1 pm on Saturday is perfect! Let us know where.

We need to do this plaque then:

But is it art???


Not clear what action if any was taken on this. Some unnamed "verified official" of the City of New Haven reclassified this as a "Policing Issue." I'm not sure that it is nor what has happened end. So this issue remains open.

So sorry I couldn't make it today. Let us know when next you are planning to do some work.

"As organizers we would like to see that there is real interest(50 or more votes might convince us :) from the community before we organize to push the issue to the State"

I am proud to have been vote #50.


Thank You

Thanks for fixing this issue!

Issue Closed

Citizen did the right thing!

Issue Closed



What was the result of the Health Department being notified?


This has been a regular problem in the lobby of this building for some time. It is often much worse on the weekends. Please let us know what you determine here. Thank you for pursuing.

It's helpful to have these pop up. Would be good to know the reason for the posting: leaf removal, construction, snow removal or ????


Need to do a caption contest on this photo!


If so, might need to up the penalty and/or enforcement.



I'm with cgull on this. Take the street. Occupy the lane. And watch out for other vehicles (and pedestrians) in the road. At least buses have predictable behavior, are big objects and drivers worry about losing their livelihood if the err. It's the 17 year old kids from Cheshire who blow through red lights and hit police cars (earlier this week on Temple and Elm) that I worry about!

By the way, I agree that overly broad rants without specific detail undermine the value of the SeeClickFix system - as do attacks on specific individuals.

If you don't mind the service charge, using the new pay by phone app (ParkMobile) emails you proof of payment including time and meter number. Not sure what the current adjudication system is for checking tickets, but seems like that would be pretty unimpeachable proof that one had paid at a meter.

Perhaps today's rain will help......