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I don't know where this issue belongs. We have a beautiful riverfront with a lot of potential but the desolate space by Grand Vin is depressing. I'm not sure who owns the land but keeping it empty will not make them money or help the community. For all the time that space has been abandoned (since Bare Beans left and the flower shop burned down and who knows what's going on with Martin's) the developer could have offered free rent to small businesses and allowed them to get started and establish themselves. They would have made the same $0 they've made over the last year, but could've helped the community.

I believe we have enough families who would go there every day if there was a small Nicas-like market, a nice restaurant on the water and some kind of outside seating where we could sit by the water and have lunch, coffee, etc. Build a parking lot, plant some trees and put some tables outside, like Nica's. You don't need a lot to make that a nice space- the river and marina view is enough.

We desperately need a coffee shop that opens early in the morning, before 9am; a good small market; and a convenience store. The entire neighborhood would shop there IF there was adequate parking and traffic signs.

PLEASE do something with that area. Not developing this property and allowing it to remain unoccupied, or occupied by unappealing businesses (sorry, Ziggy) is so detrimental to our neighborhood.

I hope Grand Vin never leaves. It's the only decent place there.



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