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I am a darien homeowner/resident and I live on Red Cedar Drive. In living here for the past three or so years I've noticed a good deal of high speed traffic from norton heights on Hollow Tree Ridge toward the post rd. And I've called the police about it a few times. When I'm leaving my street many times cars come zipping past as I'm trying to turn onto Hollow Tree Ridge and often times on my way home I also have people on my rearend as I'm turning that sharp corner and start breaking to turn left onto Red Cedar Drive. people tend to travel that road at a high rate of speed and I've had people beep their horn at me because I'm slowing down to make that turn onto my street. Maybe more signs posting a speed limit would help with that or speed bumps like the ones hillside uses to deter speeding. Just a recommendation because I don't want to be involved in a accident because someone is speeding in my neighborhood. Not to the mention the tons of children playing in the area. I hope the town can help to reduce speed in our neighborhood for everyone's sake.

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