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  • Vmp Trail Brantford, Ontario - Brantford

    Two or three street lights on the southeast corner of Colborne W & BSAR are malfunctioning at night: they're strobing on & off at several Hz, causing a distraction and probably damaging the hardware.

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  • Brant County Highway 53 Brantford, ON - Brantford

    On the west side median, a couple of signs attached to the traffic light post have become loose. One's held on by just one nut at the bottom, and is looking to be torn off during the next wind storm.

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  • 2 20 Walsh Ct Brantford, ON - Brantford

    One of the light standards at the northwest corner of this intersection appears to be always on, even with bright sunshine striking the ambient light sensor dome at the top.

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  • sinkhole Archived
    2 22 Kinnard Rd Brantford, ON - Brantford

    A sinkhole is growing around the sewer gratings on the southwest corner of the intersection. The asphalt is already undermined with several fist-sized holes.

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