Issue Closed

This issue is closed. Please post a new complaint if another issue arises. Surely the police car is not still double-parked at the location. Thank you.

Please indicate if this issue has been addressed. USPO is unable to provide us with the status of this request for cleaning. If the issue has not been addressed, please re-open. Thank you.

The new default speed limit of 25 MPH takes effect on November 7th, 2014. This new regulation changes the speed limit on all New York City streets which do not have a posted speed limit from 30 MPH to 25 MPH. For more information, please visit

Please indicate if this issue has been addressed. USPO is unable to provide us with the status of this request for cleaning. Thank you.

Thank you for your continued updates regarding this issue. CB14 has been in discussions with the managing agents of the Project Sweep program at Newkirk Plaza in addition to the Department of Sanitation regarding needed improvements related to the garbage storage and pickup at this location. We hope to have some results available to post here soon. We have forwarded all comments and photographs to the appropriate agencies. Thank you for your patience.

Issue Closed

Contractor has reported that the defect is now repaired and the street light is working. If this is not the case you are welcome to reenter the call referencing the above work order, describing the trouble in detail

This issue was forwarded to the NYPD 70th Precinct & enforcement was requested at this location (as of 5-19-2014).

This location (Avenue O from Coney Island Avenue to Dahill Road) is located within Brooklyn Community Board 12. Please contact the CB12 District Office with your suggestion. Contact information has been provided below. Thank you.

Brooklyn Community Board 12
5910 Thirteenth Avenue, Brooklyn, NY 11219
Telephone: 718-851-0800

Thank you for posting this helpful information JB!

Note from NYC DSNY: "The Department of Sanitation has inspected the vacant lot and it will be processed for cleaning." DSNY's Vacant Lot Cleaning Unit did not provide a date for the scheduled cleaning but did confirm that the location is on their list. Thank you for your updates.


Thank you for contacting Community Board 14. Please report all the issues you have by calling 311 as Housing Preservation and Development related complaints. You could also contact the office of Brooklyn Housing & Family Services located at 415 Albemarle Road - 718-435-7585.

Thank you for contacting Community Board 14 office. Please be advised that this location is included in our FY 2016 Budget Priorities for Economic Development: Request to develop landmarked property at 2274-2286 Church Avenue/Bedford Avenue (f.k.a. P.S. 90). Budget Priorities are posted on our website at

Please call 3-1-1 and file a specific traffic safety request with the agent. Post the Service Request Number (311 Tracking #) on this page. Community Board 14 will follow up on the request with the appropriate agency.

Thank you for contacting Brooklyn Community Board 14. Please be advised that DSNY places public receptacles in commercial areas only. Building managements and homeowners are responsible for keeping sidewalks and 18" from the curb into the street clean. If you observe any violations of this rule, please report it to 311 and forward the service request number to our office.

Thank you for reporting this issue. There is a new owner of this property as of September of this year. We'll request a person in charge to maintain it. We'll also report it to DSNY. Any updated information will be posted.

The MTA Transit Authority has responded to this request with the following information: "The branches that were on or touching the roof of the garage at this location have all been removed, and there’s no threat to the cables in the area." Thank you.

The inferred request for additional service on Sunday will be forwarded to FDC. Requests for additional baskets at locations on Foster will be reviewed with the Department of Sanitation.

We've requested an update on this issue. It'll be posted upon receiving. Thank you.

From DOT: "If there is an on-going problem of vehicles speeding in your neighborhood, please contact the local precinct." NYPD 70th Precinct can be contacted at 718-851-5511 or by calling 9-1-1.

CB 14 has forwarded this issue to the organizations who manage the program (Project Sweep) responsible for the baskets on the Plaza. Sanitation is responsible for picking up from the corner but not from the Plaza. Please be advised that Project Sweep does not work on Sundays. They are on the Plaza from Monday-Saturday. Will forward to the appropriate organizations again. Will request additional street baskets near the bus stop. Thank you for your communication.