Here is a picture today after I had picked up the trash from yesterday. Someone needs to talk to the owner.

Also how do we how put the trash there or where it came from. Better yet call the north alley of the 2700 block of W. Grace. Our neighborhood shares the alley. The trash is there and someone needs to pick it up. Perhaps our Councilman will read this and see this and act on it.

Issue Reopened

Can't DPW or Code Enforcement cite them? Or at least make them remove the items?

This photo shows where someone has been living/sleeping in the rear door way of the former Julian's. These quality of living issues could be fixed with proper exterior lighting.


This area is primarily apartment buildings. Tenants move and the property owners fail to properly remove household items that have been left behind. Someone from DPW or Property Maintenance needs to cite of few of the property owners so that they will get the message. They happily take rent money and leave the trash to others.

Issue Reopened

Trash accumulation on private or commercial property should be reported/referred to Property Maintenance/Health Department if a restaurant for investigation. This block has a terrible trash problem because of inadequate trash containers for the apartments and businesses. I would appreciate if you would do so. I just rode through the alley and saw several areas that could use attention.

Issue Reopened

I submitted a report of four different buildings that had been tagged. One tag is located in the 800 block of Mulberry. Three tags were further down the alley that adjoins that end building. The three other buildings are not mark with number and they are red brick buildings as shown in the pictures. 2705 is the YELLOW building next to the end building. The YELLOW building has no graffiti. The graffiti is on the red bricks on the west side of the YELLOW buildings. You can clearly see the building via Google maps but even Google maps does not show the address of the rear of the building. FYI, there must be at least 4 or 5 building buildings/properties in that particular row of structures.

Issue Reopened

There is no way to tell the address from the rear of the building. You have removed tags from this building before so you should have releases on file. I provided the range of address in the original complaint. You tell me how I can tell where the boundary markers are in the rear and I will be glad to further assist you in doing your job. The same individual owns all of these buildings. I repeat, I can not tell from the rear of the building where one property starts and the other property ends. You are the city and you should have that information.

3 of 3 You will see that this tag is elevated. As we become more aggressive in our removal efforts these taggers go higher. We need to work on a better plan to remove above ground reach.

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***Correction*** SOUTHEAST corner of this intersection.


additional picture

This is supposed to be a Click Fix System. Why does a citizen have to perform an extra step. Why does this system not have the capability to report to the city/state health department? It appears the Click Fix system has a problem. The Mayor touted this as a one stop shopping system. May I suggest you correct the problem.

Issue Reopened

I think you are misreading the concern. I do not own this restaurant. VA restaurant rules and regulation require all open door and window spaces to be covered or another method is use to keep out flies, bugs, roaches, rats mice, etc. A restaurant inspector needs to be notified so that they can go by and inspect this establishment.

The restaurant should be required to take care of the problem, not a neighbor or tax dollars.

Issue Reopened

I believe this is an environmental health issue which would be handled by the health department and not Code Enforcement..

I posted on 12-4-12 that the trash had been removed. You can see from my original picture that the trash was there. So why did it take 2 weeks for someone to check on the situation? The system is broken and it needs fixing.

Closing the issue and referring it to code enforcement did not get the trash removed. The trash is/was actually on city property, i.e. the sidewalk. Code Enforcement can do nothing because the trash is now gone. History has shown Code Enforcement will not a use citizens photograph.

So this system of reporting issues has once again failed to address and correct the situation. You have just pushed it off to another city agencies.

Thanks to the trash fairies some of the items have been removed. There still needs to be a pick-up and the reoccurring problem dealt with.

I observed the light again Monday night. It was completely out.