Thank you for posting this information. The location has been addressed with the 70th Police Precinct. Please call 311 or 911 while the loud music is playing and file a noise complaint. The more complaints filed by the public, the easier it will be for the authorities to enforce at a problem location. Contact the Community Board with the complaint numbers and we will follow up on your behalf. Thank you.


Please report this to 9-1-1 immediately if a gas smell still remains. You can provide CB14 with the results of your call and a service number by calling 718-859-6357, Monday-Friday 9AM-5PM, so that we can follow up on the matter if you wish. Thank you.


The Department of Transportation has completed a field investigation at the above mentioned location and as a result of their study, a work order has been issued to install a "No Standing Anytime" regulation. The new sign is expected to be installed by June 2014. Thank you. (DOT-219-156-W3C6)

Thank you for updating this issue. The MTA was notified and a work order has been created and assigned. These issues should be repaired soon. Please post when repairs have been completed. Thank you!

Thank you for your response. We are awaiting word from the Department of Transportation regarding the resolution of this ongoing situation.

Thank you for supplying this information. Community Board 14 is waiting for additional information regarding this issue from the Department of Transportation, which we will post here as soon as it is received. Please confirm that the No Standing sign that was located on Rugby Rd, just South of Dekoven Ct has been removed, while the No Standing sign on Dekoven Ct, just east of Rugby Rd remains.

Thank you for your post. This location has again been submitted to the Department of Sanitation for removal of these items.

The sign located on the SE corner of Rugby Road at DeKoven Ct has been removed as requested. The Department of Transportation has completed this job. Please contact the Community Board 14 office at 718-859-6357 if this information is incorrect. Thank you.

Thank you for reporting this clothing bin. It has been scheduled for removal. Please close this complaint when bin has been removed.

Please confirm that these items have been removed as per report from the Department of Sanitation. Thank you.

Thank you for the update. Please continue to post service numbers here. We will continue to follow up with Sanitation regarding this location.


Thank you for reporting this issue. We will contact the School Construction Authority project manager to inquire if there are ways to mitigate the noise stemming from the ongoing night construction which is scheduled during the PS 139 renovations.

Thank you for reporting this issue. Please respond to the questions below so that we can accurately request repairs.
1. "North Entrance to B/Q Church Station" - Please confirm that you mean the entrance located at Caton Ave.
2. "Left Most Door " - Please specify if you mean the east or west door in the station.
We will forward this to the correct department once these details have been confirmed.
Thank you,
Community Board 14

Hello - Please report this condition to 311. Post the 311 Service Number here or call us the Community Board 14 Office at 718-859-6357. We will follow up with HPD. Thank you.

Thank you for this notification. This issue has been submitted to the MTA for inspection and repairs. Updates will be posted here.

The Department of Transportation reported today a new order to remove the No Standing any time from the SE corner of Dekoven Court at Rugby Road has been issued. (DOT Order #S-334282). Thank you for your patience regarding this matter.

Issue Closed


Issue Closed

The requested additional signage was posted by the Parks Department, Summer 2013.

Issue Closed

This issue is closed. Please reopen this complaint with a recently filed 311 service request number if this issue is still active.

Thank you for your comment! It is our policy to close issues that are left open for several years without comment. This action generates an email which the respondent receives and can reopen as the situation requires. Thank YOU for doing so! You are also always welcome to call us at 718-859-6357 if an issue is not being addressed.