***Correction*** SOUTHEAST corner of this intersection.


additional picture

This is supposed to be a Click Fix System. Why does a citizen have to perform an extra step. Why does this system not have the capability to report to the city/state health department? It appears the Click Fix system has a problem. The Mayor touted this as a one stop shopping system. May I suggest you correct the problem.

Issue Reopened

I think you are misreading the concern. I do not own this restaurant. VA restaurant rules and regulation require all open door and window spaces to be covered or another method is use to keep out flies, bugs, roaches, rats mice, etc. A restaurant inspector needs to be notified so that they can go by and inspect this establishment.

The restaurant should be required to take care of the problem, not a neighbor or tax dollars.

Issue Reopened

I believe this is an environmental health issue which would be handled by the health department and not Code Enforcement..

I posted on 12-4-12 that the trash had been removed. You can see from my original picture that the trash was there. So why did it take 2 weeks for someone to check on the situation? The system is broken and it needs fixing.

Closing the issue and referring it to code enforcement did not get the trash removed. The trash is/was actually on city property, i.e. the sidewalk. Code Enforcement can do nothing because the trash is now gone. History has shown Code Enforcement will not a use citizens photograph.

So this system of reporting issues has once again failed to address and correct the situation. You have just pushed it off to another city agencies.

Thanks to the trash fairies some of the items have been removed. There still needs to be a pick-up and the reoccurring problem dealt with.

I observed the light again Monday night. It was completely out.

No, the grease dumpster has not been moved.

Photo provided.

The property owner is responsible for cleaning the front and rear of the residence. If this were snow or ice it would be the property owner's responsibility.Please tell us when the trash will be picked up?

This is a trash issue which is a DPW issue. The trash needs to be picked up. The property owner knows better than to put it out by the sidewalk. Why does it take a month to get something picked up. We don't need excuses, you need to accept responsibility for the issue and pick up the trash. Think outside the box for a change.


Material has been there for over one month. The exact address is 2614 W. Grace. It is last house on the north side of the street in the 2600 block

If this steel plate was recessed into the existing pavement it would not be such a clear and present hazard to the motoring public. It can be particularly harmful to vehicle traveling east and west and then turn left to go north or south on the Boulevard. Building up asphalt around the edges only make the hazard worse.

Issue Closed

Someone has removed most of the unsightly graffiti. I wish I knew who was responsible for removing the graffiti so I could thank them.

No matter whose responsibility removing the debris fails upon, it should have be removed weeks ago. And/Or someone from DPW address the issue with the property owner. The city has failed the neighbors on this issue. Over trash is normally pick up in the rear, not in front of our homes. I consider the issue open until the property owner is notified and /or cited.

This issue was reported several weeks ago also.

Issue Acknowledged

This request has been received and submitted to the City agencies for review and appropriate action.

Many stop sign along W. Grace are in the same situation.