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Signs at both sides of the intersection of Potomac Ave and S. Capitol St are disregarded on a very regular basis, by many drivers.
1. In the Westbound lanes of Potomac Ave, the right-hand lane is designated as a Right-Turn-Only lane. Drivers are constantly using this lane as a "Straight-Through" lane, which results in vehicles in the center lane (which is the only designated "Straight-Through" lane) being crowded toward the center line. It's very frustrating.
2. In the Eastbound lanes, there is a sign prohibiting right turns on red. This sign is frequently ignored early in the morning and late at night. If you sit and wait for the light to change, drivers behind you will honk their horns to get you to illegally turn, or they will drive around you so they can turn right without waiting. They mostly do this when they think nobody's watching.

Both of these issues have been ongoing for at least a year. I do not collect details about specific violators because it is unsafe for me to do so, as the sole occupant of a vehicle.


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