The City is most definitely NOT saving money by charging for bulk pickups, but the fee is only one of several factors DPW really needs to change. In poorer neighborhoods with highly transient populations, like Fair Haven, many residents don't have cars, so they can't take their items to the dump and they certainly can't drive to DPW just to schedule a bulk pickup appointment; that's just crazy. Heck, I have a car and I can't drive to DPW to schedule a bulk pick-up because they close HOURS before I get home from work! It's a crazy system right now, and DPW certainly spends a lot more time picking up illegally dumped items than they would be if there was an easier system in place. As one example, other towns allow free bulk pickup on designated days and it runs very smoothly; I used to live in a densely populated boro in NJ with this. This dramatically reduces illegally dumped items that have to be picked up on an ad-hoc basis and frees DPW from all those pickups that use so many labor and equipment resources. DPW should really re-think this so-called strategy; it's not working.

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Closing this per your request.

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Thanks for picking up!

Agree; the property has been secured, the dumped items out front are gone and neighbors are keeping watch. Such an improvement!

I'll gladly come by and pick one up! I've been waiting since mid-May for a trash bin and still don't have one!! Very frustrating!

This has been somewhat cleaned up, but there is still a TV on the curb strip. DPW, will you please pick up?

Still there as of this morning.

Unfortunately they won't pick it up if they can see it; I've had this issue before. My solution was to cut it up into smaller pieces, bag them separately, and into the bin they went. I spaced them out over several pickups they were all taken. Sorry!

STP, have you called the neighborhood specialist at LCI? If so what did they say?


Please check this -- is this for Howard Ave or Howard St? Your location and map shows Howard St, but there are no signs posted as of today. Thanks.


Yes, we had seriously blackish water last night (Heights neighborhood) but it's getting clearer today.


DPW, will you please fix? This is a safety issue at this point; I have to come to a complete stop in the middle of the road (with oncoming traffic!) before navigating this entrance now. Thank you.

Yes, sounds like the same guy. He was living on Poplar until everyone was kicked out for renovations (if I remember correctly). He's white, bald, always wearing something on his head; we refer to him as Skeletor, which seems appropriate :)

Yes, I've noticed this as well. The traffic going to 456 Poplar/3rd fl is also down, so that's very good. I still see that guy hanging out near the corner of Ferry/Chatham and surrounding areas every.single.night. Very frustrating.

Closing since it's now June.

I REALLY wish they'd raze those terrible projects and build a connection to downtown. Projects across the street from a train station is such a bad use of that land.


Well I'm not sure that's the best response, but I think you know that :) Just to add a wrinkle to it though, today my neighbor had items that were not anywhere near a curb taken from his private property! Pretty sure they were taken by DPW and also pretty sure that's illegal; I haven't asked him whether he needed the items but I guess it's too late now! Think @#$% get a bill for that? :)


Actually LCI has admitted on record (testimony to the BOA) that they do not have the resources to collect fines, whether for snow shoveling (which they want to move to DPW) or even for their own rental property inspection program.


LCI does not have the manpower to look for bulk trash items that are dumped; they can't even inspect the rental properties they need to, which is a much bigger priority. A better approach for everyone would be if DPW would have occasional bulk pick up days; it would solve a lot of the dumping problems and it would be a lot more efficient.


Hi Maria,

So sorry you're having to deal with this! Definitely call LCI; their number is (203) 946-8436. I believe this is your neighborhood specialist:
Christopher Soto
Neighborhood Specialist - Hill North & Hill South
(203) 946-7731

Perhaps LCI can recommend that the landlord schedule pickups more frequently, since it sounds like it's a nuisance the way it is.