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Dearest Agenda, if "throttling" drivers is what it takes to reduce their illegal and unsafe speeding, then so be it. Motor vehicles are not the only users of our roads but they are potentially the most dangerous because of their speed capabilities and its devastating potential. Making the roads safe and usable for everyone also makes neighborhoods safer. Perhaps you should study more progressive cities that are already reaping the economic benefits of improved and shared roadways--they still have cars, even!
Actually studies show the opposite, Paul and OP. This is not an obstacle course, per se, but rather a traffic calming measure. It visually narrows the road and causes drivers to have to slow down and pay more attention; this is a good thing. Studies show that traffic calming measure like these are more effective than adding additional stop signs and/or traffic light changes. There are lots of great traffic calming studies available online if you'd like to have a read yourself. Check it out!
One thing I'd like to add is that it's currently so much easier and cheaper to dump items like this than to take them to the transfer station. Perhaps if we made that process simpler and less expensive (and then educated the public about the new process) we would see less of this illegal dumping. I've lived in areas where bulk pickup was free and illegal dumping simply wasn't an issue.
Because it's occurring on private property, most likely. DPW distinguishes between the two.
I believe they're within the NH Noise Ordinance hours (7am-10pm). Here's the ordinance:
Wow, that's insanely fast and very dangerous! Serious traffic calming is needed here - lane narrowing, bump-outs, the works!
LCI will you please provide an update? The owner really should sell this--or do a short sell if it's mortgaged, which I'm assuming it still is.
Yes, thank you!! I bike down this every morning and it's so nice to not be dodging a million potholes and bone-jarring dips. Thank you!!
This is Howard St and not Ave, but thank you very much for the input!
Please scroll up; you've already made these comments and I've already responded. 20 Howard is not a residential address, you don't need to worry. Sgt. Cruz is not going to respond to a drug deal, or sit out here waiting for one to occur. But thanks for your concern.
This is STILL an issue! We are seeing a reduction in traffic (or perhaps it moves up the street to Sherland?) because we will step outside and watch them, which they don't like. But this is still an issue on otherwise quiet Howard Street.
Because of the industrial activities going on in this stretch, we really do need the street sweepers every 3-4 days, weekly at least! It would be great if the companies in this area could be responsible for their mess and keep the sidewalks and streets cleaned. One can hope, right?
This morning the left turn light did not activate; total green light cycle was 12 seconds in duration.
Actually in this case it was not a leak from the drain under the truck; it was a bit worse than that. The trash compactor arm jammed open and they could not get it working again. So they turned the truck around and INTENTIONALLY backed into the very large sycamore in front of 10 Howard, hitting it until the compactor unjammed. They broke the curb in two places and obviously damaged the tree, while knocking trash onto the street and leaving it! There's a smelly and oily mess now that needs to be cleaned up. And DPW you need to repair the curb now!
Unless the buyer specifically requests it, packages do not default to a signature requirement for USPS or UPS. Shipping costs would go up dramatically if a signature was required for every package. Unfortunately you may just have to have the packages shipped to a more secure location. Or drive around and see if someone dumped the litter after discovering what it was.
Tested it again this morning; it worked on one cycle and then skipped the next three, fyi.
Your front desk person should already know all of this; we've visited 3 times now! We have 0 brown toters and 1 blue toter. It would be nice to have a second blue toter but again, we need 2 trash bins ASAP.
These trees were assigned a Trimming Priority of 1 in August of 2014--TWENTY MONTHS AGO. They have never been trimmed, not once, since then. They are dropping very large branches; the last one that fell was over 20 feet in length and 6 inches thick, heavy enough to kill my young son. It fell in my front yard. Does the City of New Haven plan to ignore this set of very dangerous trees and continue to put our lives at risk? I'm amazed at the complete silence from the City on this location. I can't cut the trees down myself, they are not on my property. They are also HUGE and dangerous. This needs to be addressed immediately.
Why would you close this? Do you see a completed work order with the city for School Crossing signs? There are still no school related markings in place; please keep this open until there are.
Issue Closed
Both lights #1728 & #1729 have been fixed as of last night; thanks so much!