Correction: white shield on front of bike as "32" on it; side pieces have "2" on it.


3:10 pm - This rider & bike were back today, riding up and down Poplar St and also heading east on Lombard towards Ferry St. AA rider, black hoodie, white face mask (so brave), brown pants and same red white dirt bike as before. Called it in to the NHPD as well. Thanks.

PLEASE call these in to NHPD at 203-946-6316 and give as much detail as possible--what color is the dirtbike? what does the rider look like? Thanks!

PLEASE call these in to NHPD at 203-946-6316 and give as much detail as possible--what color is the dirtbike? what does the rider look like? Thanks!

Probably because the school needs to use the athletic complex more now; when I went by the other day the piles of snow were completely blocking the entrance to the parking lot. It was only intended to be a temporary storage solution anyway. When you have that much snow piled up, it takes longer to melt than you might think.


Can you please add the light pole # to this request? That's how repair requests are tracked. Thanks.

I REALLY would like to see this station used more as well; I'd use it every day if there were regular trains stopping here. They built the West Haven station and EVERY SINGLE TRAIN stops there now; it's so ridiculous that we can't get more trains at this already existing station. What on earth is the holdup??


I also live on the even side and frequently park my vehicle on the street, so I get where you're coming from. But I chopped out an area for my vehicle and will use that until spring when everything melts. Keep in mind that the City has to have an easy to understand policy and has to keep it that way, hence banning parking on one side of the street; they can't ban it on both sides or keep switching things up. Hopefully spring will be here soon!

I can't speak for this particular photo, but license plates are reflective. This means that if you take a photo using your flash, the license plate will light up and look just like the one in this photo.

And on some streets there was towing with no notice; the City really needs to get its act together!

Sidenote: Just received a recorded message from the City. The parking ban is over as of 3pm and all cars have to be moved from school parking lots by 6am Monday.

They aren't saying the issue is fixed; they're closing this one because it's a duplicate issue. Go to to see the current, opened issue at the same address.

Will you please advise why no signs were posted for Poplar or Chatham Streets yesterday? Cars were towed at 9:30 PM last night with no warning and three trucks came through at 1:30 in the morning to plow. The LEAST you could do is post signs warning people; coming through at 9:30 at night to grab people's cars is scummy, to say the least.


Agree; I almost hit this last night and it's HUGE. Drivers are veering into the oncoming lane to avoid it. Please patch this asap. Thank you!


Fantastic work; THANK YOU to everyone who responded!

BF: I get what you're trying to convey and I absolutely, absolutely agree that bicyclists MUST be responsible for their own safety and must bike smart; you'll get no argument from me there. The same must also apply to motorists, and even more so. When I'm driving my minivan I'm propelling a heavy hunk of metal along the road that has the ability to kill someone, even many people, if I'm not very careful and paying attention the entire time I'm driving. It's a huge responsibility and my experience in New Haven both as a motorist and a bicyclist has shown me that people do not take this responsibility very seriously at all. Add to that the fact that many of our more well traveled roads are not designed very well, and it's simply not a safe situation. Asking me to take a different route is not acceptable; we would never dream of telling motorists to take a different route if a road was unsafe; we would fix it. I don't think we need a bike lane the entire length of State St, and I'm not even 100% convinced that bike lanes are a viable solution in general, at least how they're installed in New Haven. But we do need some safety issues resolved with how traffic is funneled in the highway intersection areas. At the very least.

Re-opening; this is a valid and ongoing issue.

Think about what you just said. You're saying that it's only dangerous based on my conduct alone? Not based on, say, less than livable street designs or even on motorist behavior? That cannot possibly be true. I can be the most well-lit cyclist, I can stay behind in traffic (not filter up) and it's still dangerous; have you ever cycled on the sections of Orange where there's no room for a bike lane?

I'm sorry you're so bitter about suggestions for change, especially when it's beneficial for all. Making city streets livable for all will actually improve the economy, not cause a city to go bankrupt. There are examples here in the U.S. and even more abroad; you don't need an urban planning degree to read all the research, fortunately.

I'm selfish because I want a safe street? Wow. My point is simply that ALL streets need to be safe for all users of said street. This includes motorists, bicyclists and pedestrians. Orange St is not safer for cyclists due to the narrow, 1 lane areas. But even if it were, we should not ignore the unsafe nature of certain streets; all streets should be brought up to livable standards. And I do pay taxes for my motor vehicle, both property taxes and taxes on the fuel it consumes. If we're going by that logic, perhaps I should get a credit every time I ride my bike, then, since I'm saving the City and State money? The bottom line is that all streets need to be made safe for everyone.

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Not sure why but 6 separate issues were generated. Closing this one; see for the original issue posted.