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These trees were assigned a Trimming Priority of 1 in August of 2014--TWENTY MONTHS AGO. They have never been trimmed, not once, since then. They are dropping very large branches; the last one that fell was over 20 feet in length and 6 inches thick, heavy enough to kill my young son. It fell in my front yard. Does the City of New Haven plan to ignore this set of very dangerous trees and continue to put our lives at risk? I'm amazed at the complete silence from the City on this location. I can't cut the trees down myself, they are not on my property. They are also HUGE and dangerous. This needs to be addressed immediately.
Why would you close this? Do you see a completed work order with the city for School Crossing signs? There are still no school related markings in place; please keep this open until there are.
Issue Closed
Both lights #1728 & #1729 have been fixed as of last night; thanks so much!
Agree the response from Parks needs to be much more timely. However your map marker indicates the Lewis St park, which is why I originally asked for clarification. Thanks for clarifying.
Please stop; multiple posts about the same issue are just wasting the administrators' time and you will get shut down anyway. One post per issue is enough.
Please stop; multiple posts about the same issue are just wasting the administrators' time and you will get shut down anyway. One post per issue is enough.
I would start with LCI and see if they can point you in the right direction on this. New Haven does have ordinances about fence height and possibly about fence location as well. Hopefully there's also something in the ordinances that addresses leaving behind those high post sections; not sure what that's about. Best of luck to you!
TT&P can we please have some acknowledgement that this is being worked on? Is there a different department considered responsible? Thanks.
I've had decent success getting responses from TT&P, especially for repeat violations. I recommend posting about the illegal parking every time it happens, giving the date and time of day. TT&P have been responsive on other posts I've seen.
This was picked up some time on Friday, 9/18; thank you.
The dresser with drawers is STILL sitting by the sidewalk. Why hasn't this been picked up by now??
With all due respect while that *might* have been true at some point, this was one man sitting in a pickup truck and blocking lanes of traffic. There literally was nothing else going on. And his rude response is even more concerning.
Dresser was still there this morning; thanks.
These have been picked up; please close issue. Thanks!
THREE in a row illegally parked vehicles 8/21/15 at 3:51 pm.
Illegally parked car on 8/14/15 at 5:18 pm
Why is there no hot water or a bathroom on the 3rd floor? It's listed as a legal 3-family. Is the landlord aware of the tenant's living situation?
Items were picked up; thanks DPW. Will you please close the issue?
Issue Closed
Closing this old issue. Property has been sold & is under construction.
Yes I'm aware of that; thanks. But considering the high taxes I already pay, an additional $50 (plus their onerous scheduling requirements) is just absurd. I've no sympathy for all the mess they're having to pick up lately. They need to fix this mess.