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It actually went under a parked police car and the Officer ignored the folks that were telling him about it. Skunks are typically nocturnal right?
Thank You
Thanks for fixing this issue!
Thank You
Thanks for fixing this issue!
Thank You
Thanks for fixing this issue!
Will do Rob. I think this thread will help show the value as well!
Thanks Fairhavener. They can create a watch area to receive alerts when the words "dead fish" are used on SeeClickFix. Does someone want to message them to suggest that? I'm happy to if no one else wants to.
I do not believe they have a watch area but I am having a conversation with them this week. I'm hearing that it would be valuable to have DEEP as part of the SCF community.
Neighbor, that would be awesome to have a direct point of contact. Would you shoot me an email at
Thanks DPW. If this screws up your reporting or workflow feel free to close it. I really I am breaking the rules a bit here.
I would definitely want to work on this together. I want to talk to Martha Brogan, the head librarian, now that there seems to be interest as well. I am going to cross post this issue on the Oakland SCF page to see if we can get some advice from Oaklanders as well.
has this been resolved? I haven't been in PVD recently sadly?
I think this is resolved. Thanks for all the help in attempting to catch her.
Anybody nearby know if a tree has been planted here?
We are not sure of the hardware costs at this point but I'm curious what folks would be willing to pay.
What kind of tools would you want to borrow?

If we built noise sensors that reported violations automatically would you pay for one and install it in your home? Curious to hear from anyone on this.


Issue Closed
Looks better now and the graffiti is gone. Thanks!
Agreed! I'm with Aly on the fundraising. Concrete scuplture that played as a skate ramp would be great here as an option.
I would love to see a mural here! Would love to see some design suggestions posted here.