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Thank you for reporting this issue. Community Board 14 has requested Department of Transportation repairs at this location. We will post updates as they are received. SERVICE REQUEST #:DB2016117064
FYI - This vehicle is scheduled to be towed away by NYPD. We are awaiting an update on the date of removal but have been informed the process can take several weeks after the vehicle is initially marked for Ro-Tow by NYPD. We will post any additional information received here. Please post when the vehicle has been removed. Thank you.
Thank you for contacting Community Board 14. Please report this issue by calling 311 and provide us with the service request number.
Community Board 14 has been informed that an NYPD Ro-Tow can take several weeks. We have reached out to the 70th Precinct with a request for the specific date the vehicle will be towed. We will post that information here once it has been received. Please post here if the vehicle is towed. Thank you.
Thank you for the update. It is good to hear that the MTA's pigeon prevention systems are working. Please let us know if any issues arise at this location in the future.
Thank you for contacting Community Board 14. Your complaint has been forwarded to the NYC DSNY.
We are glad to share this update from MTA with you: installation of netting and spikes along the northbound and southbound platforms will be completed by the end of April 2016.
Thank you for posting this information. We addressed this issue with the maintenance department of Caton Park Nursing Home. Thank you.
02-26-2016 Update: "The graffiti on this property has been scheduled to be removed by the City."
Thank you for contacting Community Board 14. Please refer your concerns to the NYC DOT Commissioner Polly Trottenberg using this link:
Thank you for contacting Community Board 14. Your complaint has been forwarded to BK 14 Sanitation garage.
A complaint has been filed regarding graffiti at 1274 Flatbush Avenue. To request the status of this complaint, please refer to Service Request Number #G142440. Please provide an update here if the graffiti is removed. Thank you.
Please report any future issues such as this one to 3-1-1 at the time of the incident. Provide the Community Board 14 office with the service request number as soon as possible following the incident so that we can follow up with the appropriate agency. Thank you.
Your complaint has been forwarded to the Sanitation Enforcement Department. Please keep us updated on the condition reported. Thank you.
Community Board 14 has contacted MTA New York City Transit asking for a permanent solution of this issue.
As it was mentioned in the post dated 5/26/12, please contact Community Board 12 to get this issued addressed. Thank you.
Thank you for reporting this issue. We contacted the maintenance department of the nursing home to address the seriousness of the situation asking them to look into it. Please keep our office informed if such condition will be observed in a future.
NYPD have notified our office that this vehicle is expected to be towed tomorrow. Thank you.
Thank you for reporting this issue to Community Board. It will be forwarded to NYPD for further action. Please keep us informed of any changes.
Please report this condition to the City by calling 3-1-1. Post the Service Request Number they give you on this page and the Community Board office will follow up on your behalf with the Department of Buildings.