does it really take over 30 days to replace a missing yield sign?? Cmon city, hopefully there is no accident here. #liability


Still no yield sign entering the roundabout. 2 months! Hopefully no accident happen as the city acknowledged this 35 days ago... #liability

Issue Closed


Its still down. 21 days so far.


Going on 4 months with no repair yet...

Ha thanks Ben, is there a way or a category that would notify UI about this issue?


Can the status if this repair please be communicated? WPCA said they were going to fix it. It's a bad bump.

Issue Closed

Closing this. Please reopen if there is any specific activity related to the suspicious activity that I can have the owners follow up on.


I can talk to the owners, but can someone be more clear what is meant by "this" and "it"?


Sounds like a bit of a building mixup going on here. There's the barn man who uses the building in the back to store items and often has his daughters / grandchildren working with him. But the original poster said there was older man younger girls going in and out if the building NEXT to the bridge. Probably ment the building BEHIND the building next to the bridge. If that's the case it sounds like it's just the barn man who uses (not lives in) the building. And as long as he's there he chases off any bad indented crowd. If he wasn't there things would be a lot worse in that lot. Dragon point owns all the buildings.


wtf? the blue building on the east bank north side of the street?

This needs to fixed soon please!

Hoping to see this corrected soon. Watched the car in front of me drive completely in the other lane to avoid it today. The bump is pretty bad.


i do :) and you are right! i just called the fire station out of disbelief that the city would be providing sand for public use and they said the public can take sand from the barrels ! #i'm_an_ass.


c'mon. if a sand and salt barrel is in front of the firehouse wouldn't you think it's for the firehouse's use??

Just to clarify the problem area, here is a photo of the problem as well as the last time i reported it. thanks

thanks. Department of Public works, we've reported the uneven road around the manhole covers in the past and were told it was the responsibility of the water company. Can this repair work be placed on the to do list? it's pretty bumpy and have seen people swerve in to the other lane to avoid driving over it.

thanks while you're at it can you ask the water company to repair the uneven bumpy road that is around these manhole covers? people swerve all the way into the other lane to avoid driving over them. They are really uneven to the road surface.

Issue Reopened

This issue is NOT fixed. Had had to carry my 3 year old over the casm yesterday. It would take a small truckload of dirt to fix it. This was damage done from the hurricane and is currently remains a liability for the city. someone could easily fall into this pit. please fix asap


what's that mean? is the city following up with the property owner then? It's clearly a handicap accessibility issue here that needs addressing. Thanks.