not fixed at all.

people continue to use this area as a public latrine, any thoughts?

Thank you. Please keep me updated!

Long Time Resident - thank you for your perspective; it's good to have a mix of opinions in this sort of site.
I started this thread out of frustration at having reported the issue to the police on multiple occasions without any discernable change; I'd be interested in hearing your perspective! Is this much better than it used to be? Were there similar problems in the neighborhood that were effectively remedied in other ways?

I do think that there are some significant concerns with the building in question, and I think it would really be great if the "Checks Cashed" place could be replaced with an establishment that all of us could benefit from, like a convenience or grocery store; it would be great to hear everyone's thoughts on this.

I think I speak for everyone who's dedicated enough to visit this site when I say that nobody wants to push out residents who have been around for longer; it's really just a forum for trying to bring attention to things that could make our neighborhoods safer, cleaner and more pleasant for everyone who lives here.

Just to set the record straight, I'm not a reporter, and I don't have a camera on loan, and I've never been banned from anything, except once in high school I was told that I'd have to tuck my shirt in if I wanted to stay in the chess club.