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Thank you for contacting Community Board 14. Please report this issue to the Traffic Enforcement at (718) 345-3193 having plates number, name of the bus operating company and specific location. You may report it during evening hours as well.
A compliance inspection was performed on July 11th as scheduled. The Department of Sanitation will now schedule a lot clean up at the location. We have requested information regarding the scheduling of this clean up and will post this information as soon as it is received. Thank you.
Update: The Department of Sanitation has issued a letter to the property owner with instructions to clean up the lot. A compliance inspection will be performed on July 11th. If the lot has not been cleaned by this date, the Dept. of Sanitation will clean the lot and bill the owner for the cost of the clean up.
Issue Closed
A Department of Sanitation Supervisor visited this location & provided the following response: "DSNY checked this location. See attached pic. There is no violation at 738 East 21 St as this is not blocking pedestrian pathway. The weeds are high, but DSNY does not write summonses for high weeds, only if they obstruct pedestrian path. These weeds do not obstruct the pedestrian walkway." (* FYI - The correct address for this complaint is 738 East 21 Street. Complaints were made about both the East 21st Street & Farragut Road sides of property.)
Community Board 14 has filed new complaints about the lot condition with the Department of Health (rodent conditions,) the Department of Sanitation's Lot Cleaning Unit & the Department of Building (zoning complaint for car/trash storage.) We will post any updates here. Thank you.
Thank you for this notification.
Please continue to contact 911 when you see this individual in the building. Community Board 14 forwarded the details of your complaint to the 70th Precinct's Neighborhood Coordinating Officers. They are aware of the complaint and will respond when the individual is next reported to 911 to be in your building. Thank you.
Please see the response received from the 70th Police Precinct: "The 70th precinct continually addresses the illegal dollar vans within the command. On June 8, they conducted the latest joint operation with TLC and summonsed numerous dollar vans and illegal cars. Before this we had conducted a joint operation with TLC on May 4, and May 11, so this is definitely an issue that we continue to address".
Thank you for contacting Brooklyn Community Board 14. Please be advised that if weeds do not obstruct the sidewalk, the property owner can't be summonsed.
DEP inspector investigated your complaint on April 28, 2016 and has issued a notice of violation #000274918J under code BN29, code section A.C. 24-227(A) - Noise from circulation device in excess of 42DB(A), Fine $560.00. Date of hearing is June 27, 2016.
As noted on the previous post (, the city's graffiti removal program does not operate in winter. The graffiti removal period just opened for the season and an EDC field supervisor has confirmed that this location is scheduled for graffiti removal within the next two weeks.
NYC-EDC will be removing the graffiti at this location shortly. While EDC does not remove graffiti during the winter months, this year's program has started. The field supervisor confirmed that 1274 Flatbush is on the schedule and the graffiti will be removed within the next couple of weeks. Please let us know if it has not been removed by mid-June. Thank you.

City Records indicate that a complaint for graffiti removal was filed on 2/5/2016. Community Board 14 will request an estimated date of removal for this location and provide the information here when received.

Service Request G142440
Created 2/5/2016
Status Site downloaded for cleaning

Please file complaints by calling 3-1-1 and providing details regarding trash and rodent conditions. Post the 311 Service Request Numbers on this page. Once the Service Request Numbers have been received, CB14 will follow up with the Departments of Sanitation and Health.
Thank you for contacting Community Board 14. Please provide us with the complaint/service request number(s) you submitted in February.
Thank you for contacting CB 14. Please indicate the exact location you are concerned about. If it's in a Borough Park area, you should contact CB 12 at 718-851-0800.
Thank you for contacting Community Board office. Please provide us with the service request numbers
filed recently.
Thank you for reporting this issue. We've forwarded your complaint to DSNY.

CB14 received the following update from the MTA:
MTA began working inside Newkirk Plaza MTA station to address pigeon-related concerns on Thurs. May 12th. Work includes removal of pigeon droppings and deceased birds, repair of holes in netting, eviction of live birds roosting in station, closure of all holes that allow birds to access area, installation of additional pigeon deterrent. Work is expected to take one week to complete.

Please continue to update CB14 if station clean-up and deterrent does not improve the situation. Thank you.

Please read the response from the NYCT:
"We investigated this complaint and found that on the north end of the station there were pigeon droppings on the platform and there were 2 dead pigeons up in the pigeon netting that was installed in the past. On the north end of the south bound side we observed a pigeon roosting inside of a drip pan. There was an area by the netting on the north bound side that had an opening in it to allow pigeons to access the area inside of the netting. On 5-12-2016 we will start to close up the opening by the netting as well as install additional pigeon deterrent. We do estimate that the amount of work at the location will take about a week to complete".