If you're interested in helping Dunwoody become a safer place to walk or go for a bike ride, please checkout:

Awesome! At the north end in the northbound lane before the intersection of Meadowlane, there is a transition of the bike lane before the right-hand turn lane. See attached photo. Can you consider merging the right lane into the left lane in advance of the intersection, then begin a right-turn lane with a taper? Or stripe the bike lane diagonally and dashed to connect the two segments? Since that bike lane would be a mixing zone green paint would be helpful. There are some good illustrations in NACTO and AASHTO.

Hello -- There have been no Bike Lane signs erected since the bike lanes were installed. Need to have MUTCD-approved signs designating this segment as a Bike Lane. There are Bike Route signs, but that is an incorrect use.

Do you have a list of "affected streets" that will be swept? Could I suggest issuing a Press Release in advance notifying residents?


The pothole has bee filled & it's nice & smooth. Please close. Thanks!!

When is this going to be fixed, please????


Good to know it wasn't anything we've recently installed or had been in actual use... Thanks!


What is/was this? Was it city property located in the park? Looks like electronics....

Here is the reference to the MUTCD Bike Lane Markings, along with a photo :

The above photo shows the "Proper" sign that needs to be installed.

Looking forward to having this fixed in the near future, helping to make it safer for bicyclists. Thanks!

Looking forward to this being fixed!


Could you please consider installing it further eastward, past Corners Drive (still on the south side of the road)? Somewhere between Corners Drive & Vernon Oaks Way? This segment is very unsafe for bicyclists, as there is very little to no shoulder. Segment here:


I understand that the entire segment of Mt. Vernon is going to be re-surfaced & fixed again -- as a result of faulty work by the original contractor. So I understand that the on-street lane paintings / symbols have not been put in. However, at the beginning & end of the segment, there are "Bike ROUTE" signs (in green). They should be "Bike LANE". Also, the signs are very far away from the road, near the shrubs & border trees, making it very difficult to see from a motor vehicle. For a good area for bike lane signage, see Perimeter Center East, which new bike lanes were installed.


Sorry, this is in the Eastbound lane. Not the westbound.

I'd love this if if were to happen. The first step is to contact the property owner that owns the Publix shopping center involved and get them to agree to this.

The above two potholes have been repaired. Thanks! Now a new one is developing on the eastbound lane just past Dunwoody Station Drive. It is "buckling" up / "breaking" / "crumbling" and straddles / extends over the bike lane and motor travel lane.

Just checking in on this. Please reference the prior two posts with photos. Thanks!

Here's an example of a bike-friendly drain grate:

Hi Friends, I don't know if the new drain grate was part of this ticket. See the attached photo with a close-up. As you can see, the orientation of the grates is such that bicyclists travelling in & out of the entrance will have their tires caught in it. Secondary problem is if you simply get grates in the other (90 degrees) direction, bicyclists travelling along the Parkway may get their tires caught in it. If you can get a drain grate with small diameter squares or diagonal openings, this would work out great. Thanks!