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Got it. As a tip you can switch location by clicking on the map.
Thanks for fixing this issue!
Thank You
Thanks for fixing this issue!
Thanks for fixing this issue!
I'm sorry to hear about your puppy. I'll keep an eye out.
Awesome work! I actually snapped a photo of it on the way into work yesterday as I liked it so much.
I live on the street as well Liz and am not worried about parking. It would be wonderful to have more retail from my perspective but we can agree to disagree. That's really neat Jay. Thanks for posting.
Issue Closed
This is a test. Did you get an email?
Every time someone tries to close this it just gets more votes. Let's get this fixed for real.
This is a public space issue which is a seeclickfix issue.
We are actively trying to engage the City of Hamden. Apologies that we have not been more successful in the past. We know that a partnership with the town would be beneficial for everyone and are committed to making that happen.
Agreed with Elisabeth about the number of accidents and rate of speed on Chapel. It needs to be addressed separately but putting bikes there would not make sense with the current intersection patterns.
Thanks Sambina!
We are also a 1 car family in Westville and moved there because we could walk and bike to work.
Ya'll are making me want to add a 'like' button to comments.
Here's an awesome piece on what the cycle track could look like as well as a history of Westville and Edgewood:
Thanks for fixing this issue!