about 11 hours ago

After speaking with several people at Dominion today I was finally transferred to Schanetta in the Designers office. She noted that the order has been dormant since September and is going to personally make sure the local office has a crew come out to get things going...

Over a month old...

Thank You

Thanks for fixing this issue!

Single light out on pole in median. Anyone home?

Anybody home?

Issue Reopened

City worker above said there was a bad wire and they would have to replace first. Has this been competed?

The light next to this was fixed last week. What about this one?

Issue Reopened

You don't CLOSE an issue on here until the work is reported completed, not just acknowledged. Just saying...


This can be Closed now.


A picture is worth a thousand words...

Hello? Anybody home?

It looks as though some work has started on the NEW pole lights as I saw a city truck working on the NE one. But the one I am referring to is one of the old pole lights.

This has been over a month now...

This has been over a month now...

This has been over a month now...


Nice job!

Issue Closed

Finally fixed.

It's great to hear you all are on this so quickly. Lets leave this open until the work is actually completed.