Police investigated. This is most likely a faulty alarm in an unoccupied building.

Looks like it's coming from the back of 97 Olive. An officer just arrived to check it out.


Sent in 3-18-2014 by a neighbor who reported that no ticket was being issued.


Thanks @ChapelSt! This is helpful. The guy I met delivering mail on Saturday and today was someone I have not seen before, so it would seem to be someone new. I will call the post master and hope you can too.

@Guest I appreciate your comment, and the problem will be addressed with the post master, but this is not for the city. My hope was to find out from neighbors if they are experiencing the same problems.


Can't find the "Thanks" button so I will leave it here: thank you for the quick acknowledgement and the snow preparations. Recycling came around 5:30am again this morning, but this time I knew why. :)


Correction: it was RECYCLING that was picked up at 5:45AM. The trash hasn't been picked up as of 8:15AM along with lawn and leaf bags that have been waiting a week after they weren't picked up last Tuesday.


Been meaning to update this since I noticed last week: the trimming is done and it looks great! Thanks!

Looks like bike boxes are planned at Elm and Church! Between that and the suggestions for merging to the lane you need, it seems like cyclists have some good safe options for riding downtown! Closing this, but feel free to reopen if you have more to add/discuss!

I think the "giant light pole" refers to the large wooden poles located on the lower portion of the Green, aiming at Trinity and Center churches. If my assumption is correct, there is unlikely a poll number and the power source comes from the in-ground boxes near the poles. The power went out to these poles a few years ago and a solution was not quick in coming, so hopefully this time around can be better! Particularly as soon as the Quinnipiac buses return, dumping students off at this exact, darkened spot.

The other street lamps are just that - the lamp kind, so they may also not have pole numbers, but someone should check. Thanks Doug for looking in to the matter and Sam for reporting!

Cyclists will want protection from traffic turning right on to Temple, often on red...

See parking at top of the block on Elm between College and Temple. If removed the buses could have a dedicated lane an cyclists could have bollards protecting them.

No left turns on Church or Orange?

It's coming! There are already numerous tickets on this issue dating back several years, and Doug Hausladen and I submitted a Complete Streets application to the City which inspired the coming crossing improvements. The work could not be started before the major pipe-laying project in the area is complete, so I have heard that changes might be coming this summer. Digging is actually happening this morning, although I do not know for which project. In the meantime please be safe crossing here! The potholes have caught several ankles off guard already.

I was just running here this morning in the snow and wondered about the stories of the other early morning footprints in the snow. What if there was a way to make this space a giant chalk board with the statement "I'm just passing through on my way to:"

Issue Closed

Took a while but "God took care of this". Closed!

If there is a hydrant here it was completely plowed over and neighbors are not going to be able to dig it out alone. Can we get FD help? They're just up the street...