The bulk pickup policy is very exclusionary actually, so it's no wonder that many just dump the items for DPW to pick up one way or the other. I'm certainly not saying it's okay to dump items, but I definitely understand, after multiple run-ins with DPW, why people resort to it.


You know what? Until the DPW fixes their arcane policies on bulk trash, this mess is going to continue to happen. I REALLY wish they would address the issue instead of just pretending that the current system is working, because it's obviously not. It's very frustrating to see so much dumping around the neighborhood.


LCI, would you please comment on this? Thank you.

I think they're 'suffering' a heck of a lot more than I am, but I do get your point, believe me. The bottom line: what can be done? I don't know what an effective solution would be. Arresting them over and over really doesn't work; that's been proven over time. What are the other options at this point?

There were police at 456 Poplar last night, but it's difficult to know which apt they were visiting; I was hoping for the 3rd! In addition, I've seen the walking beat twice recently, which is a really good thing. Prostitution is a tough thing to get rid of, if you think about it. I've met a few of the prostitutes and I really think a good rehab program, combined with education & job training would go far with some of them. Seriously, I wish something like that was available because some of them really want to get out of the lifestyle but just don't have the resources. Obviously not all of them, but just arresting them over and over doesn't solve a thing.

Yes, 456 has been reported to Lt. Johnson. Thanks!

No, definitely not a PT Cruiser, a silver Oldsmobile 4-door sedan. The 3rd floor tenant @ 456 has allowed them to stay there from time to time, and sometimes they live there when he's not around. One had reddish hair and the other long blond-brown hair. The third had obviously dyed black hair; none of them looked like the mugshot above. Will get a license plate soon.

Add 456 Poplar St to your list. Third floor tenant has prostitute traffic almost daily now. They're frequently dropped off/picked up in a silver Oldsmobile driven by a dark haired Caucasian male. Last week his car broke down in front of the house with two of the girls in it, and a black Subaru came by to pick them up (!). I'll post license plates as soon as I have them.

You can leave the information here; it's getting passed to Lt. Herb Johnson. Alternatively you can e-mail him at Also, there's a community management meeting this Thursday 5/8 at 6:30 pm if you'd like to attend. It's in the Blatchley police substation. Thanks!

Issue Reopened

Re-opening this as it's still an issue.

Is 80 Downing St still an issue with respect to dirbikes or did the owner clean things up?

Update: there should be no more traffic from/to the red house. It's been shut down and all occupants are gone, due to house-wide renovations. If you see anything, please post it here with as much description as possible. Both LCI and Lt. Johnson are monitoring this property. Thanks!

Yes, same here; glad so many people got through to them!

I have a couple of contacts; I'll see what I can do on my end.

Well 15 was partially remodeled but never finished (and illegally!) so it's probably a bit of a challenge for the bank right now. Hopefully LCI will step up and do all the securing work and send a bill to CHFA!

FairHavener, I think you're talking about 17; 15 is the one next to it (beige with white trim) and it definitely has a roof. However the squatter that was living there (aka MAB) broke keys off in every door knob before he was kicked out (amongst other things), so a property manager is going to need to come in and replace all the knobs and board up the window. He made a bit of a mess, unfortunately.

For anyone interested, the Fair Haven community management team meeting is the 1st Thursday of every month, 6:30 pm, at the Blatchley Ave substation. This means that the next meeting will be Thursday, May 8th at 6:30 pm. Please show up to the meeting with any concerns and in the meantime, please continue posting information that will help the police work towards resolving these issues. Thanks!

I think it's a broad and unfair characterization to say that the police do not care about Fair Haven, especially Sgt. Johnson; my observations so far would indicate the opposite. I will see if I can get in touch with him. It would help to have details, though, as the police aren't going to arrest anyone just because we say they are dealing drugs. Who do they sell to? Who do they buy from? Do we have dates, times, license plate numbers, photos, videos, etc? All of those things are very helpful to the police in getting an investigation started.

*correction: Lt. Johnson, not Sgt*

Really skinny, yes, almost gaunt. Very pale and bald, wears a cap or some sort of cloth on his head at all times. It's tough for the police to track something like this but yes, they need to be notified. I'll see if I can get in touch with Herb Johnson. The other avenue is appealing to the property owner/landlord.