Agency to take action, especially if it involves private property. The Department of Sanitation has been notified, has removed the bags of garbage and will issue additional violations to the property owner as warranted. As posted previously, the Department of Buildings has classified the issue as a priority D complaint. Filing additional 311 reports will improve the chances of a higher DOB priority issuance. Now that DOB has inspected and issued their findings, you will have to make a new complaint. Provide the community board with the Service Request Numbers received from 311 and we will follow up again with the Buildings Department. We are unable to assist you if you choose only to post negative comments here rather than calling 311 directly. These posted online comments do not go to 311. You must call 311.

Report this issue to 311.

Thank you for this report. We will look into the matter with the Department of Sanitation and post our findings here.

Thank you for posting this information. The location has been addressed with the 70th Police Precinct. Please call 311 or 911 while the loud music is playing and file a noise complaint. The more complaints filed by the public, the easier it will be for the authorities to enforce at a problem location. Contact the Community Board with the complaint numbers and we will follow up on your behalf. Thank you.


Please report this to 9-1-1 immediately if a gas smell still remains. You can provide CB14 with the results of your call and a service number by calling 718-859-6357, Monday-Friday 9AM-5PM, so that we can follow up on the matter if you wish. Thank you.